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Dr. Antony Theodore poet Every Emotion Has A Reason To Serve You. by Dr. Antony Theodore Gold Star - 81,064 Points
Every emotion has a reason to serve you.
So let the emotion rise.
Hebert Logerie poet Donald Tuff Will Not Be Elected by Hebert Logerie Gold Star - 9,431 Points
Like many people that I know
We will not vote for Donald Tuff
Dr. Antony Theodore poet Mastering The Art Of Letting Go. by Dr. Antony Theodore Gold Star - 81,064 Points
With patience,
dedication and love,
Dr. Antony Theodore poet Love And Spirit Meet In Your Center. by Dr. Antony Theodore Gold Star - 81,064 Points
There is a center in the body
where love and spirit meet.
Frank Blacharczyk poet Can We Be Friends by Frank Blacharczyk Veteran Poet - 1,204 Points
I have kissed my soul on the cheek with 30 pieces of silver
I wish I knew how to say it easier a lie
Michael P. McParland poet Love Note 510 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 66,793 Points
Good afternoon my sweet Angel dove
and having just arrived home
Richard Allen Beevor poet Spirit by Richard Allen Beevor Silver Star - 3,616 Points
The spirit moves within me,
my eyes not seeking find the sun.
V.Muthu Manickam poet Power Of The Goddess! by V.Muthu Manickam Veteran Poet - 1,022 Points
It was celebration of the Panguni Pongal for the sixth day
People assemble before the Goddess Kaali, to pray
safari mupe poet Tell Me… by safari mupe Rookie - 490 Points
Eh! I'm sorry, I'm curious!
I know, it's hard!
Dorothy (Alves) Holmes poet Let's Pretend by Dorothy (Alves) Holmes Gold Star - 5,027 Points
wearing mask,
Soha Zidan poet Human Nature by Soha Zidan Freshman - 545 Points
I chuckle they say, 'What an indecent creature! '
I sob they say, 'What a depressing being! '
Donal Mahoney poet A Matter Of Choice by Donal Mahoney Gold Star - 13,652 Points
Someone has to cut the grass
Molly tells Bill
Adegbite Adeyinka poet He Is Not My Friend by Adegbite Adeyinka Rookie - 365 Points
He is not my friend, no he is not
I know my own, he is not one;
Rose Kanana poet The Morning Charmer by Rose Kanana Bronze Star - 2,054 Points
He is mysterious, He is unpredictable
He is unknown to them but keeps them as friends
safari mupe poet Never Forget by safari mupe Rookie - 490 Points
I told you to wait
of course you listened.
sats moore poet Acrostic Experiment #1 by sats moore Freshman - 900 Points
Readily it comes from the sky
Anointing us almost baptising us as it falls
dave lessard poet Stars by dave lessard Veteran Poet - 1,345 Points
Stars are hot, or stars are cold,
like people that I know;
sats moore poet Anguish by sats moore Freshman - 900 Points
Anchored as I am by responsible chains
Still like muddy dish water with a molten plug to keep it in there safe
sats moore poet Lemonade by sats moore Freshman - 900 Points
Lying on a cold hard bed was my life
Every day, drone like in my existence
Neal Beightol poet Renaissance by Neal Beightol Freshman - 627 Points
The arbor of spring
Solemn oaks now fringed in green
Dexsta Ray Jr. poet Speak To Me, Do, Lord by Dexsta Ray Jr. Gold Star - 9,399 Points
Speak now, speak, speak to me, Lord
Don't toss me away
Hasmukh Amathalal poet At Each Corner by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 215,638 Points
At each corner
I only love
Kakoli Choudhury poet Life (3) by Kakoli Choudhury Freshman - 679 Points
The golden heart weeps,
Callous one grimaces loud
Gajanan Mishra poet Natural Law by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 146,242 Points
Law of nature,
Natural law,
sathya narayana poet Love Sick by sathya narayana Freshman - 800 Points
Roses never appealed to me!
Ignored I always cool zephyrs!
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