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Asit Kumar Sanyal poet It Is Fact by Asit Kumar Sanyal Bronze Star - 2,964 Points
We waste our valuable hours
9.00 1
hasmukh amathalal poet Main question by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 29,595 Points
Who are they to decide?
It is simple genocide
0.00 3
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet Love Is Key Emotion by Asit Kumar Sanyal Bronze Star - 2,964 Points
Love is our key emotion
Like the greenery of tree,
0.00 0
Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken poet Time will tell it all by Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken Veteran Poet - 1,851 Points
Between the past and today,
now and tomorrow's future
9.00 0
Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. poet Flower and fragrance. by Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. Gold Star - 24,508 Points
The flower and beautiful petals
There I see the creativity
0.00 0
Chenou Liu poet Whisper Tanka by Chenou Liu Freshman - 947 Points
Chinese New Year
on the TV screen...
0.00 0
Edmundo Farolan poet Everyday Poems by Edmundo Farolan Rookie - 25 Points
0.00 0
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet surrogate Mother by Asit Kumar Sanyal Bronze Star - 2,964 Points
The ovary is on rent
An add was sent
0.00 0
Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. poet The thoughtful journey. by Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. Gold Star - 24,508 Points
Rose petals and pure water
Kept in a kettle, or little jug
0.00 0
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet Inner Voice by Asit Kumar Sanyal Bronze Star - 2,964 Points
Character of the parent
Reflects on the child
0.00 0
Tara Spitzer poet Orphans by Tara Spitzer Rookie - 23 Points
We are orphans of Hope.
Slaves to anguish we're not,
8.00 1
Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. poet A tomorrow by Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. Gold Star - 24,508 Points
There appears a hope
Somewhere in the universe
0.00 0
vidyut chakraborty poet OWN by vidyut chakraborty Rookie - 170 Points
People never own people
Yet they boasts for ‘MINE’
0.00 0
Douglas ClearyMaxwell poet Burdens to Bear by Douglas ClearyMaxwell Rookie - 147 Points
I've been the king of kings
To the poorest of poors
0.00 0
Uma Ram poet A CREATIVE CURSE by Uma Ram Rookie - 237 Points
God molded dust
0.00 0
Tina Chan poet Office Newbie by Tina Chan Rookie - 32 Points
The Office Newbie
Starting over again
0.00 0
Valsa George poet As Coins Tinkled by Valsa George Gold Star - 19,004 Points
As coins tinkled,
Many a virgin flower, defiled.
10.00 10
Luo Zhihai poet Send Friend Travelling East by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 5,428 Points
★ Send Friend Travelling East
☆ Poetry by Wen Tingyun (801? -866, Tang Dynasty, China)
0.00 0
Mitta Xinindlu poet The Valleys of Love by Mitta Xinindlu Freshman - 502 Points
Valleys of Love
0.00 0
dr.k.g.balakrishnan kandangath poet Bharatheeyakavitha-23 by dr.k.g.balakrishnan kandangath Veteran Poet - 1,208 Points
Nascent Poetry
Sunday,22 March 2015
9.00 1
Milan Georges Burovac poet Khloë Kennedy April by Milan Georges Burovac Rookie - 212 Points
her way to touch the sky
her light in mine
0.00 0
Jayatissa Liyanage poet Being In Poetic World by Jayatissa Liyanage Gold Star - 6,189 Points
Your passion, not that I don’t like it;
But at times, turn out to be out of wit
10.00 3
Anthony Di'anno poet EVP by Anthony Di'anno Bronze Star - 2,223 Points
An impenetrable fog surrounds me,
0.00 1
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet Sparrows and swallows in Spring by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 16,007 Points
When Spring comes smiling and laughing, All birds start singing joyfully as if They are t
0.00 0
Angela Khristin Brown poet Rememberance II by Angela Khristin Brown Freshman - 926 Points
Think of how time passes

6.00 0
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