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Melissa Stevens poet A Reflection Of Your Self by Melissa Stevens Rookie - 268 Points
The rain stop falling but you haven't
Hanging out with your typical jock
Oluwatomiwo Akinyemi poet Mojisola by Oluwatomiwo Akinyemi Rookie - 128 Points
When I wake
With you by my side
Naveed Akram poet This Island Of Eyes by Naveed Akram Gold Star - 5,689 Points
This island is fluttering its eyes,
With shock the tail of the land is on,
Bhawana Bhowmik poet The Panorama……. by Bhawana Bhowmik Rookie - 10 Points
Standing tall on the mammoth hill
I see traces of what’s underneath
Naldo Africa poet Quote by Naldo Africa Rookie - 56 Points
In jou oë
Wil ek n sterfling wees
Kevin Scanlon poet The Ghost Of Casey Jones by Kevin Scanlon Rookie - 112 Points
Sometimes you still see the ghost of Casey Jones
Walking the rails where he met his brave end
Michael P. McParland poet My Angel 4 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 16,243 Points
My Angel so divine and beautiful
how I deeply love and adore you.
Saiom Shriver poet Night Of No Moon by Saiom Shriver Gold Star - 5,890 Points
The night of no moon
The darkest night..
Melissa Stevens poet Nothing Safe Anymore by Melissa Stevens Rookie - 268 Points
Kids don't what they getting their self into
Nothing safe on TV anymore, it never was
Rodrigo Diaz poet Photo Of Mother And Child by Rodrigo Diaz Rookie - 98 Points
What words to frame such beauty?
What words to paint such love?
Lilly Emery poet Your Love Is Like A Butterfly by Lilly Emery Gold Star - 5,255 Points
Your Love Is Like A Butterfly
This day I see crystals of love into the summers air
Raymond Sawyer poet Where The Family Of Star Bucks There Is Life. by Raymond Sawyer Veteran Poet - 1,910 Points
For any one who wish upon a star thus one wish for hope and yet every fresh cup of coffee is like being touch with life just to taste a good fresh cup
Naldo Africa poet Bende by Naldo Africa Rookie - 56 Points
Op verskeie hoeke
Staan hul soos skimme,
Tom Beener poet Thinking Of Hiding by Tom Beener Rookie - 22 Points
i am thinking of hiding from the things I see
I close my eyes and yet it's still me
Donald R Wolff JR poet Furfect Love by Donald R Wolff JR Rookie - 380 Points
Come, dear, let me love you forever
Break your heart, I will do never
vaspan smerdis poet A Surreal Moment In My Nihility by vaspan smerdis Rookie - 52 Points
I'm in the mirror for my soul buried
After writing down on
vaspan smerdis poet Blaze Of Consciousness by vaspan smerdis Rookie - 52 Points
Waiting for glory
Glory of soul
Supriya Prathapan poet My Friend (Dirge) by Supriya Prathapan Rookie - 107 Points
Why did you come into my life when I was young and stupid,
When I was unwise, uncouth and timid?
Francie Lynch poet Cellphone by Francie Lynch Gold Star - 4,569 Points
I'm many coloured
and a perfect transcriber
Raymond Sawyer poet To Be Touch By A Star Is To Be Touch With Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Veteran Poet - 1,910 Points
As the morning goes on for the stars wait to fill some heart with respect but for who wish to feel the touch of respect by the family of Star bucks th
Hassanal Abdullah poet The Cacophony Of The Gunfire by Hassanal Abdullah Rookie - 0 Points
Suddenly, he jumped into the river
Suddenly, he managed to jump into the river
oskar hansen poet Senryu New Ones by oskar hansen Bronze Star - 2,226 Points
I’m a cowboy
Hassanal Abdullah poet Intervening Outcry by Hassanal Abdullah Rookie - 0 Points
Screams echoed in the palm of my right hand
as if a bullet hit the plaster on a wall—
Naomi Louise Bonthron poet My Feelings by Naomi Louise Bonthron Rookie - 114 Points
I feel angry, sad, and upset,
there's lots of things I do regret.
Forrest Hainline poet Psalm 082 by Forrest Hainline Rookie - 205 Points
How long
They do not know
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