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Neanderthal Poetry - Poem by David Beckham

Is man ever changing?
Are words ever constant?
Is poetry larger than life?
Have we expressed love in ways before words came to be?
Was there anything poetic in the way they cared for one another?
Have we shown life before writing?
A feeling of awareness
An appreciation of self and surrounding
Was there anything poetic in all that?
There sure was!
What did they see but couldn't express
Or feel but couldn't share
There was poetry in their time only expressed differently
Have we before seen the sunset and cried silently?
How beautiful, how poetic!
Or seen the birth of a child and wonder quietly?
How beautiful, how poetic!
Or death of the sibling … by some inexplicable reasons
And wondered quietly?
How beautiful, how poetic it would be to see their actions
And listen to their words
Were they poetic in their noble ways?
Yet we miss the songs they shared as poems
And the stories their way of life tell as poems
Yet we multiplied!
What if a need to cry?
Was it?
“Sob, sob, hug, hug”
“Wipe your tears and carry on? '
In pure poetic fashion?
What if the joy of birth?
“Laugh, laugh, shriek, shriek”
“Beat your chest hard and carry on? ”
Done in poetic fashion but none bore witness?
If the Neanderthal could write about it all
It would be poem for ages!
If poetry is organized thought
Then “Organized Communities, many years ago” was poetry
“Caring in those villages” was poetry
“War amongst men” was poetry
Tales untold of the Neanderthal was all poetry
But there were no words
There were expressions of act in pure poetic sense
Ingenious enough to be considered
“Poetry in motion”
“Poetry in action”
Did the Landscape tell the story...
I came
I saw
I conquered
Or as words can help me describe…
Poetry as a “verb”
Poetry as an “adjective”
Poetry as a “pronoun”
Poetry as in 'I',
Poetry as in “We”
Black and white poetry
Poetry without words
Silent Poetry…
Deep in our ways
Deep in our DNA
Has always being poetry
The evolutionary trend
Both of man and machine
Of words and action...
Today I present
Neanderthal poetry
From within my pulses

Comments about Neanderthal Poetry by David Beckham

  • Rookie Stefanie Fontker (8/15/2011 7:55:00 PM)

    Terribly entertaining, it's almost criminal. This, I like very much and hope to see more of it.100%,10 out of 10. (Report) Reply

    0 person liked.
    0 person did not like.
  • Rookie - 166 Points Yoonoos Peerbocus (8/25/2010 3:47:00 AM)

    innovative as well as creative/keep writing (Report) Reply

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