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  • 373.
    The Pain

    The pain in me
    it seems not to go away
    it seems to grow day by day
    I wonder was I born for this pain
    Day in day out I search for happiness but I cant find it at all
    family; friends and lover they seem not to see the pain in me.

    All the time I am half sad; half pained and half happy.This pain with rage and anger can't seem to get out
    All the time I find happiness pain comes and rule my life.

    why me I ask.The answer seems to be pain too
    I pretend but the results seem to be pain too.
    I became happy after a minute pain attacks me

    The pain in me won't go
    The pain in me makes me think of suicide
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  • 374.
    poems karlo

    'You do not feel my pain

    'You do not feel my pain?
    with this phrase I've won since a woman and made to cross an ocean ' read more »

  • 375.
    Pain Is Gain.

    Pain is like rain. Though painful, yet gainful. For pain's sake we're abused, for pain's sake we get refused, yet for pain's sake love is diffused. read more »

  • 376.

    What is the definition of Pain?
    Pain is when you have staples in your head
    Pain is when you have stitches in your legs more than once.
    Pain is when a cat claws you until you bleed. read more »

  • 377.

    read more »

  • 378.
    Is This Call Pain

    standing here across the see
    the sea waves crash the rocks and end in the end
    the clouds passing by and get over again
    a day end with no coming back again read more »

  • 379.
    Throughout The Pain

    Drowning in these tears I've cried
    Hoping that it would drown out the pain
    But instead I crawled through the pain
    Ran through the storms read more »

  • 380.
    You can't see the pain I feel

    Deep darkness settling in
    You can’t see the pain I feel
    On the outside Im just the same
    While on the inside is crippling pain. read more »

  • 381.

    Is this a word,
    I have it and yet it was there in the clearing it left me.
    Gripped by a certain energy, read more »

  • 382.
    Endless nights of pain

    As I put the razor to my skin
    I feel the adrenalin
    the pain is sudden rush to me
    as the blood falls to the floor read more »

  • 383.
    People say

    People say im not alone
    People say they are here for me
    People say they care for me
    People say life is worth living read more »

  • 384.
    Hell Train

    This train of pain stop’s at every
    Train stop

    Seeking all that want to step on read more »

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