New Poems


Title Poet
Paradise Found
Watched over by magnificent ancient trees
though perfectly placed to capture the sun
Damian Murphy poet by Damian Murphy
on 7/24/2014
Seventh Sunday
We had gathered under a tent in the park
for some words before lunch and after separate mornings,
Rachel Todd Wetzsteon poet by Rachel Todd Wetzsteon
on 7/24/2014
When sky rockets are in flight,
Slightest breeze set them to flying.
Ronald Chapman poet by Ronald Chapman
on 7/24/2014
For The Maids Of Chibok
Nightmare in a chimeric splendour
Of ember-hearted pigeons moving aloft to the sunset,
Simpa omoluabi poet by Simpa omoluabi
on 7/24/2014
Share This Space
We all have the same color blood within,
So why should it matter the tone of skin?
Jon M. Nelson poet by Jon M. Nelson
on 7/24/2014
A Special Mother
God gave us gift, so precious,
that's our mother Earth
Kripa Bhardwaj poet by Kripa Bhardwaj
on 7/24/2014
is here
gajanan mishra poet by gajanan mishra
on 7/24/2014
Artistic Need For Suffering
I touched
a snowflake
Kyle Schlicher poet by Kyle Schlicher
on 7/24/2014
Ten years have passed, Ten, to the day,
Since Cancer took her breath away.
John F. McCullagh poet by John F. McCullagh
on 7/24/2014
The Lakota Sioux
I'm no expert on the Native American culture but I like the point of view
Of many of their beliefs and traditions...take, for instance, the Lakota Si
Jim Yerman poet by Jim Yerman
on 7/24/2014
और इस तरह मैंने ज़िंदगी को आसान कर लिया...
कुछ इस तरह मैंने जिंदगी
को आसान कर लिया....
Sandhya Jane poet by Sandhya Jane
on 7/24/2014
The Master Innovator
Last night too came the demon
My sleeping face he held on stare
Pradip Chattopadhyay poet by Pradip Chattopadhyay
on 7/24/2014
Mother sweet mother
Why did you leave
Christine Petsinger poet by Christine Petsinger
on 7/24/2014
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