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George Sterling poet From the Mountain by George Sterling
Let us go home with the sunset on our faces-
We that went forth at morn,
William Wordsworth poet Descriptive Sketches Taken During A Pedestrian Tour Among .. by William Wordsworth
WERE there, below, a spot of holy ground
Where from distress a refuge might be found,
John Carter Brown poet Shame On Me by John Carter Brown Rookie - 140 Points
Shame, Oh very shame on me
it's been years since I played a Beatles C.D.
Rajagopalan Kumar poet Birth Of The Sun by Rajagopalan Kumar Rookie - 194 Points
From tufts of black and blue at yonder height
To the turf of white and blue spread so deep
John Carter Brown poet In The Background by John Carter Brown Rookie - 140 Points
I really must stay in the background,
I've tried being up-front before
John Carter Brown poet Run Fast Our Beautiful Nell by John Carter Brown Rookie - 140 Points
How often do we hear the phrase, 'My, how the time does fly? '
and true it is, and passes in the glancing of an eye;
John Carter Brown poet The Banjo by John Carter Brown Rookie - 140 Points
The banjo is unusual
as anyone can see,
Li Po poet The Ching-Ting Mountain by Li Po
Flocks of birds have flown high and away;
A solitary drift of cloud, too, has gone, wandering on.
Rohit Sapra poet To Be So by Rohit Sapra Gold Star - 5,622 Points
It feels good to be here on this earth and pain is something which cannot disappear from this earth as it seems that God has also presented grief. Sti
Paul Amrod poet Evolving To Universality by Paul Amrod Bronze Star - 2,681 Points
Resolving the temperaments of persuasion to encourage
the initiation of individualism prompting self-motivation
RISHAD MKPNR poet It Had Played Among The Bushes by RISHAD MKPNR Veteran Poet - 1,090 Points
Try to mellow mindset
Their looks casual
Life Life poet Life by Life Life Rookie - -4 Points
Life is Life
Life is Life
Gary Snyder poet Mid-August at Sourdough Mountain Lookout by Gary Snyder
Down valley a smoke haze
Three days heat, after five days rain
Philip Glenn Whalen poet Sourdough Mountain Lookout by Philip Glenn Whalen
Tsung Ping (375—443): 'Now I am old and infirm. I fear I shall no more be able to roam among the beautiful mountains. Clarifying my mind, I meditate o
Phil Soar poet In Dreams by Phil Soar Gold Star - 9,163 Points
Was it ever comforting to be alone and let the mind be free?
Has my life been something that has meant the world to me?
Monarchist Oleg poet Fallen Man's Son by Monarchist Oleg Rookie - 261 Points
There's a kid in the trench, Holding in strength a wench He peeps in earnest At the enemy He reminisces mother crying Father dying..... There's a kid
Maria Victoria Lurian poet Obnoxious by Maria Victoria Lurian Rookie - 0 Points
There's a pain living in your eyes
that hurts you bad
Lakshmi Venkataraman poet The Last Call, With Love! by Lakshmi Venkataraman Rookie - 169 Points
Reading anecdote after anecdote
Devouring them all like an antidote.
Philip Williams poet Let Me (The Last Wish) by Philip Williams Rookie - 23 Points
Let my body rot amongst the bushes
Let my body decay among the thorns
Lakshmi Venkataraman poet Silent Subtle Care by Lakshmi Venkataraman Rookie - 169 Points
Wound up like a ball of fur;
Fuzzy and cosy – warm
Lawrence Beck poet Another Weekend by Lawrence Beck Bronze Star - 2,419 Points
The goblin lurks. It's in the bushes
Imtiyaz Muhammad poet Heart's Cry by Imtiyaz Muhammad Freshman - 602 Points
The God's abode is all over
The heaven and the heart
Lakshmi Venkataraman poet Addiciton Missed by Lakshmi Venkataraman Rookie - 169 Points
Reality lifts the veil of fantasy
Like a drug to an addict, a compulsive obsession.
Ezra Pound poet Canto XVI by Ezra Pound
And before hell mouth; dry plain
and two mountains;
Lakshmi Venkataraman poet The Narcissistic by Lakshmi Venkataraman Rookie - 169 Points
Even after the last leaf falls and
Last blood drains away,
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