New Poems


Title Poet
Papa Kwan - Lincoln Park Zoo
The humans call it Fathers' Day.
It happens in June once a year.
Ima Ryma poet by Ima Ryma
on 7/17/2014
We Are We
we are living a life
a life we all anticipate
joseph orutwa poet by joseph orutwa
on 7/17/2014
Haiku-The Soldier
Twittering on tree-tops
Carry live orchestra on wings,
on 7/17/2014
When the moon rises in the concrete jungle
When the moon rises in the concrete jungle
she notices how bare, how stripped
Gert Strydom poet by Gert Strydom
on 7/17/2014
आयफोर आफाफोर
दालालै दाला आयफोर-आफाफोर
गोदोसोनाय लेट्रा होनजानाय
Ronjoy Brahma poet by Ronjoy Brahma
on 7/17/2014
The Agony Of Trees
Rooted on a savage stage
Feast and famine, health and plague
Jeffrey Tillery poet by Jeffrey Tillery
on 7/17/2014
The Rightitude of Wrongitude
Long, long ago, when the earth was quite new
Before reptiles or mammals or me and you,
Graham Fowell poet by Graham Fowell
on 7/17/2014
In Nature's Serenity
One fine autumnal afternoon, I set out sauntering
Along country paths that lay rugged and meandering
Valsa George poet by Valsa George
on 7/17/2014
justification of the collaboration of the species
coincides with purification of exposing duality
laxami Cards poet by laxami Cards
on 7/17/2014
Growth Space
Sunlight shining in my window, not reflecting the state of
mind I'm in.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet by RoseAnn V. Shawiak
on 7/17/2014
Beautiful girl
beautiful girl
haunting my dreams
Britton DeJong poet by Britton DeJong
on 7/17/2014
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