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Poems About: OCEAN

In this page, poems on / about “ocean” are listed.
  • 1.
    Meaningful words

    Meaningful words
    Words that are said to reach you,
    Can reach across an ocean, read more »

    Batibchar Mocculta
  • 2.
    Your Like A Ocean

    Your eyes are like a ocean,
    Your hiar is the waves that lift the ocean,
    Your heart is the core of the animal ocean that feels it up with love for the lovely ocean read more »

    clayton moore
  • 3.
    The Blue Instructions

    Environment is turned into blue energy park
    Don't make the ocean red
    Don't make the ocean red
    Don't make the ocean red read more »

    Nyein Way
  • 4.

    I have got my weapon so now I do not fear
    to live a Life of no value but an ocean of tear.
    I don't fear though left in squall all alone to sail
    I don't tear for traveling alone life's uncertain trail. read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 5.
    The Ocean! xx

    The ocean is a mystery!
    The ocean is a surprise!
    The ocean is beautiful!
    The ocean is a huge monster! read more »

    Premila Patel
  • 6.
    Mysterious Oceans


    Water droplets make ripples in the ocean
    As the rain falls from the sky read more »

    Batibchar Mocculta
  • 7.
    Ocean is as one with the world

    As I Stare out into the Sea,
    I can feel the soft oceans breeze
    the warmth from the sun
    the grass dances with the whistling wind read more »

    Izabelle Sheridan
  • 8.
    The Mistic Ocean

    It's a beautiful the mistic ocean.
    I‘m intoxicating because a unknown mystery.
    The Ocean feel as my inside world and
    the surf break as drops of water. read more »

    John Kim
  • 9.

    Traveling from a little river to an ocean
    tapping back into the forbidden waters that you vowed not to intersect

    Drowning yourself in the beauty of the ocean, read more »

    True Eyes
  • 10.
    Waves of the Ocean

    When I see the ocean
    I see my dreams
    I love watching the
    ocean It like I was read more »

    Jessica HernandezDamian
  • 11.
    Ocean Of Man's Heart

    Ocean Of Man's Heart

    The ocean of man's heart is deep read more »

    debbie wagoner
  • 12.
    I Have To Cross The Great Ocean

    I have to cross the great ocean
    with my little boat
    which has thousand holes
    please tell my friend read more »

    ramesh rai
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