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Peter Sutcliffe poet My First Poem by Peter Sutcliffe Rookie - 185 Points
When in poems I write
I hope on hope.
Choman Hardi poet Dispute Over a Mass Grave by Choman Hardi
The one you have finished examining
is my son. That is the milky coloured Kurdish
v.m.saraswathy munuswamy poet Peace by v.m.saraswathy munuswamy Gold Star - 34,450 Points
Prayers without devotion in heart
will not
Choman Hardi poet Two Pages by Choman Hardi
1. Delivering a message
I was asleep in the middle of a pad
Edward Kofi Louis poet Towards The Truth by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 174,200 Points
Let's all walk towards the truth!
A walk of life,
Choman Hardi poet Dibs Camp, the Women's Prison by Choman Hardi
You do not die! Not when you want to.
Not when you see your strong husband, the big
Choman Hardi poet The Penelopes of my homeland by Choman Hardi
Years and years of silent labour
the Penelopes of my homeland
Soumi Mukhopadhyay poet Waiting....Missing! ! ! by Soumi Mukhopadhyay Rookie - 221 Points
Away from the hustle bustle…
Tram roaring.. Tea stall calling..
Choman Hardi poet Invasion by Choman Hardi
Soon they will come. First we will hear
the sound of their boots approaching at dawn
Choman Hardi poet The Letter by Choman Hardi
On a simple sheet of paper,
the moon sent these simple lines
Choman Hardi poet At the Border, 1979 by Choman Hardi
‘It is your last check-in point in this country!'
We grabbed a drink -
Choman Hardi poet Pregnancy by Choman Hardi
Unlike her friends,
she can't boast a waist any more.
Choman Hardi poet Birds by Choman Hardi
According to the latest classification, Kurds
now belong to a species of bird
Choman Hardi poet Stone Is Better by Choman Hardi
Bewildered as leaves on the wind's wing,
drear as the space between motes of dust,
Choman Hardi poet Rain by Choman Hardi
It sparks lightning
and broadcasts thunder.
Choman Hardi poet The Fruit-Seller's Philosophy by Choman Hardi
My friend! You were like an apricot.
At the first bite,
Choman Hardi poet Directions by Choman Hardi
Whenever he was in the mountains,
wherever he took off his shoes,
Choman Hardi poet Kinder Than Miriam by Choman Hardi
Marys of my country! When death becomes a necessity,
let us mothers face it first and not our children.
Choman Hardi poet The Lonely Earth by Choman Hardi
Neither do the white bodies of the universe
say good morning to her
Choman Hardi poet An Afternoon at Snowfall by Choman Hardi
I'm not here.
What a shame, tomorrow day will break
Choman Hardi poet My Mother's Kitchen by Choman Hardi
I will inherit my mother's kitchen,
her glasses, some tall and lean others short and fat
Edward Kofi Louis poet Bent! by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 174,200 Points
Tarun Ram Kanuri poet A Happy Life by Tarun Ram Kanuri Rookie - 147 Points
I want you to say 'good morning',
When I wake up in the morning.
Liza Sud poet The Love Story Of Orpheus And Eurydice Redux.From D. Brick by Liza Sud Gold Star - 34,302 Points
Было раннее утро
В деревне. Солнечое сияние,
Edward Kofi Louis poet K. U. S. I. by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 174,200 Points
Knowing you to uplift myself!
Understanding you to upgrade my mind,
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