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Poems About: PEOPLE

In this page, poems on / about “people” are listed.

  • 361.

    he made me laugh, he made me mad
    but no matter what, i knew that he was mine
    people judged, people laughed
    no one knew he was my life read more »

    Elizaveth Banda
  • 362.

    The girl that I know that is always talking is quiet today
    I noticed it this morning
    Today she is bursting in to tears
    I will be nice and leave her alone read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 363.
    The Crystal Ball

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a crystal ball?
    I think of it often
    A crystal ball that would show only good things
    Close your eyes, what do you see? read more »

    Jane Skidmore Bennett
  • 364.

    Unknown is the future
    Unknown is the ending
    Unknown is the outcome
    Unknown is the Beginning read more »

    Kenneth Caron Jr.
  • 365.
    Some People

    Some People
    Some people were cut from binding strings
    Those threads which weaved common fabric
    Intimately connected through each everything read more »

    Ruth L. Rivers
  • 366.

    And once again, I find myself against the wind.
    The way it’s always been.
    I don’t mind. read more »

    David Sabo
  • 367.

    Limitations are not for people for whom life is a continuing quest.
    Boundaries are not for people for whom life is a continuing exploration.
    Destinations are not for people for whom life is a continuing journey.
    Harbours are not for people for whom life is a continuing sail. read more »

    Meetika Srivastava
  • 368.
    A Smile

    a smile's worth
    a thousand words
    or as so people say
    so i decided read more »

    Amber Kangas
  • 369.

    beautiful people are supposed to get far in life
    they dont have any pain, hate or strife
    their days go perfect
    at least that's what people think read more »

    Mckenzi Lew
  • 370.

    On the street
    Boom was laugh...

    Run run people read more »

    otteri selvakumar
  • 371.
    ABC's for Kaitey

    People are crying,
    People are dying.
    Somehow, read more »

    Kaitey Cat
  • 372.

    Life is not what we plan it to be
    Because pain and trouble is all i see
    People always worrying about you lifestyle
    You just want to tell them to shut up for a while read more »

    Lagario Johnson
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