New Poems


Title Poet
Tea bags still in the cuppa
Filthy little boy— pull up your trousers
Wolfgang Schumacher Thompson poet by Wolfgang Schumacher Thompson
on 7/26/2014
Humanity in a Puff
Mystic blossom is arousing, to the last puff of a soul,
Magic pistils recognizing, clear vibration of the air,
Zoila T. Flores poet by Zoila T. Flores
on 7/26/2014
MPD (Multiply Personality Disorder)
It's always something
But it never occurred that
maria sudibyo poet by maria sudibyo
on 7/26/2014
A Rural Scene.
Sitting alone on my throne of cold stone,
High up on the mountain top.
richard harris poet by richard harris
on 7/26/2014
I AM انا
لااعرف شيئا عنها ماخلا ان تلك الاميرة الصغيرة تبحث عن حب
on 7/26/2014
even the sky has switchbacks- crash me sometime
i saw a plane escape today
watched a cloud engulf its body
Mandolyn ... poet by Mandolyn ...
on 7/26/2014
The Summer That Time Forgot
Pretty days golden hay cool patient nights
spinning around upside down right side up inside out.
Is It Poetry poet by Is It Poetry
on 7/26/2014
Whisper Me A Memory
She held my love in her hand
said take me away
Spiritwind Wood poet by Spiritwind Wood
on 7/26/2014
Cold Convictions [REVISED]
A short message - she's dying and it hurts: now
everything seems meaningless, even hopes of
Margaret Alice Second poet by Margaret Alice Second
on 7/26/2014
All Black
That thing, that kept wanting more of us I kept
close within my heart. Never have I taken in mind the change in
Tlou Romeo poet by Tlou Romeo
on 7/26/2014
Fables of reflections
We are not subservient
to our supposed divine dealers
Rozmanshah Abdullah poet by Rozmanshah Abdullah
on 7/26/2014
I was a bodyguard to a stilt walker,
an illiterate Englishman fresh from the circus
Stratis Havarti poet by Stratis Havarti
on 7/26/2014
Out On A Limb.
Perched on a cliff
Her lifetime runs like a movie
Marie Shine poet by Marie Shine
on 7/26/2014
Nowhere To Hide
the blood runs red
Kyle Schlicher poet by Kyle Schlicher
on 7/26/2014
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