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When The Earth Shaked - Poem by Keith Hardeman

When the earth shaked, my breath she did take. Hesitant to close my eyes, because in the morning I'd wake. And no longer feel the thunder; see the sky as the rain breaks. Ode to the day when the earth shaked. See all haven't felt the trembles or its enrapturing embrace, many don't know the time, the love the pain something like this takes. Not something rushed, can't be just a quick SURPRISE. See what I'm talking brings cascading tears to the souls of your eyes. When all goes quite, can't nothing be heard. But if you listening quite intently you'd hear ' make me yours'. And like a real man I must. Sweat pouring more with every thrust. Neighbors might of heard when I started popping you on the butt, So what! Clinching the headboard back arched for support. Stared in my eyes, let's read the report. ' Girl I love you and really just want you to know'. But I know you couldn't tell when we were living on the floor. But you stayed there with me never a discerning word you said. Even whiped my tears, when they found my father dead. So as I grow you grow and together we'll be. But for this moment keep grinding shivering just keep loving me. Embrace me tight as I rotate my hips. Nibble on your ear tongue slide down to your breast. Shh, be quite let Marvin say the rest. 'Because when I get that feeling I want sexual healing', feeling me, chilling me, the love you been giving, I hate to admit it but it's been healing me. Yeah a lost soul slowly being healed. You must be a construction worker because on my heart you drilled. Deep down way deep got to the center and stopped, poured in a little love, and watched it grow like a crop. So stop holding it, I know you want it to come, I can feel it throbbing from between your legs...So thats where I head. To taste this treat whose now holding my head, clinching my dreads, sliding her fingers through with each lick she pled. All got quite, her thighs clutching my ears and from the sweet pearl, I heard all her fears. Just floating away as the tide rolled in. Oh what a way, lord for a night to end. Don't stop reading thats not the end of this plight. Her sweet sounds driving me wild Sweet roses radiant lillies bloom yawning in the morning must of got to the last BOOM. But I awake smiling....happy to be. Because when I rolled over..... You were still there. Laying next to me. When the earth shaked.

Just my imagination?

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