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Untamed Heart poet A Song For You by Untamed Heart Veteran Poet - 1,831 Points
You didn't glance around
When two pairs of teary eyes were looking at you.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Music Burning In My Mind by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 88,476 Points
Touching upon senses of nature mixing with my own,
mysterious and yet known to my soul only, vibrant,
Pavol Janik poet New York (Romanian) by Pavol Janik
Din oglinda culcată
a golfului liniştit,
Kimiko Hahn poet Alarm by Kimiko Hahn
Before doctors learn how it is that the brain's lights turn on, they may have to know a lot more about what's happening when the lights are off.
Kimiko Hahn poet Not Nothing by Kimiko Hahn
A map on tissue. A mass of wire. Electricity of the highest order.
Somewhere in this live tangle, scientists discovered—
Kimiko Hahn poet The Dream of Shoji by Kimiko Hahn
How to say milk? How to say sand, snow, sow,
linen, cloud, cocoon, or albino?
Kimiko Hahn poet The Dream of Knife, Fork, and Spoon by Kimiko Hahn
I can't recall where to set the knife and spoon.
I can't recall which side to place the napkin
Pavol Janik poet New York (Albanian) by Pavol Janik
Në një pasqyrë të rrafshët
Të gjirit të pispillosur
Ronjoy Brahma poet सानसेखालि by Ronjoy Brahma Gold Star - 26,105 Points
सानसेखालि बिबार बारियाव थांनानैबो
बिबार नुवाखिसै आं।
Marilyn Hacker poet from Paragraphs from a Day-Book (section 1 only) by Marilyn Hacker
For Hayden Carruth
Thought thrusts up, homely as a hyacinth
Chenou Liu poet Refugee Camp Haiku by Chenou Liu Gold Star - 7,874 Points
paper boats
sailing through a puddle
Marilyn Hacker poet Nights of 1964—1966: The Old Reliable by Marilyn Hacker
for Lewis Ellingham
The laughing soldiers fought to their defeat . . .
Marilyn Hacker poet Elegy for a Soldier by Marilyn Hacker
June Jordan, 1936-2002
Marilyn Hacker poet [Didn't Sappho say her guts clutched up like this?] by Marilyn Hacker
Didn't Sappho say her guts clutched up like this?
Before a face suddenly numinous,
Marilyn Hacker poet Days of 1994: Alexandrians by Marilyn Hacker
for Edmund White
Lunch: as we close the twentieth century,
Marilyn Hacker poet Crepuscule with Muriel by Marilyn Hacker
Instead of a cup of tea, instead of a milk-
silk whelk of a cup, of a cup of nearly six
Yushi Vig poet Now I'm 13 by Yushi Vig Rookie - 100 Points
Can anyone take me back, To the period of my infancy, Back in the time, Where I was a pack of Innocence with no single secrecy. Can anyone take
Marilyn Hacker poet Headaches by Marilyn Hacker
Wine again. The downside of any evening's
bright exchanges, scribbled with retribution :
Marilyn Hacker poet Against Elegies by Marilyn Hacker
James has cancer. Catherine has cancer.
Melvin has AIDS.
Pavol Janik poet New York (Macedonian) by Pavol Janik
На xоризоталнотo oгледалo
на растегнатиот залив
Ronjoy Brahma poet बोथिया गोबोरनाय खबाम by Ronjoy Brahma Gold Star - 26,105 Points
जुनार जाब्लासो हामथारगौमोन आं
जुनारखौ अरथारै अरथारै
Ray Gonzalez poet The Walls by Ray Gonzalez
Julius Caesar's head was cut off
and fed to the barbarians waiting
Ray Gonzalez poet They Call the Mountain Carlos by Ray Gonzalez
They call the mountain Carlos because
it is brown, though its purple slopes
Ray Gonzalez poet Rattlesnakes Hammered on the Wall by Ray Gonzalez
Seven of them pinned in blood by
long, shiny tails, three of them still
Ramesh T A poet A Mark Of A Constructive Friend! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 26,616 Points
Constructive friends are not carried away by flatteries;
Dutiful friends never bother about negative criticisms;
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