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  • 361.
    The Death of Poverty

    He was born like that
    He was born into poverty
    And his parent spoke it religiously to his ears
    That this chain must be broken
    Broken by work, work and nothing but hard work

    His parent worked till their dying day
    Only to still remain in chain
    Fetters fatter and more stubborn with age
    With determination he set out in rage
    Bearing the pain, shame, hunger, and inhumanity
    That the rich dream must become reality

    Now, he is old, looking at then and now
    The faded colour of poverty still painted today
    And it will surely coat tomorrow
    In this thought he was lost
    Not knowing when he wandered to the edge
    The neighbourhood of the dark one in black hood
    He was seized by the neck and ceased

    His orphaned son decided to be himself unlike his father
    Or his strict grandparent of no par
    The best singing couple our church ever had
    But an ability self labeled vice they never shared
    Not even among factory brethren with whom they worked hard

    The orphaned son took to the pun shop
    His father’s sacred baseball kit
    In exchange for his love, his passion-
    A guitar

    Always under the oak tree the orphan sat
    Harmonizing the strings
    Using his father’s words as a song:
    “Of how he was the best bat man in town
    But the game he loved so much
    He had to quit
    For it was but a lure
    Away from his purposeful journey
    In the combat to kill poverty”

    As the orphan sang, playing guitar one day
    Soaring in the clouds of rhythm
    A Cadillac had since stopped by
    The occupant arrayed in fine fabric
    Nodding with misty eyes
    Wondering why a talent as this
    Should waste away
    He resolved in his heart to take him away

    The orphan is no longer with us
    In the reality of his dead fathers
    But he now lives in their dream
    Where the bed is neat and soft
    Allowing only dreams that are sweet
    In a place where the bread is fresh
    And the meat is tender

    We see the orphan now mostly on television
    In a life that was his fathers’ vision
    Of when the fetters of poverty would be broken
    But he never did despite backbreaking work
    But the orphan did it
    Not by profuse sweat
    Rather by love and passion
    In sharing with others his GOD given mission
    Of how to harmonize strings
    And breathing rhythm from his vocal cord read more »

  • 362.
    Subtle crimes and sins

    Kept silently on the corners of society

    They live in poverty & need to survive even immorally read more »

  • 363.
    A Poor

    My day starts with a hope,
    and ends with full stop...

    Hope of getting a meal, read more »

  • 364.

    Do we ever really realise
    how very lucky we are?
    Living lives of comfort
    Removed from poverty by far. read more »

  • 365.
    The Beauty of the Working Class

    They say you've got a pool of knowledge
    Available to you at college
    But I'm no good at swimming
    And I don't see a lifeguard coming read more »

  • 366.

    She was dark,
    she was beautiful
    She was promising,
    What names did you not call poverty read more »

  • 367.
    It's Just Poverty, Fight On!

    Though my growing up days weren’t easy
    I kept my little hands and mind always busy
    I went around with shoes without laces
    Doing odd jobs that took me to odd places read more »

  • 368.

    Poverty it is a word that i associate with a mild situation but also it reminds me how it is important to live it in a state of struggle.
    First, poverty is a condition created by humankind and for this it is from humans that solutions may follow. read more »

  • 369.
    Humble Bumble Bee Beginnings

    read more »

  • 370.
    Poverty And Wealth

    Poverty is bad,
    Telling we have got to be hard,
    Working with all our might,
    Until we reach great height. read more »

  • 371.

    Poverty is not my family,
    Nor lover,
    Nor teacher,
    Nor my brother, read more »

  • 372.
    Problem Of Today's Era

    a birth in a poverty is lack of their destiny
    a death in a poverty is so painful
    a life of their rare a dream
    because every one has right to live a life read more »

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