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Dr subhendu kar poet Blue Of Dust. by Dr subhendu kar Bronze Star - 2,121 Points
Quantum leaps to enlighten
Universe gathers blue of dust
Margaret O Driscoll poet The New Church by Margaret O Driscoll Gold Star - 8,257 Points
Trees felled from the forest near
Wood cut into lengths
Peter LeBuhn poet Love Is True by Peter LeBuhn Rookie - 217 Points
My love for thee is so great
Melting heart till the break of day
Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel poet Silent Lips by Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel Gold Star - 5,541 Points
you ruthless mother and cruel
your own offspring`s blood to imbrue
Joseph James Breunig 3rd poet Poem: Happiness Will Be Realized by Joseph James Breunig 3rd Freshman - 950 Points
I want to journey to a place,
that’s unknown and unfamiliar;
Joseph James Breunig 3rd poet Poem: The Human Condition by Joseph James Breunig 3rd Freshman - 950 Points
Traditions of men get in the way,
while creating an unholy mix-
Kelly Kurt poet Metamorphic (Limerick) by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 73,939 Points
A frail young artist named Janet
Had a rock saw but couldn’t man it
Arik Fletcher poet Ordinantia by Arik Fletcher Freshman - 641 Points
The law is there to guide us,
To cover every sign,
Michael P. McParland poet An Afternoon Snuggle (Relaxing On The Couch) by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 37,270 Points
I would love to spend this afternoon
on the couch snuggling with you.
brian mayo poet Poetry Is Stupid by brian mayo Gold Star - 5,200 Points
“You haven’t been there for two years! ” she complained.
The tapping foot meant she was a live grenade, so I took my time before answering.
Margaret Moran poet The Value Of Fasting by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 7,508 Points
Has value when we
Keep focused on the change of
Preston Mwiinga poet Xenophobic Cry by Preston Mwiinga Rookie - 66 Points
I am an African born in Africa, I am not a South African
But I`m black; my skin is the same as yours and I rise and proudly say black is beautiful a
Preston Mwiinga poet Speak Out O Woman by Preston Mwiinga Rookie - 66 Points
During the creation of the earth God made his creations using his voice commands. Just by his voice all things came into place, He went like, ‘Let the
Joe Hughes visit poet The Gambler by Joe Hughes visit Rookie - 156 Points
He lights a fag, he takes a puff,
He's got to go outside.
Prayad Pantasri poet Love Song Across Khong River 2 by Prayad Pantasri Rookie - 408 Points
Sweet dancing we were trancely enjoyed;
Whisper of Love has never been decoyed,
Preston Mwiinga poet Cry No More by Preston Mwiinga Rookie - 66 Points
Why is life so cruel, why is life this unfair, why it so harsh, but why does it seem as though my prayers don’t reach to the heavens, do I really dese
saif gallant poet Are We, Terrorist? by saif gallant Rookie - 190 Points
'Terrorist? '
So, We must ask ourselves, What is the dictionary definition of 'Terrorism'?
Paul Gerard Reed poet Treasure by Paul Gerard Reed Silver Star - 3,121 Points
We are building up a stock of days
To call upon when we grow old,
Ima Ryma poet Mruko R.I.P. - Lincoln Park Zoo by Ima Ryma Gold Star - 5,154 Points
Sad - Mruko has left the building,
The Lion House where she lived long
Prayad Pantasri poet Beware Of Mud! : ระวังตม! by Prayad Pantasri Rookie - 408 Points
There are sun, sand, sea and sinking mud!
Bird-watching is also worth to focus,
Musfiq us shaleheen poet Yellow Flowers In A Golden Day by Musfiq us shaleheen Bronze Star - 2,500 Points
Off course it's not too much to ask
A golden day may come with the hands of yellow flowers
Saiom Shriver poet Laquan Mcdonald Shot 16 Times By Chicago Policeman by Saiom Shriver Gold Star - 17,342 Points
Would McDonald be alive if he
were white named John
Saiom Shriver poet Pruning Editor by Saiom Shriver Gold Star - 17,342 Points
Some editors who wouldn't think
of taking a brush and painting
Joe Hughes visit poet My Address Book by Joe Hughes visit Rookie - 156 Points
Tattered, torn, fragmented
But alphabetically secure.
Annie Juliet poet Do You Know? by Annie Juliet Rookie - 137 Points
Do you know?
I am happy that I met you.
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