New Poems


Poet Poem
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Free To Love by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 49,401 Points
Not wanting to be separated from you, only wanting
to be held closely, feeling your arms around me.
MUSAWIR RAAKH poet Slave by MUSAWIR RAAKH Freshman - 748 Points
Pranayee Gupta Rachamalla poet Social Networking by Pranayee Gupta Rachamalla Rookie - 117 Points
Some where we search people to interact
Of course leaving people around us to side track.
Nassy Fesharaki poet Blue Umbrella by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 19,527 Points
With autumn and the rain
Daniel Thomas Moran poet At the Louvre by Daniel Thomas Moran Rookie - 40 Points
I've been to see The Mona Lisa.
Traversed the angry Atlantique.
Suzy Kassem poet Remember Your Greatness by Suzy Kassem Rookie - 362 Points
Before you were born,
And were still too tiny for
Richard Watson Gilder poet Art by Richard Watson Gilder
Following the sun, westward the march of power!
The Rose of Might blooms in our new-world mart:
Ananya Guha poet Curfew by Ananya Guha Freshman - 847 Points
In the curfew
mist lifts
Kinyua Karanja poet Harmonized Evils by Kinyua Karanja Gold Star - 4,881 Points
A reckless and rude humorous anecdote
Injected in serious conversation or debate
Daniel Brick poet People At Port Trakl Part One by Daniel Brick Gold Star - 17,080 Points
The Ministry of Fr. Sirocco
'The helpless come here for
Manjeshwari P MYSORE poet Dreams And Passion! - Quatrain - by Manjeshwari P MYSORE Rookie - 202 Points
Dreams show Us the way to Our Destination
Beautiful Visions filled with Hopes and Passion
David Harris poet On The Edge Of Night And Day by David Harris Bronze Star - 2,819 Points
Sitting on the edge of the bed
waiting for night to recede
RIC S. BASTASA poet Staring At A Word... by RIC S. BASTASA Gold Star - 8,454 Points
it is this spontaneity that
keeps us going
Michael P. McParland poet Morning Note 122 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 28,504 Points
Good morning sweet love
and millions of sweet kisses and hugs
Ramesh T A poet Dreamy Day! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 12,941 Points
Dream or reality no one knows as the day moves on
Due to cloudy sky overwhelming all time before all
Marie Shine poet Shadows. by Marie Shine Gold Star - 5,877 Points
Shadows like dark ghosts
cast by the bending branches
Philo Yan poet Sparrow by Philo Yan Freshman - 868 Points
I don't mind being a sparrow
Even if it's just for a day
RIC S. BASTASA poet Pains Of Memory Lanes by RIC S. BASTASA Gold Star - 8,454 Points
one can never throw
just like that the memories of the years
Nassy Fesharaki poet Class by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 19,527 Points
Sorry if I'm absent
Martina Moriarty poet A Song Of You by Martina Moriarty Freshman - 783 Points
I never stop seeing you
in the death of endless night
Marie Shine poet Lunar Blessings. by Marie Shine Gold Star - 5,877 Points
Silver moon shine down
Bless my love with your bright rays
Marie Shine poet Autumn Style. by Marie Shine Gold Star - 5,877 Points
Autumn has arrived
Dressed in a range of colours
Marie Shine poet September Moon. by Marie Shine Gold Star - 5,877 Points
Shining harvest moon
smiling down in golden glow
RIC S. BASTASA poet Above The Cliffs, The Clouds Are Silent. by RIC S. BASTASA Gold Star - 8,454 Points
too tired i must have slept by the window of the car.
it passed a bridge
Margaret Alice Second poet A Xenophobe [rev] by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
Fallen out of my role as translator,
‘without the mask’ I’m confused &
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