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Jackson Wings poet Outcasts Of The World by Jackson Wings Rookie - 318 Points
There are people where everywhere they go everyone loves them... Well have you ever thought of the outcasts? Outcasts are those who don't fit in anywh
Orlando Belo poet On My Final Journey by Orlando Belo Gold Star - 4,804 Points
Don't place my lifeless body in a box,
and lay me in the cold, damp, ground.
Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel poet Because I Can Not Cry by Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel Gold Star - 7,420 Points
somewhere should be a heart
a sad sight came out for rest
Nasiphi Mbongeni Dlangudlangu poet Legendary Route by Nasiphi Mbongeni Dlangudlangu Rookie - 21 Points
You are the hardest path to walk on,
but not impossible.
Gianfranco Aurilio poet A Sunset On The Hill by Gianfranco Aurilio Veteran Poet - 1,171 Points
I ran after the sun
along the river
Elizabeth Ann JohnsonMurphree poet The Abuser by Elizabeth Ann JohnsonMurphree Rookie - 166 Points
The smell of your breath
makes me think of decay.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Time Is Not Ours by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 74,884 Points
Time is flowing ever onward, no one able to hurry or slow
it down, taking it's good old time as it always does, yet
shreej k.c poet Unuttered Promises... by shreej k.c Bronze Star - 2,759 Points
Over the cliff,
she held his hands tight, alarmed with apprehension.
Neha Ganshani poet Alma Mater Friends by Neha Ganshani Rookie - 0 Points
The dream of alma mater life
Is to live a kind of life
Ozcan Ajrulovski poet Dreams & Nightmaries by Ozcan Ajrulovski Rookie - 67 Points
She used to look for him
in her dreams
Babajide Adepoju poet Earth Ii(The Destruction) by Babajide Adepoju Rookie - 88 Points
I've known a world where the dark don't sleep
A world where white hair
Savita Tyagi poet Random Thought Xxx by Savita Tyagi Gold Star - 14,946 Points
Standing up for yourself
Is the first lesson that we have to learn.
Anna Banasiak poet Meditation by Anna Banasiak Rookie - 45 Points
The heart beats faster and faster louder
sounds words and thoughts quiet down
Showkat Ahmad Wani (Dachigam Bandipora) poet The Two Versions by Showkat Ahmad Wani (Dachigam Bandipora) Rookie - 179 Points
She cried for pain eternal
Why autumn made sorrow?
solomon belay poet Remember Me by solomon belay Rookie - 176 Points
will you remember when the days are all behind
and there no one to see
Gbolagade Taiwo poet I Am But A Messenger by Gbolagade Taiwo Veteran Poet - 1,499 Points
I am but a messenger
Sent by the most high
Mithilesh Singh poet रात के बाद by Mithilesh Singh Rookie - 0 Points
‘चिराग' उन्हें फीका लगा होगा
हमने जो ‘दीपक' जलाया अभी
Suresh Kumar Sudevan poet Struggle by Suresh Kumar Sudevan Rookie - 113 Points
The only thing I could do hitherto
in my long stretch of life have been-
R.K.S. YADAV poet Corruption by R.K.S. YADAV Rookie - 489 Points
Corruption corruption everywhere
And the people are in grief
Showkat Ahmad Wani (Dachigam Bandipora) poet A Paused Bird by Showkat Ahmad Wani (Dachigam Bandipora) Rookie - 179 Points
A drowsy bird
At the bare branch
Jennie Renee Sparrow poet Tell Me A Story by Jennie Renee Sparrow Bronze Star - 2,328 Points
There's a sadness to my story
But there's a light inside my soul
Upendra Singh 'suman' poet वसीयत by Upendra Singh 'suman' Bronze Star - 2,790 Points
जुर्म इतना तो सनम हम भी किया करते हैं.
तुझसे पूछे बगैर तेरा जामे-हुस्न पिया करते हैं.
Edward Kofi Louis poet T. T. I. P. 2 by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 77,993 Points
Turn your lights on so bright to see the works of the truth!
Tendering the fields of love with righteous acts;
Abderrahmane Dakir poet An Iron Willing by Abderrahmane Dakir Gold Star - 5,110 Points
Working on your building dream floor by floor,
By using merely steel with concrete,
Edward Kofi Louis poet Ways 3 by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 77,993 Points
Act! !
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