New Poems


Title Poet
the beach 30 sec riddle
was much deception inside our shop
someone stole the spam
lee fones poet by lee fones
on 7/16/2014
Quarters Of A Soul
Pounding rhythms into my mind, carrying after effects secretly,
to outer labyrinths of truth.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet by RoseAnn V. Shawiak
on 7/16/2014
Sunlight, Breaking
Oh how my knees would bleed for you
My mouth, my lips, my tongue broken, chapped, and sore
Robert Lansing poet by Robert Lansing
on 7/16/2014
I know a name
but is a name enough to know the story behind it
Russell Nero poet by Russell Nero
on 7/16/2014
يتألف عالمنا, بشكل كبير, من شخصين: واحد عنده مزمارا ليزمر به و طبال بطبل
on 7/16/2014
On Leaving
Please don't tell the garden that I won't be there next spring,
The children, on their playing fields? They've more important things.
jay walter poet by jay walter
on 7/16/2014
Dignity Inside
Dignity, the price of pain, will flash and burn
Inside the hells and heavens, forcing the physics
Naveed Akram poet by Naveed Akram
on 7/16/2014
Under them bright orange glows
Of billowy night snow lit clouds
Mark Heathcote poet by Mark Heathcote
on 7/16/2014
The Devil communicates to each and every ear
And his favorite tool of corruption is fear.
Tom Zart poet by Tom Zart
on 7/16/2014
Hope's Role in Patriotism
Hope The Ultimate Power Was Gaining That Importance
Much Was the Need to Bring in the Realization
rohan bendre poet by rohan bendre
on 7/16/2014
A gift from from long ago,
Roxanne Martin poet by Roxanne Martin
on 7/16/2014
The Weight Of You
When people ask how I'm doing
I just shrug my shoulders
Rose Tyson poet by Rose Tyson
on 7/16/2014
Tainted Scars
Tainted tis her voice content
Shanika marini Paul poet by Shanika marini Paul
on 7/16/2014
Peter Pan Peanut Butter & Crazy Shit Like That
Carl was no Jr. -He was a senior
And he was built as tough as a Ford
Jena Crowe poet by Jena Crowe
on 7/16/2014
Someone Stole The Moon
Someone stole the moon last night
Left the land bereft of light
Valerie Dohren poet by Valerie Dohren
on 7/16/2014
Thought surges puffy crests
it mingles with the things below
Denrya Astor poet by Denrya Astor
on 7/16/2014
YOU Are Wonderful! Yeah, YOU!
You are right here right now so that I can tell you that
you are wonderful!
LUVinThe NOW poet by LUVinThe NOW
on 7/16/2014
His name was Andy, oh what a dandy, how he longed to be seen,
His thoughts and feelings, hung on a ceiling, permeated the silkscreen.
Gene Simia poet by Gene Simia
on 7/16/2014
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