New Poems


Title Poet
Big Ivory!
Some elephants grow big and strong
Big ivory on show,
Denis Martindale poet by Denis Martindale
on 7/28/2014
My Eyes Blue And Clear
my eyes blue and clear
Kyle Schlicher poet by Kyle Schlicher
on 7/28/2014
You Whip-Tongued
Your city did not grow on me,
I have overgrown it, by leaps and bounds -
Sadiqullah Khan poet by Sadiqullah Khan
on 7/28/2014
Elegy To Gypsy Rose.
Where do you go to Gypsy Rose,
When you're all alone at night.
richard harris poet by richard harris
on 7/28/2014
de reporter
als hij wilde the job of die reporter
moest hij ook van zijn leven erven
co the skipper poet by co the skipper
on 7/28/2014
Trails Of Love
Trails Of Love
Breathe in the trail of love
Lilly Emery poet by Lilly Emery
on 7/28/2014
Multiplied By Each Mind
Reading Jane Robert's reporting as Seth, a non-physical
consciousness; intrigued by Seth's insistence everyone
Margaret Alice Second poet by Margaret Alice Second
on 7/28/2014
Nassy Fesharaki poet by Nassy Fesharaki
on 7/28/2014
Petals from the floor
I take them
Claudia Andrea Casas poet by Claudia Andrea Casas
on 7/28/2014
You're Not A Man At All
The first time I met You,
i knew it could be real.
Love Green poet by Love Green
on 7/28/2014
The Cry and Smile
The child cries
for what she knows not
Meena Somasundaram poet by Meena Somasundaram
on 7/28/2014
Learn To Be More Appreciative
Learn to be more appreciative
And less argumentative
Ronell Warren Alman poet by Ronell Warren Alman
on 7/28/2014
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