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Poems About: PARIS

In this page, poems on / about “paris” are listed.

  • 109.
    France is for Lovers

    It's Paris in the Springtime
    as the fluers de lis flower
    Singing hymns to the fresh new floral scents.
    Paintings hang in the monuments read more »

    John W. McEwers
  • 110.
    Lovelocks Bridge

    Walking from The Louvre to Musée d' Orsay
    In Paris, winter afternoon of a relaxed Sunday
    When I decided to spend the day on arts
    Fancied as I took a journey of 'love locks'! read more »

    Padmanabhan Ananth
  • 111.
    Two Swiss Recollections

    1. The Aged Ones

    Who will accept
    The gift of slow pathos read more »

    Ananta Madhavan
  • 112.
    A Tomato Juice in Paris

    On Thursday I will drink a tomato juice in Paris,
    I'll hope for rain.

    I want traffic lights reflected across windshields read more »

    Bernard Henrie
  • 113.
    France At Night.

    On the coach
    between Paris and Tours
    Mamie was seated
    next to you read more »

    Terry Collett
  • 114.
    Last Kisses

    Last kisess leading on from those first
    Sweet wishes, oh I had such a thrist,
    Insatiable for a blissful few months, now
    Has it dried out this soon, so soon, how? read more »

    Claudia Fitzgerald
  • 115.
    The Apple of Discord [Fallen Star Project: Chapter 2]

    The Trojan War has ended a million years ago
    But my mind has a war equal to its magnitude
    Paris started that war in search of true love
    I started this war in search of an answer for my love read more »

    Benn Degusman
  • 116.
    Summers In Paris

    each summer i go to paris to write
    and each trip i make you greet me
    as though you haven't seen me in ages
    then you tell me i get more beautiful read more »

    Faith Elizabeth Brigham
  • 117.
    A New Pilgrimage: Sonnet VI

    Away from sorrow! Yes, indeed, away!
    Who said that care behind the horseman sits?
    The train to Paris, as it flies to--day, read more »

    Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
  • 118.
    A New Pilgrimage: Sonnet VII

    Ah, Paris, Paris! What an echo rings
    Still in those syllables of vain delight!
    What voice of what dead pleasures on what wings read more »

    Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
  • 119.
    Our Last Tango

    I feel so lonely
    In this room for two
    Smoking your thoughts
    And drinking your dreams. read more »

    Marieta Maglas
  • 120.
    Paris with Her

    What would it be like to go to Paris
    on a whim with a woman
    who is as mystical and magical
    as the city of Love read more »

    Barry Renee
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