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hasmukh amathalal poet Peaceand Stability by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 54,746 Points
What a great philosophy?
When prophet himself says
Ricardo Antunes poet Love Between Two Lovers In Nyc by Ricardo Antunes Freshman - 594 Points
Drink up the city of NYC,
The greatest city on earth,
sekharan pookkat poet Doubt by sekharan pookkat Gold Star - 5,872 Points
Floating mind
Creeping to carve
Raymond Sawyer poet To Walk Under The Family Of Star Bucks. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 6,514 Points
When the night come for one wish to walk under the family of Star bucks for what a lovely night for a walk under the star that sparkle in the night ye
Chestlyn Draghoender poet The Tea Table by Chestlyn Draghoender Rookie - 194 Points
three sugars with milk
flat shoes and not so much
Tony Adah poet The World In Fear by Tony Adah Gold Star - 9,118 Points
Fear grips the world by the jugular
And the painful shadow if war
Raymond Sawyer poet The Night One Was Touch By The Angel Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 6,514 Points
For when the sun is up thus there a warm smile but when the birds sing for one will feel the touch of the birds singing to once heart for every hear
Brian Taylor poet Built For Comfort Not For Speed by Brian Taylor Freshman - 746 Points
There never yet was poet
who was fat
Brian Taylor poet Walt Disney by Brian Taylor Freshman - 746 Points
Walt Disney lies locked
in a deep deep freeze
Shawna Michele poet The Kiss by Shawna Michele Freshman - 919 Points
The thought of your lips on mine
explosive and imobilizing
Hans Raj Sharma poet Rose by Hans Raj Sharma Veteran Poet - 1,029 Points
O’ rose!
Lovely and sweet
Yuliy Valenko poet A Time Ago by Yuliy Valenko Rookie - 33 Points
Where will you lead me next, Former of my dignity?
How will you mend me now, Friend of my tears?
Ojeikpo A. Elijah poet Thalamus Of Beauty by Ojeikpo A. Elijah Rookie - 0 Points
THALAMUS OF BEAUTY You are wrapped in robes of beauty post Virtue you worth most like the rising sun A yellow royal rose Clothed in a seraphic beauty
Donal Mahoney poet The Ten Exceptions by Donal Mahoney Silver Star - 3,111 Points
1) 'I am the Lord your God you shall not have strange Gods before me' (Ex 20: 2-6, Deut 5: 6-10)
- except for power and money, of course, and
Eustace Dunn poet I Am The Grave by Eustace Dunn Rookie - 172 Points
I beckon on you to come
I am the grave your home
Raymond Sawyer poet Hour After Hour The Family Will Fill The Air With Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 6,514 Points
For every min the sun shine yet every rose that bloom will be fill with respect the the family of Star bucks is the angels of the night sky thus every
Nassy Fesharaki poet Dam On The Nile by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 11,581 Points
Dam on the Nile
Renaissance is the Dam on the Nile
Eustace Dunn poet In The Coolness Of London Winter by Eustace Dunn Rookie - 172 Points
In the wee hours of a Monday morning in March
The room in Pembury was the coolest.
Seema Chowdhury poet Blessed Day And Night by Seema Chowdhury Veteran Poet - 1,484 Points
Enjoy a blessed day and a blessed night
May you find peace, love, care and delight
SWETA LEENA PANDA poet Only For You by SWETA LEENA PANDA Rookie - 246 Points
My heart slip slip
Just because I feels
Melvina Germain poet I Had A Dream by Melvina Germain Silver Star - 3,397 Points
I had a dream, a pleasant dream,
of a place filled with lush green grass.
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet A Pretty Give And A Good Take - عطاء رائع يقابله اخذ طيب by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 21,387 Points
اذا ما اعطيتم اي شيء طيب في اي وقت فمن ثم ستنالون حتما
Melvina Germain poet I Love You…je T’adore by Melvina Germain Silver Star - 3,397 Points
When you whispered into my heart, touching me
gently and kissing my soul. A tingling sensation,
Monarchist Oleg poet Trudge Of Gain by Monarchist Oleg Rookie - 258 Points
In the crossing of worlds I wait to gain my soul At the wasting of time I feel it course through my vein Through the cold of night I stand like the m
Melvina Germain poet Ice Laden by Melvina Germain Silver Star - 3,397 Points
My days though long and boiling hot
Grant thee frozen nights, I spent a lot.
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