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Poems About: PINK

In this page, poems on / about “pink” are listed.

  • 313.

    Warmths and dews in the updrafts
    medleys of auras and sheen
    little tornadoes of bully music
    wrestling branches read more »

    robert dickerson
  • 314.

    t is wild chilled outside,
    through foggy window,
    i can see still,
    snow to yonder through, read more »

    Rafique Farooqi
  • 315.
    Death of the Sun Birth of the Moon

    The road I’m on, it feels like hell
    They that means I’m doing well
    Black velvet dreams of nightmare thoughts
    Have left us tangled and distraught read more »

    Vanessa Kingsley
  • 316.
    * * * Spring Amulet

    As candles in a pink garden...

    Has burn- the Purple buds... read more »

    Tsira Gogeshvili
  • 317.
    Morning Splendour

    Sunrise like fire,
    bleeding pink, orange, yellow
    into the sky and
    onto the buildings below. read more »

    Jean Renwick
  • 318.
    .2. Rose Tinted

    Through rose coloured glasses
    The world just looks pink
    They don’t change a thing
    Half as much as you think read more »

    David Threadgold
  • 319.
    black dog pink wall

    black dog
    near a
    pink wall read more »

  • 320.
    .......The Light At Miller's Pond

    Falling. Falling.
    Late water hyacinth petals
    Pink-plop lazy stilled
    Mirrors. read more »

    elysabeth faslund
  • 321.
    Shades Of Pink

    How many shades of pink are there?
    My fingers typed.
    That can't be the start of a poem
    I said to myself read more »

    David Taylor
  • 322.
    [01] Death

    Someone is coming slowly on the coolest foot
    The sound of footprint is clear on the path
    Someone who loves forever is coming
    And a demonstration is marching on … read more »

    Ashraful Musaddeq
  • 323.
    Popular to 'Emo'

    You say PINK
    I say BLACK
    You say HOLLISTER
    I say HOT TOPIC read more »

    Destiny Avaritia
  • 324.

    Jealousy haunts golden lily,
    Watching the riverside lady,
    Angelic ebullient eyes unwary
    Of the orchids stare and envy; read more »

    Vidyadhara ...
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