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Savvas Dimitsakis poet The Wolves Always Howl by Savvas Dimitsakis Rookie - 13 Points
What is it that I fear most?
maybe it is the Pain living in me
0.00 0
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet We Are Anytime by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 11,404 Points
We sometimes look-like high mountains, but We rarely look-like valleys... We are someti
9.00 0
Tony Adah poet So Great A Poet by Tony Adah Veteran Poet - 3,692 Points
I want to be
So great a poet
0.00 0
Claude Simpson poet We Know Very Well by Claude Simpson Rookie - 20 Points
The stars of salvation shine
We see the light;
0.00 0
Bernedita Rosinha Pinto poet Forgotten Gratitude. by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto Rookie - 200 Points
When gratitude forgets its duty
the hearts of others weep silently,
10.00 0
Saiom Shriver poet ZZ George Harrison, Steve Jobs, And Paramahansa Yogananda by Saiom Shriver Veteran Poet - 2,834 Points
Linden called to say he'd seen yesterday the movie 'Awake' at the West End Theatre in Washington DC. It is a film of the life of Paramahansa Yogananda
0.00 0
Michael McParland poet For You by Michael McParland Bronze Star - 6,875 Points
It is for you that I keep on fighting to go on.
That I find reasons and hope to keep on living.
0.00 0
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet Our Thoughts Anytime افكارنا في اي وقت by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 11,404 Points
تتحول افكارنا الى مستحاثات اذا لم نراجعها في اي وقت... طالما ان افكارنا تف
9.00 0
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet Our thoughts anytime by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 11,404 Points
Our thoughts turn into fossils If we don't review them anytime, but As long as o
10.00 0
Tom Zart poet Emotions by Tom Zart Freshman - 1,069 Points
Trust and behold that God is good
Every time we help others He sees.
0.00 0
lee fones poet Yearn For My Miss by lee fones Freshman - 2,106 Points
oh how i yearn for my miss
her tenderness and her kiss
0.00 0
Dennis Lange poet Sonnet 36 - I by Dennis Lange Rookie - 162 Points
In here, behind these eyes from which I peek,
There is no 'we', no 'us'; there's never been.
0.00 0
Erato poet A Cuddle Form My Muse by Erato Rookie - 931 Points
I felt the touch of your body pressing so close to me
and it caused my pulse to beat in loving ecstasy.
0.00 0
David Harris poet In Memory Of Robert Alum Blackwell (Bob Blackwell) 1936-2.. by David Harris Rookie - 809 Points
To a dear friend and poet who recently passed away.
You lived the life you wanted
0.00 0
miken newman poet Haiku ' Plaza ' pt1 by miken newman Freshman - 1,075 Points
Sand circle of death
a swirling veronica ~
0.00 0
Okunuga Olanreywaju poet if you want a prove by Okunuga Olanreywaju Rookie - 95 Points
If I say something
You know what it means
0.00 0
Tony Adah poet A Wife. by Tony Adah Veteran Poet - 3,692 Points
He saw her so beautiful
And proposed to her
0.00 0
ademola oluwabusayo poet Addicted by ademola oluwabusayo Rookie - 452 Points
Addicted to only you
Who could deliver me?
0.00 0
Brian Taylor poet Flanders Field (11.11.12) by Brian Taylor Rookie - 48 Points
Enter the Heart Chakra.
What can be seen?
0.00 0
Pradip Chattopadhyay poet On The Wood Apple Tree by Pradip Chattopadhyay Veteran Poet - 3,048 Points
The ghostess was his hostess
in that wood apple tree
10.00 1
Sir Lewis Morris poet Nothing Lost by Sir Lewis Morris
WHERE are last year's snows,
Where the summer's rose,
0.00 0
Sir Lewis Morris poet The Touchstone by Sir Lewis Morris
SAID one,' Tis Use must lend
The clue our thoughts to bend
0.00 0
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet It's Wrong To Look At Things With Just One Eye by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 11,404 Points
We all have two eyes or We are all two-eyed people Anytime, an
0.00 0
Jason Callender poet the trap by Jason Callender Rookie - 30 Points
i made it out the trap
where we made money stack
0.00 0
Stephen Brian Brady poet A.M. From Suburbia by Stephen Brian Brady Rookie - 105 Points
as pigeons scuff the milky sky
and magpies mock the crows' scrawl
0.00 0
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