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Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet ' The Breath Of Angels Upon Me... - Rv/Rp- by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Gold Star - 49,150 Points
Senses alive I felt a presage breathing thru' my Brain,
Time dropped its hands to purge spaced indifference,
Raymond Sawyer poet The Angels Is The Family Of Star Bucks. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 6,268 Points
When the stars touch the night sky for they are the angel of Star bucks thus every angel that one see shall feel the touch of respect the more the ang
Nassy Fesharaki poet Mall by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 11,392 Points
Like lentil in large pot
Eva Tortora poet Love You, Love Me. By Eva Tortora by Eva Tortora Freshman - 691 Points
and these words we exchange
into the sky
Laquory Jones poet Visions Of Love by Laquory Jones Rookie - 155 Points
I sit and think sometimes I would sink
What makes me see pink it is all the
Is It Poetry poet Forsaken Tendencies by Is It Poetry Gold Star - 5,160 Points
Know one knew what I knew
just what it was
Nassy Fesharaki poet Ixoye by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 11,392 Points
Would be good if mind could
George Capron poet My Brother Tom by George Capron Rookie - 270 Points
My brother Tom has begun
His journey into the long night
Paul Hartal poet Chinese Magnolia by Paul Hartal Freshman - 910 Points
The villagers did not like the urban stranger.
They showered him with scorn, showed him disdain,
George Capron poet Malecon by George Capron Rookie - 270 Points
As I pass by the Malecon Wall
They come bashing and crashing
Jerry Nichols poet The Man On The Beach by Jerry Nichols Rookie - 20 Points
at sea's misty edge I reach my end - alone
I drop the weary knee in the waxing dark
Marilyn Jean poet And In Your Eyes by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 7,918 Points
In a conversation
With me standing near
Tony Adah poet Armageddon by Tony Adah Gold Star - 9,100 Points
Armageddon is a tale
Without a tail
Nel Omofolarin poet Grave by Nel Omofolarin Veteran Poet - 1,291 Points
Over all eerie and fairies,
Sun's generous fountain ably rays.
Ricardo Antunes poet Tragedy by Ricardo Antunes Freshman - 534 Points
Heart broken and shattered
like the leg of the heroine
Dorsey Baker poet Times Change by Dorsey Baker Veteran Poet - 1,260 Points
Melissa Stevens poet A New Place by Melissa Stevens Freshman - 703 Points
Moving into a new house, getting late
Can't sleep, what's going to happen
Esther Hadassah Sendeza poet Will You Love Me The Same? by Esther Hadassah Sendeza Rookie - 319 Points
I sat in the quietness on one starry night,
Away from the noise and the city lights.
Donal Mahoney poet Going To Planned Parenthood Again by Donal Mahoney Silver Star - 3,090 Points
“We had the other ones done there, ” says Tammy.
'Why not go there again? Everything went well.
Melissa Stevens poet Waiting All Night by Melissa Stevens Freshman - 703 Points
I wait but where are you?
The time is really flying by, I worry but then I stop
Hunter Hawley poet Take It by Hunter Hawley Rookie - 30 Points
You can work a lifetime
Blood, sweat, and tears
Jean Eugene Guan poet Fade Away by Jean Eugene Guan Rookie - 60 Points
Here I am waiting by the door
Hoping it is never too late
Wolfgang Steinmann poet Zu Lieben by Wolfgang Steinmann Freshman - 795 Points
Zu lieben
heisst mit leichten Händen rühren.
Melissa Stevens poet Under The Moonlight by Melissa Stevens Freshman - 703 Points
The midnight sky is surrounded by starlight, the moon is shining my path
I don't know where I'm going, walking under the moonlight
Raymond Sawyer poet The Night The Angel Fill Once Heart. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 6,268 Points
When one feel the touch of respect thus it's the angel of respect that fill once heart and yet the more one feel it the stronger he respect get and ye
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