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Jim Yerman poet A Dragon Neath My Bed by Jim Yerman Silver Star - 3,440 Points
"Daddy! " she cried out one night. "There's a dragon neath my bed...
So I drew my trusty sword...and I slew that dragon...dead!
Nick Joaquin poet The Innocence of Solomon by Nick Joaquin
Sheba, Sheba, open your eyes!
The apes defile the ivory temple,
Gary Liles poet No Longer Abused by Gary Liles Gold Star - 19,254 Points
Life didn't start with
known love or choice;
Gary Liles poet Winter Love by Gary Liles Gold Star - 19,254 Points
My winter love is so sincere,
she blesses me with festive cheer.
Muhammad Jahoorul Islam poet আমি প্রেমের পথের পথিক...২......(Traveller Of The Path Of L.. by Muhammad Jahoorul Islam Gold Star - 7,962 Points
বামন হাটা গ্রাম থেকে
বেড়াতে আসতো মাজেদার মা
Leslie Philibert poet A Fox In Snow by Leslie Philibert Veteran Poet - 1,957 Points
as stopped as the silence after
a crash, you work through
Mohammad Maleki poet Children Of Poverty by Mohammad Maleki Freshman - 661 Points
Arrows of poverty darting from throes
Thorns of destitution germinating from thrones
Gajanan Mishra poet Cause Not Grief by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 145,504 Points
Cause not grief
To others.
Leslie Philibert poet Frozen Fox by Leslie Philibert Veteran Poet - 1,957 Points
as stopped as the silence after
a crash, you work through
v.m.saraswathy munuswamy poet Fuming Ego by v.m.saraswathy munuswamy Gold Star - 33,236 Points
fuming ego
boils the blood
Prasenjit Mochahary poet ब्र. कु. ब्रह्म by Prasenjit Mochahary Rookie - 32 Points
जिउनि मोगथां लामायाव मोनबोनाय
अनजिमा गैयै दुखु-दाहा आरो जखमजों
SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet ঘাস ও কাস্তে by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 25,536 Points
ঘাস বলল, "একটা কথা বলি ও ভাই কাস্তে;
বলো তো কী মজা পাও ? কাটো, যেতে-আসতে?
SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet নকুড়ের মামাবাড়ি by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 25,536 Points
নকুড়ের মামাবাড়ি হাতিরাম পুর
বাড়ি বাড়ি হাতি পোষা নাকি দস্তুর ।
GRANT FRASER poet Today's Picture by GRANT FRASER Bronze Star - 2,159 Points
I take a photo
in my brain,
Darwin Henry Beuning poet Get Out And Vote - Decision 2016 by Darwin Henry Beuning Gold Star - 8,398 Points
Election time is looming
8 November 2016
Malcolm Two poet Right There by Malcolm Two Rookie - 95 Points
Right There is the thing
you are looking for
Liza Sud poet Put A Small Coin by Liza Sud Gold Star - 33,907 Points
Put a small coin of money
into my ever-purse,
Akshat Shukla poet When I Couldn't Write... by Akshat Shukla Gold Star - 5,210 Points
Folded arms, weary eyes, drooped shoulders,
Staring at emptiness since words departed,
Pavan meena poet Don't Be Down In Dawn by Pavan meena Rookie - 0 Points
Don't be down in dawn
Mohammad Maleki poet Plague by Mohammad Maleki Freshman - 661 Points
When plague comes with its ruthless tentacles
I will be ready
MELVIN BANGGOLLAY poet The Price Of Dope by MELVIN BANGGOLLAY Freshman - 504 Points
Melvin Banggollay
Elena Sandu poet A Kiss On Teared Eye by Elena Sandu Gold Star - 5,159 Points
And so I closed my eyes
And for some minutes long
Littlewing28 EstherP poet Rosie by Littlewing28 EstherP Bronze Star - 2,870 Points
Her heart skipped a beat when she saw her
eyes of beautiful love
Afouse Neyinda poet After That by Afouse Neyinda Freshman - 610 Points
i walked slowly less i darshed
me foot against a stone but thanks
duke perry abrokwa poet Humbleness Unto God by duke perry abrokwa Rookie - 124 Points
I really should'nt trust myself
 cause without God I'm nothin but dust myself
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