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Margaret Moran poet Look Out For by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 7,097 Points
Not just for your own
The interests of others too
Charl JF Cilliers poet Cinquain 75 by Charl JF Cilliers Gold Star - 4,983 Points
wall streets twisting
Charl JF Cilliers poet Cinquain 74 by Charl JF Cilliers Gold Star - 4,983 Points
no hint
of moonlight in
Charl JF Cilliers poet Cinquain 73 by Charl JF Cilliers Gold Star - 4,983 Points
pen in my hand,
Liza Sud poet Megalomania by Liza Sud Gold Star - 24,365 Points
I will not have enough with only one man,
ten women  not enough and even hundred.
Andreas Derksen poet A Little Sparkle by Andreas Derksen Rookie - 333 Points
A little sparkle shines in dark
and brings light into my heart.
RAJ VIKRAM poet Hope by RAJ VIKRAM Veteran Poet - 1,178 Points
Devour the dour moments
whittle down disappointments
Kelly Kurt poet Choice by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 71,635 Points
Three days of dark, low clouds
Almost constant rain and strong winds
Saikat Poddar poet Too Late To Impart Life by Saikat Poddar Rookie - 111 Points
The Twigs are dry
And have fallen
PAUL WARREN poet War - The German 88 by PAUL WARREN Gold Star - 11,026 Points
The German 88 was quite a gun
Killing tanks was the ultimate one
Nassy Fesharaki poet Invaders by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 23,825 Points
I hold a crystal
Korinn Theriault poet Apology From Pathetic by Korinn Theriault Rookie - 40 Points
It has come to my realization that I am pathetic, worthless, stupid, and useless. I thought I was helpful and kind but I now know how you feel, so I h
Weeping Willow poet Speak To The Winds by Weeping Willow Freshman - 866 Points
Sometimes I feel
I'm speaking to the winds
Nassy Fesharaki poet Tired Of Asphalt by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 23,825 Points
Tired of asphalt
Will someone, anyone
abu tarek md tahsin poet Wish Upon A Star by abu tarek md tahsin Rookie - 99 Points
on a bright summer's day
upon the valleys and hills
gajanan mishra poet Purified Form by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 69,187 Points
You are my
Purified form
gajanan mishra poet Put No Question by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 69,187 Points
Put no question
To life.
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Clean Slate by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 13,435 Points
My sweetheart I know your heart is a clean slate
Please write down my name on it as fortune or fate
Pranjit Boro poet Nwng Fwiywbwla by Pranjit Boro Rookie - 90 Points
Wngthi gwmanai aangni jiuaao Khobam gwmanai aangni jiuaao Aangw gwiywi jiu lamayao Nenanwi dong swrba sase onsemani Gwthar onnai Dufang udang dwijlang
Mark Heathcote poet Will You Pick Him Up Or Cast Him, Aside! by Mark Heathcote Gold Star - 10,291 Points
Maybe he thinks he is covertly,
Trying to impresses, you.
Ajit Das poet Other Promises by Ajit Das Veteran Poet - 1,758 Points
The end of the day:
the still moment of hushed silence.
PAUL WARREN poet Music - Your Song by PAUL WARREN Gold Star - 11,026 Points
You hear your song
And you want to sing along
Anitah Muwanguzi poet Tongue Twisted by Anitah Muwanguzi Veteran Poet - 1,201 Points
my two- faced tongue rammed a fist in my gut today
got away from me and I never stood a chance
Billy Loving poet A Rainy Day by Billy Loving Gold Star - 8,391 Points
Rain chills the bone
Feeling all alone
Bidindra Basumatary poet लांथिया खाखोराव रेबगननि आगर by Bidindra Basumatary Veteran Poet - 1,768 Points
सान अखाफोर हाथर्खिनि सायखं
सान मोना रंगिना-संगिना।
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