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Empty Wallets - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

The poor people are everywhere, The ugly abject poverty prevails, All wallets are greatly empty, Desperate souls of people, People are hungry, Hunger persists, Life is disappointing, Homeless people are everywhere, Poverty is a great monster, Poor people look for trash food in the garbage, I see people eating in the garbage, Snacks and candies are rich people's food, The poor people's numbers increase, Standards of life decrease, Life is greatly down with the poor, but It is up with a few rich people, So-and-so is very poor and hungry, So-and-so is very rich and replenished, Why life is so greatly unjust and unfair, Starvation is a friend of the hungry people, Money is not available because it is hard with the poor, The poor people walk sad and unhappy in the streets, Poverty is a stumbling-block with the poor people, Solutions are over, Hindrances are spreading like the mallow plants, Life is overburdened with the poor, SOS the poor people everywhere! Big-bellied rich and greedy people are everywhere, Huge problems in the world, The sunset is set to be anytime, The rising sun will be seen tomorrow if tomorrow comes, Hungry kids look for food, You can not think well if you're hungry, You cry when you're hungry and poor, Life tastes bitterly in every aspect, Hunger might bring a lot of deaths to pretty people, Homelessness is a grave and bad sin, People are crying asking for food, Money is not a passing cloud to rain, but It is a hard rock that you can not squeeze, Everything is hard in life because nothing is available, and All that goes back to one's empty wallets and hard currencies.

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