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A Dialogue: Two Fellows In One World - Poem by Chibueze Oscar Osuji

Poor Fellow:
The world is a wretch'd place for me to be
Full of wishes at occurrence at night,
When the eyes are drunk in slumbering glee
To awake in daytime's lack and want plight
A world that enhance man's darkness to light
A world that tame a poor fellow's wit, bright.

Rich Fellow:
Aha! Poor fellow wrong of you to say
A fellow like me nest in the world- -same
The world is a blissful place now, to-day
A gambit of taverns and sashes fame
Rul'd by gold, govern'd by silver and name
Wealth brings forth name and fame, What a world of game!

Poor Fellow:
A game? (this fellow must be rich) how wrong-
of you; in games do men die or fall ill?
Unwit is your brain, but your health is strong,
Have you e'er sat beside the rodent-throng
And converse wi' th' church-rats in poverty tongue?

Rich Fellow:
Forbid! A fellow of dignity hush!
To stoop myself and posh garment so low
Converse with a church-rat will crack and crush-
My ego: Poor f'llow, be stead in sorrow.

Poor Fellow:
I long for th' riches in your fatten'd palm
To roll onto me as the earth spins round;
Such wealth assist great good when time is calm
To help the poor-folks poverty have s'rround.

Rich Fellow:
Poor fellow amid your poverty thus:
You are like me in mind; same mind for us.

Poor Fellow:
Nay! A diff'rent fellow I am in meek.
Rich fellow:
But same riches of the world you do seek?
Poor Fellow:
...I do not seek it...for greed as you do.
Rich Fellow:
Perhaps, you seek it true, as the sky's blue.

Enough! Enough! I say dear gentlemen
Why argue on a world you've never been?
Why tarnish th' idea I brought with the pen?
Why argue on a world you've never seen?

Poor Fellow:
I pray you forgive us dear writer please
Rich Fellow:
Portray anew idea; grant my role lease
Poor fellow:
My poor role also be leas'd likewise his,

As well fairwell
My pen will tell.

(Poor fellow now Rich fellow)
(Rich fellow now poor fellow)

Rich Fellow:
I shall cast solemn glances at your side
My wealth and your wretch'dness do not abide.

Poor Fellow:
I thought you referr'd you were meek in thought
And not similar quest we likely sought.

Rich Fellow:
Why have great wealth like this only to waste?
For poor-folks; fairwell to poverty in haste.

Poor Fellow:
In this world, similar are men in mind
In this world, t' wealth our eyes are op'n ne'er blind.

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