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Poet Poem
Colleen J. McElroy poet Lothar's Wife by Colleen J. McElroy
he's only a smart-ass when he's home
with Mandrake
Nathaniel Mackey poet Song of the Andoumboulou: 60 by Nathaniel Mackey
The vote came in early. We ignored
it. No ballout-box auction for us...
Waring Cuney poet No Images by Waring Cuney
She does not know
her beauty,
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Spiritual Love by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 7,417 Points
Spiritual love needs burning in fire
I am ready to embrace naked wire
Vidura Prabhath poet The Rain by Vidura Prabhath Rookie - 330 Points
Later in the day
when it starts pouring,
Kevin Young poet Reward by Kevin Young
RUN AWAY from this sub-
scriber for the second time
Don Luther Lee poet Gwendolyn Brooks by Don Luther Lee
she doesn't wear
costume jewelry
Vidura Prabhath poet Freedom by Vidura Prabhath Rookie - 330 Points
Walking alone,
in a sandy beach.
Michael Steven Harper poet Debridement by Michael Steven Harper
Black men are oaks cut down.
Congressional Medal of Honor Society
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Permitted To Become Ugly by Lawrence S. Pertillar
If the doing of it has with a consciousness,
Been done...
Orlando Belo poet I Sensed That You Were There by Orlando Belo Freshman - 870 Points
I was sitting at the restaurant table
when I sensed something in the air.
Tony Adah poet The Rumour Monger by Tony Adah Gold Star - 7,965 Points
He pours his fruits in careless trifle
Like cheap apples on a toad
Uma Ram poet Whose Hand Should I Hold Onto Next? by Uma Ram Silver Star - 3,992 Points
I was born,
Handed over
Casey Gochnour poet She's Beautiful Still by Casey Gochnour Freshman - 626 Points
She’s beautiful like the colors in the sky as the sun falls over the horizon. She’s beautiful like the notes of a piano so delicately pressed by finge
Paul Sebastian poet Make Peace Now by Paul Sebastian Silver Star - 3,395 Points
Before surprise catches you late
Make peace with your dad
Terry Collett poet Nima's Visitor 1967 by Terry Collett Veteran Poet - 1,426 Points
The nurse said
Nima's in
Michael P. Johnson poet Widen Your Eyes by Michael P. Johnson Bronze Star - 2,976 Points
Open your eyes and let light in
Let wisdom be your friend
Apurva Prabhudesai poet This Was Never The End by Apurva Prabhudesai Rookie - 207 Points
This was never the end
Nor it was meant to be.
Apurva Prabhudesai poet Fashion Maven by Apurva Prabhudesai Rookie - 207 Points
I'm here to shop
Till I drop.
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet I Am Confused by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 7,417 Points
What is this life and what it stands for
My conscience pricks and make me debar
Dr PJ Raj Kamal poet Now Fried Them by Dr PJ Raj Kamal Veteran Poet - 1,415 Points
Greedy ants ran into a sugar can
So sweet! Let's have as much as we can
Warren Collins poet Expression by Warren Collins Rookie - 0 Points
Warm sunlight
Cold starlight
Paul Sebastian poet Life Touching Lives by Paul Sebastian Silver Star - 3,395 Points
Touching Lives
By Paul Sebastian
Warren Collins poet Early Morning Respite by Warren Collins Rookie - 0 Points
Often in the early morning it seems
there is a respite
Bee Kilpatrick poet Well Done by Bee Kilpatrick Rookie - 383 Points
Beauty is a job well done
Art is being trapped by eternal Love
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