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Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. poet Peace in the world. by Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. Gold Star - 18,689 Points
Let there peace every side and every where
Where the world awaits for peace between
0.00 1
Cee Bea poet The Tree by Cee Bea Veteran Poet - 3,158 Points
I am not the tree, but the fallow
and the harvest
0.00 1
michael hagwood poet The hat by michael hagwood Rookie - 582 Points
I was at the beach one day when a hat passed. I ask myself
If a hat or bird can fly 'why can't I? ', As I watched the hat
0.00 0
yashovardhan kulkarni poet खुश होते कहीं - khush hote kahin by yashovardhan kulkarni Rookie - 100 Points
दिवार फांद के उनके केहने पे कूद जाता दरिया में तभी,
तो में आज खुश होता कहीं
0.00 0
Jay Ojha poet My Life Summed Up by Jay Ojha Rookie - 11 Points
Once a thought went past my mind,
which was to leave the past behind.
0.00 0
Arno Le Roux poet City Of Glass (Inflation) by Arno Le Roux Rookie - 434 Points
City Of Glass (Inflation)
Careful upright as they hoist at night
0.00 0
Arno Le Roux poet Life Is A Hopscotch Game by Arno Le Roux Rookie - 434 Points
fe Is A Hopscotch Game
There is a game as old as dare
0.00 0
Rohit Sapra poet A Fish in a Coloured World by Rohit Sapra Veteran Poet - 2,888 Points
Fish, a fish
In a world so coloured
0.00 0
Rohit Sapra poet Nature is a Beautiful Creation by Rohit Sapra Veteran Poet - 2,888 Points
In every form nature has something to offer
As beauty is immense
0.00 0
Tamara Mirianashvili poet Survivors by Tamara Mirianashvili Rookie - 15 Points
Once upon a time a boy was born,
and a girl as well, just nearby,
0.00 0
Cee Bea poet Salve by Cee Bea Veteran Poet - 3,158 Points
as I thought about art,
of creative nature
0.00 0
Leong Ming Loong poet Quatrain number 5 by Leong Ming Loong Freshman - 1,905 Points
Intellect does man no good,
It only serves to make him rude,
0.00 0
Donal Mahoney poet Bachelorette for Life by Donal Mahoney Freshman - 1,399 Points
It started in eighth grade, much to the chagrin of her parents. Boys in high school started asking Roslyn for dates. And Roslyn would tell them they w
0.00 0
Sarah Wiltshire poet Engaged by Sarah Wiltshire Rookie - 23 Points
An Offcumden - a walker on a land,
a land that's not been mine.
5.00 2
Tony Adah poet The Call Of Two Trumpets by Tony Adah Bronze Star - 5,635 Points
I heard a trumpet at dawn
From the giraffed neck of a rooster
0.00 0
gajanan mishra poet I sleep by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 24,567 Points
I sleep
And you
10.00 0
Kyle Schlicher poet I Looked Up At The Sky And Didn't See You by Kyle Schlicher Freshman - 2,490 Points
i looked up
at the sky and didn't see you.
0.00 0
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