New Poems


Poet Poem
Colin Ian Jeffery poet Grief by Colin Ian Jeffery Rookie - 406 Points
Death came sly and cunning
Taking away love
Bijay Kant Dubey poet Was Gandhi A Lover? by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 14,792 Points
They have levelled allegations
And I am enquiring the charges
ari alsio poet The Old Age by ari alsio Bronze Star - 2,714 Points
Old age is,
poured experience,
Terry Collett poet That Other Death. by Terry Collett Veteran Poet - 1,576 Points
After that death
there was that other,
Subhra Roy poet War Dance by Subhra Roy Rookie - 32 Points
To and fro She pranced
With the thrice pronged trident.
Jayson C poet Regret by Jayson C Rookie - 112 Points
From being humble to being proud,
From being silent to being loud,
Pranayee Gupta Rachamalla poet Memories by Pranayee Gupta Rachamalla Rookie - 117 Points
Memories are most bonded to us,
more than our shadow
michael walkerjohn poet Surely You Jest by michael walkerjohn Gold Star - 5,605 Points
Once again
and of a most
Michael P. McParland poet Goodnight Snuggle by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 28,504 Points
Goodnight my beautiful woman
and let's slide into bed
Margaret Moran poet Living The Now by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 4,691 Points
The present is now
Living not back in the past
Jayson C poet O Di Ba Ang Saya? (Tagalog) by Jayson C Rookie - 112 Points
Sya nga ang kasama
Pero masaya ka ba?
Jayson C poet Kung Masasabi Ko Lang To (Tagalog) by Jayson C Rookie - 112 Points
Kung hahayaan mo lang
Na ligawan kita,
Jayson C poet Escape by Jayson C Rookie - 112 Points
Come and take my hand
I know you're weak, can't barely stand,
Jayson C poet Alam Kaya Nya (Tagalog) by Jayson C Rookie - 112 Points
Habang kinukwento mo mga problema mo sa kanya,
Hinihiling ko na sana ako sya,
Kelly Kurt poet Omnipresent Time by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 50,827 Points
Jayson C poet Ex (Tagalog) by Jayson C Rookie - 112 Points
Maaari bang tayo'y magsama
ngunit bilang magkaibigan lang
Jayson C poet Summer Fling (Tagalog) by Jayson C Rookie - 112 Points
Kung balak mo kong saktan,
baka pwedeng galingan,
Jayson C poet Broken by Jayson C Rookie - 112 Points
I am confuse
Not knowing where to go
Patricia Mantabe poet Discontent by Patricia Mantabe Rookie - 0 Points
Space measures distance and time,
beginnings and endings.
Mr. Nobody poet That Lush Green Grass Scares Me by Mr. Nobody Gold Star - 12,265 Points
Oh to roll on a grassy knoll!
green and fresh, not a trace of snow
Paras Gupta poet India by Paras Gupta Rookie - 74 Points
Poverty is not INDIA,
Corruption is not INDIA,
Weeping Willow poet Spiritual Hush by Weeping Willow Freshman - 761 Points
Spiritual hush flows
over my soul
Mr. Nobody poet America The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg by Mr. Nobody Gold Star - 12,265 Points
As a native here in this asylum
I'll tell you who is killing us
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan poet If The Wife Follows The Principles Of Her Husband? by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Silver Star - 3,994 Points
If the wife follows the principles
...of her husband and leads her life,
sherif monem poet Poem Oh Manhattan by sherif monem Rookie - 451 Points
Manhattan, Manhattan, Manhattan
Oh, Manhattan
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