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Michael Longley poet In Memoriam by Michael Longley
My father, let no similes eclipse
Where crosses like some forest simplified
Michael Longley poet Boy-Soldier by Michael Longley
The spear-point pierces his tender neck.
His armour clatters as he hits the ground.
Michael Longley poet Ceasefire by Michael Longley
Put in mind of his own father and moved to tears
Achilles took him by the hand and pushed the old king
Farrukh Jawed poet The Unbreakable Bond by Farrukh Jawed Rookie - 36 Points
Sitting beneath the tree after the rain
I feel the petrichor and my heart pains
Jorge Enrique Adoum poet It was a lark, bichito, no nightingale by Jorge Enrique Adoum
It is not easy to graft oneself onto you, my dear.
I realize that I was laughing and not coughing
Jorge Enrique Adoum poet The Exhumed by Jorge Enrique Adoum
If you were saying, if you were wondering from where
it came, who it is, where it lives, it could not
Jorge Enrique Adoum poet The Pursuit by Jorge Enrique Adoum
Is it possible that this were all
of history, only a single day? Is the piece of news
Jorge Enrique Adoum poet The Girl from Tokyo by Jorge Enrique Adoum
"I' am not a professional, I work
in an office of the American Army."
Jorge Enrique Adoum poet The Visit by Jorge Enrique Adoum
I call to the door.
—Who is it, I ask.
Jorge Enrique Adoum poet The Hunted by Jorge Enrique Adoum
Is it possible that this is the entire
story, a single day? Yesterday's news,
Jorge Enrique Adoum poet Fleeting Return by Jorge Enrique Adoum
The kitchen was still sprinkled
with flour and prayers.
Thati Pramod Sai poet My India Tomorrow by Thati Pramod Sai Rookie - 56 Points
I have a dream to be
For ' My India Tomorrow '
Asokan Suppiah poet Human World by Asokan Suppiah Rookie - 158 Points

Chairil Anwar poet Aku by Chairil Anwar
If my time should come
I'd like no one to entice me
Chairil Anwar poet Pines in the Distance by Chairil Anwar
Pines scatter in the distance,
as day becomes night,
Chairil Anwar poet Announcement by Chairil Anwar
To dictate is not my intent,
Fate is separate loneliness-es.
Chairil Anwar poet No, Woman! by Chairil Anwar
No, woman! What lives in me
still easily evades your fevered and dark embrace,
Chairil Anwar poet My Friend And I by Chairil Anwar
We share the same path, late at night
with the fog, penetrating
Rajendran Muthiah poet Auctioning In Hamlets by Rajendran Muthiah Silver Star - 4,202 Points
"Going once, going twice, sold! "
The auctioneer yelled at the crowd
Sandra Feldman poet With Love by Sandra Feldman Gold Star - 46,894 Points
Thought, feeling, spark,
Vision in the dark,
Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D., poet The Holy Cross Will Save The World by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D., Gold Star - 13,078 Points
The Holy Cross that Jesus bore
Will bring miracles, all the more;
Juergen Wagner poet Jesus From Nazareth by Juergen Wagner Freshman - 976 Points
He was a prophet and a light
He had faith and he had might
Chenou Liu poet Graveyard Visit Haiku by Chenou Liu Gold Star - 9,050 Points
graveyard visit...
our shadows widened
Blaže Koneski poet Recollection after many years by Blaže Koneski
I was perhaps not quite twenty when I wrote:
'So much did woe cry out within me that I was born into a tribe in need.' And to this day
Blaže Koneski poet The call by Blaže Koneski
This voice of the muezzin
from a tape,
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