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Noren Bagundol poet Can I? by Noren Bagundol Rookie - 254 Points
Can I hold your hand?
And show to everyone,
SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet Limerick- 13 ( To To) by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 26,323 Points
People of the village call him To To
out of the home not knowing where to go!
SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet Limerick- 12 (Jack, Jack Of All Trades) by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 26,323 Points
One of my friends, Jack, Jack of all trades
He knows why black is black and red is red.
Sucheta Sarwan poet Balance by Sucheta Sarwan Rookie - 87 Points
I promised myself to protect my heart from people like you,
I devoted myself to everything my head could think of,
Tony Adah poet Temptations by Tony Adah Gold Star - 22,435 Points
Though thunder may roar
I will soar
Judith Blatherwick poet A Child And Her Moth by Judith Blatherwick Gold Star - 17,095 Points
She was pretty as a picture,
Sugar sweet. And terrified.
Rose Kanana poet My Lovely Nephews by Rose Kanana Veteran Poet - 1,987 Points
My lovely nephews, the world is changing
The women are ruling the world
Chenou Liu poet Unseen Men Tanka by Chenou Liu Gold Star - 9,927 Points
the sky
whitewashed by the sun
Krunal Patel poet Immortal by Krunal Patel Rookie - 24 Points
He knew the time had come to fulfil his dream,
His heart started singing songs of the beloved,
Barry Middleton poet Armistice by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 41,349 Points
Black sky, what secret
do you mask
Mohammad Maleki poet Sentence by Mohammad Maleki Freshman - 854 Points
Faint light made its way through the slightest rip in
Penetrated deep into sheer gloomy
Senator alufalism poet The Beauty Of Writing by Senator alufalism Rookie - 351 Points
Yes! In Accordance Of Mind,
My Fate Was Great And My Understanding
Rohit Sapra poet Nature Is To Be by Rohit Sapra Gold Star - 6,342 Points
Nature creates a journey which is complex and the need is to simply go on and be true to nature. As I guess nature creates survival which is true, eve
Samuel Santana poet Why I Did Not Study by Samuel Santana Rookie - 302 Points
When I was born and opened my eyes,
all I saw around me was poverty.
Tony Adah poet The Beauty Of A Rose by Tony Adah Gold Star - 22,435 Points
I will not compare my pain
To anybody else
LINET SABASTIAN poet Assign Me To You by LINET SABASTIAN Veteran Poet - 1,189 Points
Assign me to your world
To make it more beautiful
Tony Adah poet The Storm by Tony Adah Gold Star - 22,435 Points
I will stand in this storm alone
With pain and sorrow
Hasmukh Amathalal poet We Do Write by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 215,208 Points
We do write
Yes, we do write
Tony Adah poet The Radiance Of Love by Tony Adah Gold Star - 22,435 Points
Life is mountains and valleys
Both old and young climb and descend
Gary Liles poet Mixed Emotions by Gary Liles Gold Star - 20,322 Points
I've got mixed emotions
and mixed emulsions,
Edward Kofi Louis poet P. T. S. by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 172,263 Points
Present your works with positive morals and,
Transform the world with righteous laws;
Mohammad Maleki poet Melting by Mohammad Maleki Freshman - 854 Points
Melting into crowds
entails wearing miscellaneous masks
Laura arwen poet For You by Laura arwen Gold Star - 4,664 Points
I pray for
Gary Liles poet Drink Your Rhyme by Gary Liles Gold Star - 20,322 Points
Southern comfort is
really quite nice;
Gary Liles poet Yonder Hill by Gary Liles Gold Star - 20,322 Points
Time had stood still
on yonder hill,
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