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Robert Katuli poet A Song For The Night by Robert Katuli Rookie - 116 Points
In the night I will lay down in peace
Because the Almighty will give me sweet sleep
Robert Louis Stevenson poet My Body, Which My Dungeon Is by Robert Louis Stevenson
My body which my dungeon is,
And yet my parks and palaces: -
Ovi Odiete poet 'Imprinted In My Heart; Engraved In My Mind' by Ovi Odiete Rookie - 368 Points
Come thither, Come closer, Come till I ponder
Don't Move further, neither farther, stay closer
Ishq Niyazi poet Who Am I by Ishq Niyazi Rookie - 15 Points
'Who Am I' A big question of everyone's life so mine too...
Am I unintelligent when I do error, Am I stunning when I do something appropriate because
Archie Wood poet My World by Archie Wood Rookie - 0 Points
My mum is my world she holds us altogether
Last Year my world fell apart and drifted away like a feather
Satish Verma poet Nowheres by Satish Verma Veteran Poet - 1,481 Points
Attending to my laments,
reading a poem to myself
Grace Burke poet Friends by Grace Burke Rookie - 418 Points
Come sit with me at sunrise as we watch the day begin
As the glorious rays of sunshine herald in a new day
Cynthia BuhainBaello poet Goodbye (Dizain) by Cynthia BuhainBaello Veteran Poet - 1,970 Points
Goodbyes are just life exits made to be
Unlocked when time dictates a self-release.
Indira Renganathan poet Alankar(Decor) -207 by Indira Renganathan Rookie - 446 Points
Blooming Atlast(Florette cinquain)
The Florette was invented by Jan Turner. It appears to be her attempt to emulate in poetic form,
Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai poet Allah Is Unique by Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai Rookie - 376 Points
He creates all things of this vast universe,
We can’t count their kinds, merits diverse,
SAKISABRE Saki poet Salsaabil 48 Haqiqat-E-Zikir! Poem@sakisabre by SAKISABRE Saki Silver Star - 3,919 Points
Haqiqat-e-Zikir! ! !
(Remembrance of Allah)
Sensuelle Briden poet New World by Sensuelle Briden Freshman - 657 Points
I am sitting next to you,
Writing something on the sand.
Raymond Farrell poet Spring In Canada by Raymond Farrell Silver Star - 4,047 Points
In Canada, after the long Winter
Everyone looks
Chase Gagnon poet A Rhyme For Detroit by Chase Gagnon Rookie - 93 Points
I took a walk today
and listened to the birds
Chase Gagnon poet A Text I Sent To Another Young Poet by Chase Gagnon Rookie - 93 Points
You know, this pain you feel is a blessing because with that pain you create beautiful art... We're cursed for a reason, and that reason is to create
Ovi Odiete poet 'But The Ocean Tells Its Endlessness' by Ovi Odiete Rookie - 368 Points
Our Words go into the Skies,
Our Sight travels beyond the Moon,
SAKISABRE Saki poet Salsaabil 47 On Haqikot-E-Taw-Waak- Kul! Poem@sakisabr by SAKISABRE Saki Silver Star - 3,919 Points
haqikot-e-Taw-waak- kul!
Advocacy and surrender
Chase Gagnon poet Residual Love by Chase Gagnon Rookie - 93 Points
I can't write about you. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because you're more than a memory to me, and I can still hear the ghost of your love moaning in
Chase Gagnon poet My First Pet by Chase Gagnon Rookie - 93 Points
I watched his gold scales shimmer
in the faint glow of my nightlight...
Chase Gagnon poet Love Trip by Chase Gagnon Rookie - 93 Points
Inhaling your breath
against my lips
Chase Gagnon poet Untitled Senryu by Chase Gagnon Rookie - 93 Points
safe in a box
the christmas bulbs
SAKISABRE Saki poet Salsaabil 49 On Haqikot-E-Tawhid! Poem@sakisabr by SAKISABRE Saki Silver Star - 3,919 Points
Twahid (Islamic Monotheism) has three aspects:
Chase Gagnon poet Heirloom by Chase Gagnon Rookie - 93 Points
After your death
I'm rummaging through the drawers
Chase Gagnon poet Winter Burial by Chase Gagnon Rookie - 93 Points
While running my hand
across your casket,
Chase Gagnon poet Don'T You Dare by Chase Gagnon Rookie - 93 Points
Don’t you dare pull me
from the wreckage of my life
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