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Dedan Onyango poet The White Umbrella by Dedan Onyango Rookie - 0 Points
As it rains havoc upon this land,
Where do you stand?
Sumita Jetley poet Love Is All I Have by Sumita Jetley Veteran Poet - 1,276 Points
And may be about you.
What else,
Rebecca Wolff poet Experiment in Divination: Voice and Character by Rebecca Wolff
There is a curiosity that knows
I know
Gerard Manley Hopkins poet It Was A Hard Thing To Undo This Knot by Gerard Manley Hopkins
It was a hard thing to undo this knot.
The rainbow shines, but only in the thought
Carol Ann Duffy poet Stealing by Carol Ann Duffy
The most unusual thing I ever stole? A snowman.
Midnight. He looked magnificent; a tall, white mute
Bharati Nayak poet Tiniest Dust by Bharati Nayak Silver Star - 3,517 Points
I am not a winged bird
But I can fly
Charles Bernstein poet Why I Am Not a Buddhist by Charles Bernstein
Reality cons me as it spur(n)s me.
This is the road to eternal
Cedar Sigo poet Panels for the Walls by Cedar Sigo
Leave the long fall between us (peak after peak)
Here were my paints and there were my powders
hasmukh amathalal poet For Children by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 43,772 Points
I couldn’t avoid
The void
Phil Soar poet Tears by Phil Soar Gold Star - 7,091 Points
Imagine if the tears we shed, could fill the seas and oceans
The levels would envelop us, because of our emotions
Jennifer Grotz poet The Needle by Jennifer Grotz
"When your eyes have done their part,
Thought must length it in the heart."
Damian Murphy poet Persistence by Damian Murphy Veteran Poet - 1,163 Points
I may not have set the world on fire,
But neither have I gone down in flames!
José Lezama Lima poet An Obscure Meadow Lures Me by José Lezama Lima
An obscure meadow lures me,
her fast, close-fitting lawns
Satish Verma poet Listening To Yourself by Satish Verma Veteran Poet - 1,783 Points
Treading gently, trying
to feel close to the heat of
Satish Verma poet Cruel Bonhomie by Satish Verma Veteran Poet - 1,783 Points
Like a meteorite streaking
through the sky, iron
Satish Verma poet Thinking Deeply About Something by Satish Verma Veteran Poet - 1,783 Points
The trail in mind, you had
a problem, before the coming of Him.
Lawrence Beck poet Sore Thumb by Lawrence Beck Veteran Poet - 1,970 Points
People have to do these things, I tell myself,
A creature out of place inside a building's
Kranthi Pothineni poet You Are... by Kranthi Pothineni Rookie - 28 Points
A dream that walked beyond my dreams
A tear that never rolled down my eyes
Kranthi Pothineni poet O Little One by Kranthi Pothineni Rookie - 28 Points
O little one hold my hand
Learn to crawl, walk and stand
Kranthi Pothineni poet Hold On by Kranthi Pothineni Rookie - 28 Points
Bright light travelled on a long way
Night moon followed its hoof prints on clay
Raymond Farrell poet Haiku (Time That Matters) by Raymond Farrell Gold Star - 6,931 Points
All the time we got
That matters is our lifetime
Satish Verma poet Pure As A Flame by Satish Verma Veteran Poet - 1,783 Points
Sleepwalking in unlit
night, grabbing the
Paul Amrod poet Perseverence Of Expression by Paul Amrod Veteran Poet - 1,170 Points
Scintillating wisps of a hermit’s tale
are stimulating the muses immersed in melancholy
Kranthi Pothineni poet Let’s Fly High by Kranthi Pothineni Rookie - 28 Points
Fallen wings of mine, please don’t cry
Don’t let the warrior inside you die
Kranthi Pothineni poet On The Other Side… by Kranthi Pothineni Rookie - 28 Points
What’s on the other side of this tide
Is it so worthy to mount and ride
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