Treasure Island


In this page, poems on / about “poverty” are listed.

  • 361.
    I've Been Such A Lucky Fellow

    If I should die tomorrow I've had a happy life
    Never had a major accident and never known heartbreak
    Never known what it's like to be really hungry and lady luck's been kind to me
    And every morning after six as a free man I awake read more »

  • 362.
    I No Longer Wish To Change The World

    The thoughts of changing the World I no longer entertain
    The dreams I had of peace on Earth with me did not remain
    For famines, wars and terrorism it does seem are with us forever more
    I want to be a better person now just that and nothing more. read more »

  • 363.
    The Garment

    My garment torn
    Torn from every where
    From the front and from the chest
    Like Majnun my garment read more »

  • 364.
    None More Selfish Than I

    Some humans are such selfish creatures and none more selfish than I
    The World revolves around me and praise of self I do enjoy
    Some call it self survival or call it what you may
    And meanwhile people dying of hunger every day. read more »

  • 365.

    Taxed in our groceries and taxed in our pay
    The taxman keeps taking from us every day
    But of heavy taxes the bureaucrats he spare
    Tax every battler not the billionaire. read more »

  • 366.
    If madness was consumed by sanity

    if madness was consumed by sanity,
    would ward rounds be necessary.
    if anarchy was disolved by harmony,
    would the upholders of the law, read more »

  • 367.
    Are We So Blind

    You look at him the one we chose to lead
    He does appear so ordinary indeed
    Are we so blind that through him we cannot see
    If he's so average how stupid are we? read more »

  • 368.

    Arguably the greatest poet old Ireland has seen
    'Twas he penned the poem known as 'Dark Rosaleen'
    In eighteen forty nine in his mid forties in poverty he died
    Though true genius of him never can be denied read more »

  • 369.
    Their Great Lust For Life

    In life for many every day there's some battle to fight
    And many must go to bed hungry at night
    That is those who do have a bed to sleep on
    And any hope of success that they had from them gone. read more »

  • 370.
    That's Life One Must Suppose

    At the bottom of the social rank and low in self esteem
    That's where the haves want to keep the have nots or that's how it does seem
    For every new member of the millionaires club there is more poverty
    And that people of malnutrition die does not make sense to me, read more »

  • 371.
    In Every City, Town And Village

    In every City, Town and Village the haves and have nots reside
    But even the poorest of the poor have got their sense of pride
    And it must be soul destroying for them to have to beg to stay alive
    But pride has to take second place to the will to survive. read more »

  • 372.
    Many Must Grow Poorer

    Millions will go to bed hungry tonight that does seem sad to say
    And many of them will not wake again for to see another day
    The sad fact that many die of malnutrition is sad cause for lament
    Whilst billions in war by Governments are spent read more »

New Poverty Poems

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