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Poet Poem
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Just For You And You Alone by Lawrence S. Pertillar
If I can not first touch you,
With words I pick...
Marilyn Jean poet My Blue Monster by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 4,565 Points
And right now, for certain I know
How to have my blue monster back
Nero CaroZiv poet When I Am Dying by Nero CaroZiv Freshman - 697 Points
When I am dying, let me know; would I wander with the clouds
Would we float on high over dales, meadows, orchards and hills
Sandra Feldman poet Our Fragile Lives by Sandra Feldman Gold Star - 14,954 Points
Our Lives are but a footprint in the wind,
Some blown away in their prime,
Rich Reitz poet As I Lay Dying by Rich Reitz Rookie - 164 Points
Such a great day.
Tosin Abegunde poet Makurekure by Tosin Abegunde Rookie - 414 Points
Eaten up with this ancestral tales,
A stereotyped contemptous myth
Nika McGuin poet Girasol Y La Hada by Nika McGuin Veteran Poet - 1,023 Points
Upon her head
tight amber spirals
Michael P. McParland poet Will It Be Soon? by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 12,298 Points
Will you be here soon sweet love so true?
I need you now more than you can know,
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Today Like Tomorrow by Lawrence S. Pertillar
Today like tomorrow,
And days to follow after that...
Kelly Kurt poet Are We One? by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 8,081 Points
What is it that’s missing?
I don’t know why, but this is wrong
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet That High Horse Of Yours by Lawrence S. Pertillar
Asking to be humiliated,
For the purpose to experience...
Laquory Jones poet Life by Laquory Jones Rookie - 26 Points
Sometimes when Life gets too much
Your body gets a rush but you
sanjay kumar maurya poet Main Kya Tha Aur Kya Dikhna Chahta Tha by sanjay kumar maurya Freshman - 677 Points
main kya tha aur kya dikhna chahta tha,
har baar patthar pe naam likhna chahta tha.
Rich Reitz poet Abandoned by Rich Reitz Rookie - 164 Points
Last days of Autumn.
A solitary goose flies
James Workman poet Tired by James Workman Rookie - 0 Points
I grow weary
From your lamentations in my ear
James Workman poet Silence Is Golden by James Workman Rookie - 0 Points
Silence is golden.
Or so they say.
James Workman poet Heat by James Workman Rookie - 0 Points
My heart is not made from sinew or tissue
It is an engine of iron
Sandra Feldman poet Knots And Bolts by Sandra Feldman Gold Star - 14,954 Points
All tangled up,
Don't know where to go,
Shawn Epplin poet Skies by Shawn Epplin Rookie - 0 Points
I wake up to see the day
The day I see is full of gray
Nika McGuin poet Fear & Other Death-Traps by Nika McGuin Veteran Poet - 1,023 Points
I am at a loss for words
sometimes too, you know
Joseph Narusiewicz poet Robins Splashing by Joseph Narusiewicz Veteran Poet - 1,663 Points
Moniker of madness you desire
The loveless life
Shawn Epplin poet The Beast by Shawn Epplin Rookie - 0 Points
There are beast out the door
And they love to roar
Is It Poetry poet Sexual Hyperactivity by Is It Poetry Silver Star - 3,701 Points
For a great many in times of high stress
life lowly comes in and death quickly flows out
Chukwuma Ndububa poet Agbala [for Chinelo Ibekwe] by Chukwuma Ndububa Rookie - 7 Points
Moon of the late night. Deep sea of the cloud.
Hold! Lest I pour egg white upon your shade,
Michelle Claus poet Fatigue by Michelle Claus Freshman - 950 Points
in a league of its own
this drone fatigue
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