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Katelyn Ross poet Backup Plan by Katelyn Ross Rookie - 42 Points
I am the backup plan,
It means exactly what is sounds like.
Thomas Plotz poet I'm Innocent And Pure by Thomas Plotz Bronze Star - 2,136 Points
Innocent and pure
Your soul’s the cure
Edwin Tanguma poet If Waltz Had One Mine (Double Bussokusekika) by Edwin Tanguma Rookie - 121 Points
If Waltz Had One Mine (Double Bussokusekika)
Here is some simple math
Cynthia BuhainBaello poet Men Lost Harmony by Cynthia BuhainBaello Silver Star - 3,384 Points
Discord was born when men lost Harmony.
Self was enthroned with delusions of Gain,
Cynthia BuhainBaello poet Cowardice (Rictameter) by Cynthia BuhainBaello Silver Star - 3,384 Points
Cocooned by lines
Cynthia BuhainBaello poet Bala, Bala, At Bala Na Naman! by Cynthia BuhainBaello Silver Star - 3,384 Points
Aba, naku! Kay daming biyaherong may bala!
Parang magic, himala, pero nakapagtataka!
Cynthia BuhainBaello poet Hate, Not Climate by Cynthia BuhainBaello Silver Star - 3,384 Points
So funny was the Prince's statement
That Terror was born from Climate Change,
Maple Trail poet The 1st Ones I Noticed by Maple Trail Rookie - 0 Points
The first ones
took hold of me
hasmukh amathalal poet In Any Form by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 97,368 Points
In any form
Yes, use your own vision
Marcquiese Burrell poet I Wish To Be There by Marcquiese Burrell Veteran Poet - 1,128 Points
There's so much resistance
When you go to touch
Anjali Chand poet A Woman With Self-Esteem by Anjali Chand Rookie - 161 Points
Cold but beautiful as snow she seems,
Gracefully she walks out in the day.
eric ploscik poet 4*22 by eric ploscik Rookie - 24 Points
Why don’t you just relax?
Mark Heathcote poet The Four Horses Of The Apocalypse by Mark Heathcote Gold Star - 10,291 Points
My second youngest child today, said look, look at the clouds!
Dad, don’t the clouds look cartoonish…
Randy McClave poet Freedom For All by Randy McClave Silver Star - 3,464 Points
By God, it was granted
Into man it was planted,
Blaine Strong poet Give Your Vibe by Blaine Strong Rookie - 360 Points
Give me your vibe so I can know death is looming on my soul when its raining and I don't care who I'm going. when I'm leaving or what kind of sick con
Dexsta Ray poet Get Stronger by Dexsta Ray Gold Star - 6,499 Points
Get stronger… (hum) (ham) (hum) (hum) (hum)
Get stronger… (hum) (ham) (hum) (hum) (hum)
Blaine Strong poet Maryam Tuberose by Blaine Strong Rookie - 360 Points
Whisper to me Mary. Cold nights grow dark now
Sadness relieved like sandbags during great floods. No matter what your voice shreds me
Blaine Strong poet Photographic Memo Ree by Blaine Strong Rookie - 360 Points
I saw your photo on the wall, I was beginning to feel, you'd never call.
The way you looked 'this isn't real' you whispered to me in the field.
Blaine Strong poet Persian Fox by Blaine Strong Rookie - 360 Points
Hey now fox, play now chicken pox
Stray eyebrow box, glue for days
Blaine Strong poet Memory Eater by Blaine Strong Rookie - 360 Points
Poetic devotion, gnawing away at our emotions like angry pihranna.
My shortness of breath bringing me closer to the grips of death.
Dorsey Baker poet Hear The Wind by Dorsey Baker Bronze Star - 2,214 Points
Hear the wind
banging at our window
Cecil (C.J.) Krieger poet There’s Always August by Cecil (C.J.) Krieger Veteran Poet - 1,912 Points
It was a tranquil day
Sometime in late July
Shalom Freedman poet I Loved The World Of Literature by Shalom Freedman Gold Star - 4,844 Points
I loved the world of Literature
Blaine Strong poet Rain Below Pain Above by Blaine Strong Rookie - 360 Points
I was dancing in the cool november rain, wishing all for sunshine. Wash away my pain.
Inching into dawns next pure prolific day, the extravagant, au
Naveed Akram poet City Swallowed by Naveed Akram Gold Star - 10,772 Points
The city is a work of art,
That feared heaven and hell;
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