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Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Aaryan Deshpande poet My Brethren by Aaryan Deshpande Rookie - 41 Points
Look at her lunar sprance
With her, her jewels dance
10.00 2
Gunnar Mo. poet JULEKALENDER # ll by Gunnar Mo. Rookie - 197 Points
Det massive, fleskebeinet hadde tilhørt en slovensk bondekjerring. Det var revet av ved hoften. Det hadde sko og strømper, og manglet bare den slovens
0.00 0
Hazel Durham poet The Oasis by Hazel Durham Veteran Poet - 2,756 Points
Time is like a childish rhyme,
Inside the sanctuary of my head,
9.33 6
David Lewis Paget poet If I Thought... by David Lewis Paget Rookie - 856 Points
I wanted to go to the end of the street
To buy a chocolate éclair,
0.00 0
Manjuri Neogi poet Rebirth by Manjuri Neogi Rookie - 35 Points
That night, do you remember..
How the moon danced..
0.00 0
Valsa George poet Simple Verse.19.Butterflies by Valsa George Gold Star - 12,167 Points
Watch these butterflies in colorful wings
They merrily flit about from flower to flower
0.00 9
Kenneth Maswabi poet Wild thoughts by Kenneth Maswabi Rookie - 761 Points
Sometimes i dream
With my eyes wide awake
10.00 1
ratnaprabha raykar poet A Peshawari mother's cry by ratnaprabha raykar Rookie - 10 Points
A Peshawari mother's cry
How could it happen?
0.00 0
Kenneth Maswabi poet Temptations by Kenneth Maswabi Rookie - 761 Points
the pirates of the mind
ambushes the heart with ease
10.00 1
Satish Verma poet THE NATURE by Satish Verma Rookie - 782 Points
Unmaking the bond
between cause and effect.
0.00 0
Lyn Paul poet No Sea Is Too Rough by Lyn Paul Veteran Poet - 3,422 Points
If all else fails
And your struggling to cope
10.00 3
Satish Verma poet NOT HOLDING by Satish Verma Rookie - 782 Points
Not begging,
for a native dream;
0.00 0
Robert Frost poet The Most of It by Robert Frost
He thought he kept the universe alone;
For all the voice in answer he could wake
0.00 0
Aftab Alam poet Chaahe raho tum jis bhi konaa, by Aftab Alam Gold Star - 33,636 Points
Chaahe raho tum jis bhi konaa,
Insaaniyat ke liye ek to honaa,
10.00 0
vinit ghosh poet Hope by vinit ghosh Rookie - 12 Points
My scribblings on the sand will become words one day
I am unknowingly creating a sand palace with them
0.00 0
Gunnar Mo. poet JULEKALENDER # I by Gunnar Mo. Rookie - 197 Points
'Kan du dempe turtallet en smule? '
Fyren med hareskåret tok seg nær av min rastløshet.
0.00 0
Cymer you are my greatest treasure,
And you fill my world with gigantic pleasure,
0.00 0
Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson) poet 10.000 tears by Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson) Rookie - 498 Points
Because people and also children often seem to make no difference to some people they are treated just like animals and are simply slaughtered, just l
10.00 0
Nassy Fesharaki poet Go away by Nassy Fesharaki Veteran Poet - 2,918 Points
Go away
Hey you girl
0.00 0
Robert Plese poet The Church by Robert Plese Rookie - 129 Points
I stood and watched as he showed her his kingdom.
A place of true love and peace.
0.00 0
Laces Barber poet Untitled by Laces Barber Rookie - 22 Points
What is this world but stealing air to waste on breath?
What am I worth? Nought but death?
0.00 0
Wallace Stevens poet Tea at the Palaz of Hoon by Wallace Stevens
Not less because in purple I descended
The western day through what you called
0.00 0
Jessica Paige Davies poet One step closer by Jessica Paige Davies Rookie - 68 Points
Sitting and thinking I wonder to myself,
How many people reach their dreams?
10.00 0
Mohsen Moqim Hanjani poet The Wild by Mohsen Moqim Hanjani Rookie - 63 Points
Everywhere we go, there is violence
No matter how harsh, there is tolerance
0.00 0
John F. McCullagh poet The Swarm by John F. McCullagh Rookie - 778 Points
The fields were green; the sky clear blue, the land was fat and fair.
Prosperity was all we knew, and poverty was rare.
0.00 0
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