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  • 49.
    Cockroaches on Wheels

    The sun is hot today and the humidity is high
    Tempers are flaring as the morning traffic gets heavy
    Road hogs in tinted SUVs and teamster truckers in Peterbilts
    Lap up any remaining sloppy seconds of Ethanol laced fuel
    With their low productivity and latest economic reports
    Of corn and all grain prices having reached new all time highs
    Not to mention the effects of which are much higher tortilla prices
    Leaving economist and indexes perplexed
    How’s an illegal from Mexico suppose to feed his family?
    Now there goes the radio’s signal from the satellites orbiting overhead
    Breaking up with broadcast interference from the extensive solar flares
    As the news reporter claims sources say that we all may be saved
    Because Wal-Mart promises to put the Christ back in Christmas
    It’s an October morning and I must admit
    October was never one of my favorite months
    Even when it was cooler and long before Al Gore
    Released all of his hot air into the ozone layers
    ___There goes the neighborhood as another driver flips me off
    Seems everyone is reaching the limits of the all important critical mass
    And the Indian summer threatens to return America to its rightful owners…

    2007 © T Sheridan read more »

  • 50.
    Winter (A Haiku)

    Winter at its peak
    Snow flakes meandering down
    Everything turns ‘white’. read more »

  • 51.
    Rendered Incompetent (A Tanka)

    I am exhausted
    Thoughts no longer yield to me
    Language disobeys
    Ideas turn their back on me read more »

  • 52.
    (10) Home

    The Lord wanted to show to me
    That I deserve the Heaven.
    And mebbe for that reason
    A 'HOME' I was given. read more »

  • 53.
    Blooming Poppy Haiku

    poppies bloom
    among the rows of crosses
    a fleeting cloud read more »

  • 54.
    The Splendor Of The Days

    Sweet and shrill the crickets hiding in the grasses brown and lean
    Pipe their gladness-sweeter, shriller-one would think the world was green.
    O the haze is on the hilltops, and the haze is on the lake!
    See it fleeing through the valley with the bold wind in its wake! read more »

  • 55.

    This land of ancients grows on me
    Like a soft moss, damp-oozed in time,
    Sad breezes churn each soul, unfree,
    And sweep me over, like some tide. read more »

  • 56.
    Halloween Approaches....[Short; Scary? ; Gross? ]

    Halloween suddenly now approaches.
    Let me eat some crawling roaches.
    Let me kill some football coaches.
    (And let me not forget the cute cheerleader. read more »

  • 57.

    Crispy air and azure skies,
    High above, a white cloud flies,
    Bright as newly fallen snow.
    Oh the joy to those who know October! read more »

  • 58.
    Church Graveyard Haiku

    church graveyard
    a cloud of crows hovering
    over a stone angel read more »

  • 59.
    Back to Normality?

    Today I am going to pretend to be normal.
    I am going to behave as I would have before that Friday.
    I am going to hang up the washing
    and I am going to weed the garden read more »

  • 60.
    War Signals

    They want another war
    (As if there aren't enough already)
    'Ships capable of mining harbours
    Are heading for the Persian Gulf, to be there read more »

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