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Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
hasmukh amathalal poet Reasonable person by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 18,582 Points
Always belie
0.00 3
Merton Lee poet Genesis Rekindled by Merton Lee Rookie - 643 Points
'Let there be light.'
Eras have passed.
0.00 0
Biplab Singha poet We Will Love In The Heaven by Biplab Singha Rookie - 51 Points
I love you so much, Look you so beautiful- innocent as a child. Why shouldn't I pray to God Forever we become childlike? Never can fullfill the bod
0.00 0
douglas scotney poet Not Exactly Darth Vader by douglas scotney Veteran Poet - 2,518 Points
When you slip a poem into Poemhunter
under one that's already there,
0.00 0
hasmukh amathalal poet Her kingdom by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 18,582 Points
Not anyone else
Can feel tears
0.00 4
Biplab Singha poet I Love You by Biplab Singha Rookie - 51 Points
Sometime the mind tells,
'Let me love you',
10.00 2
Akhtar Jawad poet Dreams of a Youth by Akhtar Jawad Gold Star - 15,939 Points
Beauty that is lost in black holes of time,
Remains shining in the dormant stores,
10.00 3
Biplab Singha poet Let's Become A Mad by Biplab Singha Rookie - 51 Points
I'm a mad like you too
Let's become mad.
0.00 2
Sandra Feldman poet Thinking in Verse by Sandra Feldman Bronze Star - 7,364 Points
I hope never to write,
What is not True,
0.00 1
Fatima Nusairat poet Teach Me by Fatima Nusairat Rookie - 853 Points
Teach me how
to tame a characters
9.50 2
hasmukh amathalal poet Our goal by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 18,582 Points
It is river in spate
That tries to relate
0.00 5
hasmukh amathalal poet Happy end by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 18,582 Points
You will always be tense
Despite having everything in abundance
0.00 1
Tom Zart poet The Blessings of Love & God by Tom Zart Freshman - 1,317 Points
What would we become without God's blessing of love
Lonely, depressed, scared, angry and sad.
0.00 0
White Roses poet Characters by White Roses Rookie - 21 Points
The characters we play
is not what it seems
8.00 1
Raymond Sawyer poet For every rain drop thus a heart cry for true love. by Raymond Sawyer Rookie - 414 Points
For every rain drop for there a tear for love yet every drop of tear is where there a rain bow for one shall feel the touch of true love that will lig
0.00 0
Samuel Dickerson poet I'm Dependent on the Weather by Samuel Dickerson Rookie - 208 Points
There is beauty in the silence,
My words will one day be sought,
10.00 2
Dr John Celes poet What's Christmas All About? by Dr John Celes Veteran Poet - 2,720 Points
The unseen God of love is born today;
The Word became flesh to redeem sinners;
0.00 0
Vera Sidhwa poet My Laughter by Vera Sidhwa Freshman - 1,076 Points
My laughter resounded through the trees,
Then bent around the stream.
0.00 0
Denis Martindale poet Precious! by Denis Martindale Rookie - 803 Points
Yes, it's good to see the candour
The precious Panda shows,
0.00 0
Vera Sidhwa poet My Coffee by Vera Sidhwa Freshman - 1,076 Points
So hot, so swirly,
So creamy.
0.00 1
annette foster poet PAPA by annette foster Rookie - 0 Points
My Papa Bill
A Sweet Man
0.00 0
Albert Price poet Hope of the Magi by Albert Price Rookie - 17 Points
On a dark, mysterious and cloudless night,
A shooting star traces its way from the east.
0.00 0
mary douglas poet Who Dreamed That Coming Back To Life Would Be This Way by mary douglas Freshman - 1,227 Points
who dreamed that coming back to life would be this way
pink blossoms flaring in the cold and snows flowing away
0.00 0
Elia Michael poet That Moment by Elia Michael Freshman - 1,067 Points
That moment when you look into the eyes
Of someone whom you love with all your heart;
0.00 0
Lubinda Lubinda poet Words immortalize you by Lubinda Lubinda Rookie - 224 Points
Echoes of your powerful, steady-still but stern words sent swift soft ripples past my ear and down my spine portraying you as a mother a voice of rea
0.00 0
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