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Poems About: OCEAN

In this page, poems on / about “ocean” are listed.

  • 49.

    The ocean is deep,
    The ocean is blue,
    But nothing will sleep,
    And neither will you! read more »

    Rob Wragg
  • 50.
    the ocean of choices

    in the ocean of choices
    ships sometimes collide
    and you become one
    of the fatalities read more »

  • 51.

    Oceans so wide,
    It seems a broken crystals that glitters so bright,
    Sound of wave that whisper my hearing ear,
    Sometimes smell stinky because of the garbage that floating so near, read more »

    johnriel bacong
  • 52.
    A Day at the Beach

    The wind sores
    A lovely sound
    The ocean roars
    My mind is locked read more »

    adam shipley
  • 53.
    # The Ocean

    I sat on the rock
    And looked longingly at the vast ocean
    My eyes full of tears
    Of sorrow that was undiscerned read more »

    astaldo ELVEN
  • 54.
    New Way

    My life was perfect
    Like a calm ocean
    But a tsunami came
    And flowed everything away read more »

    Prachi Agrawal
  • 55.
    Ocean, Life defines!

    Life is an ocean
    Its wind travels far and near
    White and blue in color
    Pure and dazzling it radiates read more »

    Blessing Ekpe
  • 56.
    Blue Like The Ocean

    How vast is the ocean?
    I know it is in wide scope
    How dangerous this ocean?
    A lot and too much chances read more »

    Ency Bearis
  • 57.
    Unfair Share

    No one’s seen my share,
    Of things I can’t repair
    I’m lost among the Oceans,
    Hiding from the pain I now read more »

    Daniel Richards
  • 58.
    The Ambrosial

    Verily I'm a drop
    of the ocean of nectar.
    Shunning the ocean I had risen up
    in the firmament afar. read more »

    Harekrishna Meher
  • 59.
    The Ocean

    The ocean is filled with my tears,
    my sorrows, my fears.
    Each day,
    my tears keep getting worse. read more »

    Laura Rodriguez
  • 60.
    The Supreme Transformation

    A dropp of water cannot include the ocean
    but the ocean includes a dropp of water. read more »

    Nazmul Haque
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