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Liza Sudjina BILINGUAL poet a babe by Liza Sudjina BILINGUAL Rookie - 107 Points
As without mom and dad - a babe,
So without you I feel with others,
0.00 0
Luv Artem poet still loving you by Luv Artem Rookie - 315 Points
That's so strange that I was always waiting -
Just to be sure: it's not unanswered love -
9.00 1
Soumita Sarkar Ray poet My Pain by Soumita Sarkar Ray Rookie - 833 Points
It is a blackness
0.00 0
Tiku akp poet Through the Window by Tiku akp Rookie - 664 Points
Through the window
I see the morning light
10.00 4
Bernedita Rosinha Pinto poet Will an angel like her ever need our prayers? by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto Rookie - 295 Points
As she descended on this earth, silently she lived;
from a child, to a girl, to a woman she grew.
10.00 0
Liza Sudjina BILINGUAL poet To Joseph by Liza Sudjina BILINGUAL Rookie - 107 Points
To Joseph
Without questions our circle is closed.
9.00 1
Liza Sudjina BILINGUAL poet My blue, blue bird, by Liza Sudjina BILINGUAL Rookie - 107 Points
My blue, blue bird,
Golden night star,
0.00 0
Liza Sudjina BILINGUAL poet I'll sit quietly and read... by Liza Sudjina BILINGUAL Rookie - 107 Points
I'll sit quietly and read...
In a soul like sun take a look.
0.00 0
Kyle Schlicher poet Don't We? by Kyle Schlicher Freshman - 1,764 Points
The truth can hide.
It can take a vacation
0.00 0
Michelle Dragonfly poet Hypocrisy by Michelle Dragonfly Rookie - 241 Points
It makes me laugh.
All these people
0.00 0
Perveiz Ali poet Naked Love by Perveiz Ali Rookie - 43 Points
I never want to hurt you,
I never want to cause you pain.
0.00 0
Parth Bhatia poet The Victim Of Love by Parth Bhatia Rookie - 2 Points
Time will eventually fly,
People will inevitably die,
0.00 0
Nassy Fesharaki poet Woman by Nassy Fesharaki Veteran Poet - 2,958 Points
White and wet is your shirt, see-through
0.00 0
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Rhythms Of Interior Freedom by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Silver Star - 9,377 Points
Special commitments being held in hearts, kept safely within
pockets of remembrance, grasped and lonely through ages of
0.00 1
Merton Lee poet Still Alive To Mourn A Hero by Merton Lee Rookie - 643 Points
The bullet burned and tore
through my left shoulder blade.
0.00 0
Mandolyn ... poet lessons in sightseeing inside someones heart by Mandolyn ... Gold Star - 11,765 Points
there's no need to cautarize
the moon, or hold noon upside
0.00 2
Holly Wotherspoon poet Faces On My Wall by Holly Wotherspoon Rookie - 17 Points
I wasn't there
But my great-grandfather was
10.00 1
Godfrey Morris poet Flame of the Heart by Godfrey Morris Rookie - 64 Points
This flame, this little flame will never be extinguished
but be made to live to be seen upon a thousand hills
0.00 0
Wystan Hugh Auden poet Grub First, Then Ethics by Wystan Hugh Auden
Should the shade of Plato
Visit us, anxious to know
0.00 0
Leong Ming Loong poet Life's phases by Leong Ming Loong Freshman - 1,302 Points
Happiness comes,
And goes,
8.00 2
Seamus Heaney poet Oysters by Seamus Heaney Rookie
Our shells clacked on the plates.
My tongue was a filling estuary,
0.00 0
Mary Oliver poet Beans by Mary Oliver
They're not like peaches or squash.
Plumpness isn't for them. They like
0.00 0
Craig Arnold poet For a Cook by Craig Arnold
What I remember most is what he did to the couple
who sent his best pasta back to the kitchen,
0.00 0
Kenn Nesbitt poet A Funny Christmas by Kenn Nesbitt
I baked a dozen cookies
and I put them on a plate,
0.00 0
Phil Soar poet Dubai Heights by Phil Soar Freshman - 1,902 Points
I gazed out of the window of the towers in Dubai
I felt a little dizzy, as I looked into the sky
0.00 0
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