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Edward Kofi Louis poet In My Captivity by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 142,645 Points
Obscures and darkens,
Yuan Hongri poet Platinum City by Yuan Hongri Rookie - 0 Points
Platinum City
By Yuan Hongri
Luo Zhihai poet Unrequited Love by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 59,165 Points
Unrequited Love
(Two Pairs of Couplets●Quatrain)
Dr.Mohammed Alrazak poet The Pride by Dr.Mohammed Alrazak Rookie - 0 Points
In pride we live and die
To the sky, we always sigh
Robin Blaser poet In Remembrance of Matthew Shepard by Robin Blaser
How sad I am. How sad
this violation of the existential
Robin Blaser poet Anecdote by Robin Blaser
Often, I write on top of the
stove's hotplates—elements?—
Robin Blaser poet The Hunger of Sound by Robin Blaser
I asked a man to consider poetry.
I said
Dr.Mohammed Alrazak poet Art Of The Divine by Dr.Mohammed Alrazak Rookie - 0 Points
Eve is enchanted with freedom of speech
She traveled to the west, to Rome, and to the Far east
Robin Blaser poet Cups: 1 by Robin Blaser
Inside I brought
willows, the tips
Robin Blaser poet Cups: 8 by Robin Blaser
There is no saluation. The
harvesters with gunny sacks
Robin Blaser poet [Dear Dusty Moth] by Robin Blaser
Dear dusty moth
wearing miller's cloth,
Robin Blaser poet Dreams, April 1981 by Robin Blaser
so it is death is the
condition of infinite form—
Robin Blaser poet For Gustave Moreau by Robin Blaser
The streets are my body
or rather the wish
Robin Blaser poet A Literalist by Robin Blaser
The root and mirror
of a plant
Robin Blaser poet The Medium by Robin Blaser
It is essentially reluctance the language
a darkness, a friendship, tying to the real
Robin Blaser poet O. by Robin Blaser
The poets have always preceded,
as Mallarmé preceded Cézanne,
Robin Blaser poet Poem by the Charles River by Robin Blaser
It is their way to find the surface
when they die.
Robin Blaser poet Robert Duncan by Robin Blaser
The absence was there before the meeting the radical of
presence and absence does not return with death's chance-
Robin Blaser poet Sophia Nichols by Robin Blaser
The wind hits and returns it is easy to personify
a new place and language, but the new body stings
Tom Billsborough poet The Midas Touch by Tom Billsborough Gold Star - 22,913 Points
MIDAS... turned dust to gold.
I'M SAD.. as I turn gold to dust.
Robin Blaser poet The Stories by Robin Blaser
Our suppers stunned on the table
hold radios
Robin Blaser poet Vocabulary I by Robin Blaser
let me get the vocabulary of this song
right—the curious happiness of poetry—
JAR Poet poet How People Relate by JAR Poet Rookie - 144 Points
Skin or gender,
there is a person who becomes a defender.
Paolo Grasso poet The Response Of Dust (Dedicated To John Fante) by Paolo Grasso Rookie - 12 Points
Coffee isn't that bad if it stirs in us the sweet merciless poetry of the unsaid.
After all God is ignorant if he didn't read Nietzsche.
Dr.Mohammed Alrazak poet Sacred Letters by Dr.Mohammed Alrazak Rookie - 0 Points
A thought swirls far deep in any mind
Seeking enlightenment and desperate for a guide
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