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  • 349.
    When Poetry....

    When Poetry is with me
    I am the ablest soul on earth
    like Hercules or Suryasut Karna
    when poetry is not with me
    I am just remains of burnt papers.

    When poetry blesses me
    with its favor of earmark.
    I need no other blessing then
    recesses of my being overspills
    with joy ineffable!

    My sky begins to sing songs
    of interminable daybreak
    I become a gala of pure feelings
    suffused with efflorescence of life.

    When poetry leaves me alone
    dead and decaying leaves of negations
    spread over in my talent's garden
    I become a singed wall
    which was once bedecked
    by fine letters of arcane moments.

    When poetry denies me
    I am no less than the woman
    who's had hysterectomy.
    Nothingness exudes through
    every pore of my existence
    and cosmic hollowness fills me.

    When poetry stands by me
    life gets even lovelier and
    by far worthy of living
    truth dawns upon me
    and curiosity snowballs
    for unfolding still a greater truth.

    When poetry is with me...

    @@@ read more »

  • 350.

    Harmony in life, a long sought-after thing,
    Having it within will most certainly bring
    Peace and tranquility all along one's life,
    And no longer is life disrupted by strife. read more »

  • 351.
    Poetry Uttered Its Message

    “Can I meet you? ” I asked poetry
    “You can, you are always welcome” poetry said
    “I am not an erudite” I told
    “To reach me you do not have to be an erudite” poetry said read more »

  • 352.
    Gospel151: ....Reborn of poet's poetry

    His was feeble
    His was inferior
    Poetry of....
    Poetry of him read more »

  • 353.
    Poetry to me

    Poetry to me
    Is music
    Is spoken word not a genera?
    It's my blue bird read more »

  • 354.
    On Poetry

    Whenever a poem
    Is titled'Poetry'
    The poet tries too hard
    To convince you read more »

  • 355.

    Poetry is a holy and sacred river
    Which flows through my veins
    To outburst my emotion
    And keep the neurons lively. read more »

  • 356.
    Words of liberation for my nation

    Chains of slavery are still over my people.
    Notorious minds still over power innocent minds.
    What can free the black child, what can free my nation?
    I ask in pain and suffering in the dark jail cells, read more »

  • 357.

    Monday,20 October 2014
    next moment poetry- 37- The Great Coin - 21-10-2014-dr.KGB Poet of India
    next moment poetry-37-21-10-2014
    ========================== read more »

  • 358.

    Say poetry
    in a must,
    in a quick,
    Time won’t tell, read more »

  • 359.
    Poetry of Art or Art of Poetry?

    Which came first-poetry or art?
    Which of these two is my favorite part?
    Poetry speaks to the heart and soul
    Through vocalization of written word, read more »

  • 360.

    poetry is something special
    something more than just literature
    it is something more than a theory
    poetry is history read more »

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