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Francie Lynch poet The Cruelest by Francie Lynch Silver Star - 3,108 Points
I've weighed the pranks:
Pulling out a chair;
Josey Alfred poet The Fence by Josey Alfred Freshman - 748 Points
With fence we try, demarcate world!
And try defends our meager hold.
Wies Blaize poet 1961-2015 Beginning by Wies Blaize Rookie - 30 Points
After Winter Spring, hurray
Stone into pebbles
gajanan mishra poet Catching The Wind by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 31,578 Points
Not separable,
Ths body and
Anthony Daniels poet When I Lay by Anthony Daniels Rookie - 195 Points
When I lay myself to sleep at night, I am sure to be well armed and prepared for a fight.
I'll take with me the golden torch to light the way in th
Lilly Emery poet My Heart Traveled by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 3,482 Points
My Heart Traveled
The years are long gone
Anthony Daniels poet Broken Staircase by Anthony Daniels Rookie - 195 Points
To be one with me is to be one within yourself.
You attempt to walk, behave and even talk like me yet you never can truly understand what it is to be
Anthony Daniels poet Rumbling Round My Head by Anthony Daniels Rookie - 195 Points
Head aching so badly I cannot suppress the emotion much longer.
Take a few steps back and get far away you will want to be clear once those emotions
gajanan mishra poet Not Separable by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 31,578 Points
Not separable,
Ths body and
cristobal Benjumea poet Only Action, No Talk by cristobal Benjumea Freshman - 698 Points
Everything said
I think your a goddess
Anthony Daniels poet Fear Of Being Myself by Anthony Daniels Rookie - 195 Points
The fear is so utterly real before I awaken every morning. The fear of not knowing which version of me will roll out of the bed to start each day.
Anthony Daniels poet Roses Are by Anthony Daniels Rookie - 195 Points
Roses are red, violets are blue, what will become of me if I was to lose you.
Roses are white, tulips are yellow, I can not imagine you locking lip
Anthony Daniels poet Birdless Cages by Anthony Daniels Rookie - 195 Points
Descending rapidly from the skies above are millions of wingless birdies.
Those who have dared to fly against opposition and those rules that told
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Timely Certainty by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 18,186 Points
Lively and expectant, listening to beautiful chords
of life, being energized by sounds issued forth.
gajanan mishra poet Love All And by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 31,578 Points
Love all and do good to all.
Do good to all and love all.
Anthony Daniels poet Darken The Way by Anthony Daniels Rookie - 195 Points
You crawl into the crawlspace desperately reaching up with your trembling hands in hopes of grasping onto the flickering light.
The light is the only
Dorothy (Alves) Holmes poet The Book - Page 8 by Dorothy (Alves) Holmes Freshman - 935 Points
I am challenged to pick any book and go to page 8 and write a verse about the first 10 words...
An amazing challenge I say,
Anthony Daniels poet Blood Stained by Anthony Daniels Rookie - 195 Points
In those final moments as your body falls toward the canvas bloody tears trickle out from those troubled eyes staining your precious face, that final
Michael P. McParland poet My Love My Queen by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 12,368 Points
My love my Queen you are so special to me,
my diamond in the rough and cherished one.
Brandon Bretsnyder poet Depression by Brandon Bretsnyder Rookie - 35 Points
My most noticeable expression
Anthony Daniels poet Unfriended And Left Behind by Anthony Daniels Rookie - 195 Points
A judgmental friend is one who can not even begin to understand even in the slightest sense how you truly feel.
They are blinded by their own wretc
Anthony Daniels poet Often I Wonder by Anthony Daniels Rookie - 195 Points
Often I wonder what would become of you if there all of a sudden was no me left to see.
Often I wonder what I would become if I was left alone in t
Tirupathi Chandrupatla poet Three Friendly Ducks by Tirupathi Chandrupatla Gold Star - 6,541 Points
Whenever I take
A walk in the park
Anthony Daniels poet Frozen In Love by Anthony Daniels Rookie - 195 Points
You would think that there would be an excruciating amount of pain coursing through ones body when falling in love with someone.
The way the blade
Kelly Kurt poet Hail. by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 8,081 Points
Tumbling thunderstone trinket Tossed in turbulence
Icy inches increase
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