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The Power Of Silence
Angels beckoned by the sounds of silent bells,
as if it fills the air with the irony of harmony,
mark anthony st. rose poet by mark anthony st. rose
on 8/29/2014
Ask me not what i want
What more could i ever want than to
Slavisa Bajcer poet by Slavisa Bajcer
on 8/29/2014
There's Always Something New
No matter where we are
No matter what we do
Seema Chowdhury poet by Seema Chowdhury
on 8/29/2014
मेरी साँसो की कविता में
बाँहो मे चंदन तन महके
खुशबू से घर आँगन महके
Lalit Kaira poet by Lalit Kaira
on 8/29/2014
Heal And Seal
Love spreads love
You got to believe
hasmukh amathalal poet by hasmukh amathalal
on 8/29/2014
मैं एक फूल हूँ कांटो से, जिसकी नातेदारी है
मैं एक फूल हूँ कांटो से, जिसकी नातेदारी है,
मैं वो क़िस्सा हूँ परियों का न जिसमें फुलवारी है।
Aftab Alam poet by Aftab Alam
on 8/29/2014
One day there will be no more pain;
Today there is too much of pain.
Wendy Webb poet by Wendy Webb
on 8/29/2014
A Flock Of Birds
A flock of birds
stopped in the middle
gajanan mishra poet by gajanan mishra
on 8/29/2014
He was a musician
Nassy Fesharaki poet by Nassy Fesharaki
on 8/29/2014
To The Moonbyrd Wandering
we will leave amethyst candies by the night porch
and further, crowned with may, beyond the moon-splashed grasses stray for the moonbyrd who has flow
mary douglas poet by mary douglas
on 8/29/2014
My Shooting Star
I gave an idle
Skyward glance,
Francie Lynch poet by Francie Lynch
on 8/29/2014
I No Longer Stand Alone
I once stood alone
Abandoned by the rest
Babatunde Aremu poet by Babatunde Aremu
on 8/29/2014
Mazzin Village
Mazzin village is a pretty village That is located on the sides of a chain of mountains, When I was
on 8/29/2014
Rolled Scrolls Of Fates Decree … 2908-2k14.
The waning sun's now dipping low.
Tree top crescents are red aglow.
saadat tahir poet by saadat tahir
on 8/29/2014
Say Sorry
Say sorry for what? For the words I said, for actions I accept, for the wrongs I did, for the pain I endured?
Say Sorry!
Maya Rehill poet by Maya Rehill
on 8/29/2014
Time At The Fairytale Threshold Cannot Pass
time at the fairytale threshold cannot pass:
let the lime tree flower endlessly by
mary douglas poet by mary douglas
on 8/29/2014
The Teacher & The Maths
I looked over my shoulder
She was getting nearer
Phil Soar poet by Phil Soar
on 8/29/2014
Gods Were Changing
After carbon dating
you will find―
Satish Verma poet by Satish Verma
on 8/29/2014
Land Of The Damned
There's much I may not ever know.
When did I begin this journey?
Lawrence Beck poet by Lawrence Beck
on 8/29/2014
Meditation On The Ark At Rest
[partially inspired by the Peter Weir film, The Last Wave]
champagne coloured, for awhile, the clouds disperse;
mary douglas poet by mary douglas
on 8/29/2014
Forget The Last Song
Listen to those words, the silence has begun. Listen to that silence that was the last song.
Your true self is no other, than the image in that mi
Maya Rehill poet by Maya Rehill
on 8/29/2014
Bird Will Fly Forever
Beautiful bird caged in the hand
struggling and pleading to go far and beyond
vaishnavi ghugari poet by vaishnavi ghugari
on 8/29/2014
The Mountain Road
I don't know why they called it The Mountain road! There are n
on 8/29/2014
You're My Beauty
I can only say that you're my true beauty.
Not just outside but inside more so.
Michael McParland poet by Michael McParland
on 8/29/2014
The Twins
Edward Kofi Louis poet by Edward Kofi Louis
on 8/29/2014
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