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Moez Ben Meftah poet Punica by Moez Ben Meftah Rookie - 345 Points
Pulps of Punica..missed
It was twilight
Randy McClave poet After Death by Randy McClave Gold Star - 5,702 Points
Should we not believe, there is life after death
Instead of realizing it when we take our last breath,
Alesia Leach poet Secret Garden by Alesia Leach Gold Star - 6,084 Points
Come inside, my secret garden,
where no one is broken hearted.
Is It Poetry poet Stop Being Silly And Open The Door by Is It Poetry Gold Star - 13,801 Points
Beaver canal was not for me.
I live on nothing but sweet memories.
Pippa Moss poet Spring Longing by Pippa Moss Rookie - 23 Points
Dragging the Christmas tree out the door,
a longing begins that grips at my core.
Daniel Bernard Kelleher poet Good Bye by Daniel Bernard Kelleher Gold Star - 6,690 Points
His health was fast deteriorating
His family were called to his side
Wolfgang Steinmann poet Scheue Gefährten by Wolfgang Steinmann Silver Star - 3,002 Points
In flachen Wildlederschuhen
Und ihrem Halstuch wie die Bardot
Ozcan Ajrulovski poet I Left Us by Ozcan Ajrulovski Rookie - 234 Points
I left us long ago
but I guess you didn't
michael walkerjohn poet 'Mighty Mite', 'money Mike', And 'mad Mik' by michael walkerjohn Gold Star - 11,392 Points
Up at dawn
Maya Hanson poet Steal My Voice by Maya Hanson Bronze Star - 2,497 Points
I've always wanted to write
a song about a perfect world
Leah Ross poet Criticism Of Phil Roberts by Leah Ross Gold Star - 5,183 Points
Mr. Duck himself said he would be trumps spiritual advisor what is he thinking? ? What is he on? ? ? God help us all America too I wouldn't want him a
Marilyn Jean poet Under The Weather by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 15,617 Points
Some days are like this
Things go really strange
Seema Chowdhury poet Series Of Passing Events by Seema Chowdhury Gold Star - 6,661 Points
Life is an endless series of passing events
Where we face difficulties and tough situations
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Lighting Candles Of Faith by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 88,476 Points
Shutting off interior lights, instead lighting candles
of faith and hope in preparation of God, filling me
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Don't Test Me by Lawrence S. Pertillar
I would rather see proof,
Of your growth process in action.
Seema Chowdhury poet We Can Win The Day by Seema Chowdhury Gold Star - 6,661 Points
Learn to handle new beginnings of multiple dimensions
Even if there is an unnatural swing of pendulum
Seema Chowdhury poet Tomorrow Is Another New Day by Seema Chowdhury Gold Star - 6,661 Points
Let life flow through the array of time
And let good things come in the way
Leah Ross poet Washington by Leah Ross Gold Star - 5,183 Points
Is full of idiots finger pointers & flip floppers who can't get it together aren't on the same page love to shift blame one to the next can't take a s
Susan Williams poet Oh Come Oh Come by Susan Williams Gold Star - 48,742 Points
oh come oh come
hosts of heavenly angels
David Whalen poet Time Travel by David Whalen Bronze Star - 2,303 Points
You can't visit the
Harley White poet Tycho Remnant Tickles The Fancy by Harley White Veteran Poet - 1,478 Points
‘Oh my, what a weird-looking glob of gob! '
was what I first thought when I saw that blob.
favour ugwumba poet In Love by favour ugwumba Bronze Star - 2,188 Points
Breaking news
am in love.
Marcquiese Burrell poet Make Yourself Vulnerable To Me by Marcquiese Burrell Veteran Poet - 1,430 Points
the seed has been buried
and in the years to come
Ivana Valasik poet Broken Beyond Repair by Ivana Valasik Freshman - 644 Points
Without warning
you left.
Marcquiese Burrell poet I Will Keep Fighting (Fighting For Love) by Marcquiese Burrell Veteran Poet - 1,430 Points
Don't understand you
Every fiber in me try
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