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Poems About: PINK

In this page, poems on / about “pink” are listed.

  • 229.

    Red roses
    Pink roses
    i wished you had when you walked in
    But all you had is a knife to stick in my heart read more »

    undiscovered star
  • 230.
    O Muse who does not yield

    O Muse who does not yield
    when I try to plant a kiss
    on your pale, pink lips
    My tongue becomes a forked read more »

    Ampat Koshy
  • 231.
    Being Of Wonder

    Black eyes, as dark as midnight
    And white skin like snow
    Hair that reaches the ground
    That seems to be like a white glow read more »

    Angel Of The Night
  • 232.
    For the Connoisseur of Gout (a curtal sonnet)

    Gouty toes are tickled pink by beer:
    Light Ale’s frisson melds mace and mustard seed
    (due to the way urate is crystallized) .
    Lager’s snippier, like Grandma’s pinking shears read more »

    Diane Hine
  • 233.
    Rose turn to black

    There were once the rose was pink
    And we were happy and had lots of joy
    Now the rose is black so does our love,
    Everything is just fading away, why does read more »

    g black Black
  • 234.
    Colours Of Life

    Sunny morning, golden noon, rose pink twilight, silver moon.
    Grey black cloud, creamy sea, lightning bright, green brown tree.
    Yellow with age, white with fright, red with rage, black as night.
    Green with envy, rainbow hue, in the pink, sky of blue. read more »

    Rod Morris
  • 235.
    Pretty Polish

    Pink or white whatever color it may be it shall express what i'm feeling.
    Try some purple to show i'm joyful,
    or try some pink to say i'm pretty,
    maybe some black when i'm feeling lonely, read more »

    Adriana Flores
  • 236.

    Red roses are like blood
    Black roses are like death
    Pink roses are like love
    White roses are pure read more »

    Bree Balzly
  • 237.
    Wild Pink Roses

    There laying hidden against a late summer hue
    With green trees shutting out most of their view
    Yon can feel the color of wild roses where they lie
    As if they were following with a pentrating pink eye read more »

    John McCornack
  • 238.
    If Roses Can Be

    If roses can be
    red read more »

    jennifer hall
  • 239.
    Dreams of a Silver Dragon

    Azure skies and my silver dragon
    I daub its chrome underbelly
    As it prepares for flight
    Oil and water never mixing read more »

    Ally Cooper
  • 240.
    Little pink shoes

    Those little pink shoes
    Hurriedly forgotten
    In the kitchen
    As she ran off to play read more »

    Anita Atina
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