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Poems About: POVERTY

In this page, poems on / about “poverty” are listed.

  • 229.
    Injustice Here

    Some place far from here
    A baby is crying
    A child is hungry
    A mother is dying read more »

    Jessica Collazo
  • 230.
    Unemployment I Hate You

    I was at varsity in my comfort zone.
    I never knew the reality.
    My dreams were unlimited.
    Sky was the limit. read more »

    Unknown Unpopular
  • 231.
    Poor Children

    They are the future of humanity
    But many of them living in poverty
    And without shelter homeless on the street
    Searching through rubbish bins for scraps of food to eat. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 232.
    Humble Bumble Bee

    This poem is about poverty and child welfare. Just because you are born into poverty does'nt mean you have to stay there.

    My life reminds me of a Bumble bee. Bumble bee's produce sweet honey but can also be deadly.
    I once lived in the guetto howeverr, for me I always knew I wanted something different. read more »

    Shirley Morgan
  • 233.
    A Poor

    My day starts with a hope,
    and ends with full stop...

    Hope of getting a meal, read more »

    jagmeet singh
  • 234.

    Do we ever really realise
    how very lucky we are?
    Living lives of comfort
    Removed from poverty by far. read more »

    Arti Chopra
  • 235.
    We Cannot Have Trust And Justice

    We cannot have trust and justice if we deny the truth
    If in the face of prejudice we do remain as mute
    Where one race feels superior to another there never can be trust
    Let us drink to equality and what is right and just read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 236.
    The Misfortunates

    What a prodigy, dear Chatterton?
    At your teens, you pioneer'd romance
    Alas, poverty be your mighty menace
    The silent suicide of arsenic poison. read more »

    Joseph Oladehinde Ibikunle
  • 237.
    Human Heart Is Very Fragile

    What poverty? Who can explain better?
    I have seen grassy tongues that flatter
    For the grains to walk in and go deep
    Into the serpentine intestine, we keep read more »

    Aftab Alam
  • 238.
    21 - Victorian Poverty

    A period of extreme poverty of the lower working classes
    As they worked to the death the rich sat politely on their arses
    London’s poor tried to scrape a living doing jobs the devil created
    As the rich sat at their windows laughing at the pitiful souls they hated read more »

    nicola burkett
  • 239.
    Money Is Most Important

    At the top of people's new year's wish list you won't find poverty
    For money speaks every language as most would agree
    A lack of money in people causes low self esteem
    Money is the most important thing to most it does seem read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 240.
    That Money Speaks Every Language

    That money speaks every language has often been said before
    And what also applies to money is much always wants more
    And that moneyed people rule the World is something we all know
    The more money they accumulate the more their power does grow. read more »

    Francis Duggan
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