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Antonio Liao poet In The Delta Shore: Philippines by Antonio Liao Freshman - 885 Points
bounded with unity, a dashing strength of heroes blood, capture the ocean shore,
where a thousand and a million years of pebbles minds passed the ga
David Whalen poet Echoes And Answers by David Whalen Veteran Poet - 1,299 Points
Echoes are replies
Shalom Freedman poet Stars Are Worlds by Shalom Freedman Silver Star - 3,924 Points
Stars are worlds
Nassy Fesharaki poet And So What? by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 19,812 Points
And so what?
You are dead
Bri Edwards poet My Mother Raised Me Better Than That... [an Echo To Kim Ba.. by Bri Edwards Gold Star - 13,703 Points
Shall I compare thee to a bale of hay?
Hay is more lovely with a better shape.
Aydan Rolph poet Worries Of A 16 Year Old (Violets) by Aydan Rolph Rookie - 64 Points
Up to this point, I have dated two girls.
One was nice to me.
Romeo Della Valle poet Allusion by Romeo Della Valle Rookie - 145 Points
Allusion is not evasion
But a hint to discovery,
Ladarius McDonald poet Downtown Shreveport by Ladarius McDonald Rookie - 20 Points
Rainy night
Almost of busy New York City
khaled Elbalishy poet Love Or Hate by khaled Elbalishy Rookie - 270 Points
I ' m longing for her chest,
For me she's the best.
Mark Heathcote poet Every Destination Has A Purpose by Mark Heathcote Gold Star - 7,678 Points
My life has been a nightmare
Don’t believe me just look away
Aubrey Sandile Aeloquent Ncube poet The Believer by Aubrey Sandile Aeloquent Ncube Freshman - 561 Points
Unfit personage.
Ostracised populace.
Joseph Tanner poet To Live Is To Die by Joseph Tanner Rookie - 95 Points
To live you have to die,
Every day that passes is a step closer to the inevitable.
Paul Kesler poet The Funnel by Paul Kesler Rookie - 480 Points
Not all funnels hold water
or slide vertically over the landscape
Donald R Wolff JR poet Who Is God Mommy by Donald R Wolff JR Bronze Star - 2,605 Points
God is a spirit of love my dear child
He is raising his children to leave in a while
Kristy Shelton poet Walls by Kristy Shelton Rookie - 96 Points
Bits and pieces of things
Will always be left behind
Randy McClave poet The Farmer by Randy McClave Bronze Star - 2,691 Points
They once gave me a gun to kill
I threw it away and I picked up a spade to till,
Donald R Wolff JR poet Crebble by Donald R Wolff JR Bronze Star - 2,605 Points
Between worlds unseen is, Crebble
The homeland of man made devils
Mehran Sirani poet For You by Mehran Sirani Rookie - 485 Points
For you:
- Could have sailed in every furious ocean
Donald R Wolff JR poet Memoirs Of A Foolish Man by Donald R Wolff JR Bronze Star - 2,605 Points
Rainy months fell upon my face while I withered away mourning my beloved.
Tracing in my wake; I'd search the memory that has taken my will into slave
Vera Sidhwa poet Runner by Vera Sidhwa Gold Star - 8,848 Points
I was the runner,
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet Ugly Wars Go On Endlessly Against Innocent People's Will by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 27,654 Points
Our region witnesses Other clumsy and ugly wars That destr
Vera Sidhwa poet Giver by Vera Sidhwa Gold Star - 8,848 Points
He was a giver,
Joseph Tanner poet Full Moon by Joseph Tanner Rookie - 95 Points
Wide-awake at nights light,
With child like eyes,
Paul Kesler poet To Trilby by Paul Kesler Rookie - 480 Points
The sky is a greater musician than I:
the rains plays pizzicato on the rooftops
Raymond Sawyer poet To Feel The Touch Of A Angel Is To Feel The Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 18,844 Points
When one feel the touch of the sun thus one see a bird that is the bird of the angel but for every min one feel the touch of respect for the angel wit
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