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Margaret Alice Second poet To Be Warm by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
What did I say last time – drudge, washing
dishes, peacemaker: - tonight a test of my
Liza Sud poet Without Inet by Liza Sud Veteran Poet - 1,640 Points
I felt myself so good without Inet,
Without evil people who don’t see.
loke kok yee poet Class Of Sixty Four- Reunion by loke kok yee Rookie - 61 Points
A tear fell when it's time to part,
a tear fell when you had to go.
Kelly Kurt poet Closure by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 38,053 Points
Resolution of a chapter
Conclusion of a phase
Liza Sud poet There Is No Spain – In Heaven, by Liza Sud Veteran Poet - 1,640 Points
There is no Spain – in heaven,
And no Nigeria – in heaven.
Liza Sud poet I Don’t Love You Any Longer, Boris. by Liza Sud Veteran Poet - 1,640 Points
I don’t love you any longer, Boris.
You make me sick, to me you are repulsive.
Liza Sud poet Wagner Walked In The Hills, by Liza Sud Veteran Poet - 1,640 Points
Wagner walked in the hills,
But his new guide was deaf^
Jeremy R. Quiet poet Questions Of The Lost by Jeremy R. Quiet Rookie - 72 Points
Why I hate you still and love you forever is only fair
when a whole life floats through a heart.
Souren Mondal poet A Venomous Ode To A Venomous Lady Disguised As A Victimise.. by Souren Mondal Rookie - 77 Points
Loving you was like a
particle dancing around gaily an event
Tom Zart poet The Value Of Mistakes by Tom Zart Silver Star - 3,065 Points
All are victim of our own mistakes
So it should come as no surprise.
Liza Sud poet How God Cherished Him, by Liza Sud Veteran Poet - 1,640 Points
How God cherished him,
As His own eyes’ apple,
Liza Sud poet I Was Playing With My Toys by Liza Sud Veteran Poet - 1,640 Points
I was playing with my toys
At boulevard under the windows.
Liza Sud poet Healed Me To The Root. by Liza Sud Veteran Poet - 1,640 Points
I don’t know who I am now –
Father pierced me through
Talab ... poet Jahan Bhi Dekho Sehra Dikhai Deta Hai by Talab ... Rookie - 201 Points
Jahan bhi dekho sehra dikhai deta hai
Mujhko tu aaj bhi mera dikhai deta hai
Michael P. McParland poet Eternal by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 23,397 Points
I hold eternal love and admiration
for you my sweet Angel true.
Zaria Fallenrise poet Wake Up by Zaria Fallenrise Rookie - 11 Points
When your dreams aren’t so sweet—and—so innocent,
You pinch yourself, yet you’re
Akhtar Jawad poet A Different Girl by Akhtar Jawad Gold Star - 38,829 Points
I see a change in her,
Yes, I still look at her.
Electric Lady poet A Boy Named Michael by Electric Lady Gold Star - 7,684 Points
I may have my pride
But I am not prejudice
Raymond Sawyer poet The Stars By Night Is The Stars Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 12,361 Points
When one look to the night sky thus one see the stars with a sparkle that shine in the night sky just to feel the night breeze is like feeling the mor
Liza Sud poet A Happy Consciousness – by Liza Sud Veteran Poet - 1,640 Points
A happy consciousness – a consciousness of mind
Free of its own I,
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Seasons Coming, Seasons Falling by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 41,158 Points
Summer, winter, spring and fall, seasons coming,
seasons falling into the nothingness of your death,
Soumita Sarkar Ray poet No Answer by Soumita Sarkar Ray Silver Star - 3,651 Points
One thought with you I leave
It all started with our Eve
Liza Sud poet Soon The Snow Will Block Up by Liza Sud Veteran Poet - 1,640 Points
Soon the snow will block up
Everything and rivers also.
Charles Hice poet Knot Knot by Charles Hice Rookie
knot knot
knot knot
Liza Sud poet I Want To You That It So Easy Was by Liza Sud Veteran Poet - 1,640 Points
I want to you that it so easy was
To prove your love to me, for God,
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