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Phil Soar poet Twin Towers by Phil Soar Gold Star - 18,692 Points
Where two towers stood, now one stands proud
Built almost up to the clouds
Nassy Fesharaki poet My Hut And Your Palace by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 23,957 Points
My hut and your palace
Hey wealthy,
Ajit Das poet Private World by Ajit Das Veteran Poet - 1,832 Points
It’s the closing time: a late ray
of the weakening sun creeping
Robert Fitzgerald poet Night Images by Robert Fitzgerald
Late in the cold night wakened, and heard wind,
And lay with eyes closed and silent, knowing
Satish Verma poet A Riddle Unsolved by Satish Verma Silver Star - 4,139 Points
Something novel:
a good augury―
Pamela Sinicrope poet Intermission by Pamela Sinicrope Gold Star - 15,405 Points
I had a thought.
You were in it.
Thomas Lux poet Goofer-Dust by Thomas Lux
(dirt stolen from an infant's grave around midnight)
Do not try to take it from my child's grave, nor
Mary Szybist poet On Wanting to Tell [ ] about a Girl Eating Fish Eyes by Mary Szybist
—how her loose curls float
above each silver fish as she leans in
Nick Kler poet What A Glorious Start! by Nick Kler Freshman - 939 Points
A wave of memories
Came to see me
abinaya saravanan poet When It Rains... by abinaya saravanan Rookie - 20 Points
Cloudy skies
Dripping trees
Michael P. McParland poet Love Note 338 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 37,071 Points
An early good morning again
to you my sweet Angel dove
Carolyn Forché poet The Ghost of Heaven by Carolyn Forché
Sleep to sleep through thirty years of night,
a child herself with child,
Gottfried Benn poet Beautiful Youth by Gottfried Benn
The mouth of the girl who had lain long in the rushes
looked so nibbled.
Cecil (C.J.) Krieger poet Shadow Cat by Cecil (C.J.) Krieger Bronze Star - 2,115 Points
Her tail quivering
My cat leapt into the air
Tom Raworth poet Gaslight by Tom Raworth
a line of faces borders the strangler's work
heavy european women
Lovey Canlas poet Gathering by Lovey Canlas Rookie - 65 Points
What is there behind the wall?
I wonder what could be the secret
Chris G. Vaillancourt poet Children Of The Morning by Chris G. Vaillancourt Veteran Poet - 1,584 Points
A seashell in the desert.
A piece of sand to a pearl.
Melati Hussein poet Soulless Sun by Melati Hussein Freshman - 679 Points
The sky was clear, blue, blue, blue
With a boasting sun that screamed
Anonymous poet The Cruel Mother by Anonymous
She sat down below a thorn,
Fine flowers in the valley;
April Bernard poet Bloody Mary by April Bernard
Note who's got to go
today, don't fuss
Vera Brittain poet August, 1914 by Vera Brittain
God said, "Men have forgotten Me:
The souls that sleep shall wake again,
Anitah Muwanguzi poet Sunsets Are Beautiful by Anitah Muwanguzi Veteran Poet - 1,673 Points
Sunsets are beautiful
they signal the end, but herald the beginning of all that is
Anitah Muwanguzi poet Crystal Castles by Anitah Muwanguzi Veteran Poet - 1,673 Points
I am told I am too fanciful
Building crystal castles in the air
Petra Soliman poet Downfall by Petra Soliman Rookie - 450 Points
Do you ever open your eyes,
To look at me and understand;
Anitah Muwanguzi poet Name Your Price by Anitah Muwanguzi Veteran Poet - 1,673 Points
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