New Poems


Title Poet
Snake of truth,
heart of lies,
Leylek D. Sovura poet by Leylek D. Sovura
on 7/27/2014
Tears Grow
Tears grow
from the depth of my heart,
Halsho Zangana poet by Halsho Zangana
on 7/27/2014
Tears Of Hope
We plant trees that has no fruit, That has no shade to sit under it, That will grow without any sunlight or any water poured to it's roots, We
Mpho Tsakata poet by Mpho Tsakata
on 7/27/2014
I always assumed,
Heaven is a concept,
Anurag Talukdar poet by Anurag Talukdar
on 7/27/2014
Innate Reciprocity
Look at nature, near and far
Sun Moon and star by far
Jayatissa Liyanage poet by Jayatissa Liyanage
on 7/27/2014
*World Family
You were there in the first birth
Death had a thousand rounds
C. P. Sharma poet by C. P. Sharma
on 7/27/2014
Little Ribbons
little ribbons
lost in it
Neelam Dadhwal poet by Neelam Dadhwal
on 7/27/2014
Swear your righteous anger
peggi lennard poet by peggi lennard
on 7/27/2014
थरथिँसे खालि: खन्थाइगिरि बाहादुरनि
आं मासे बेलाव नङाबा
आं मासे लेवार
Ronjoy Brahma poet by Ronjoy Brahma
on 7/27/2014
Do I Need a Job?
What is that i can do
My only job is you
Angel Veselinov poet by Angel Veselinov
on 7/27/2014
Let Me Love You
So I sit here staring at my pillow
Maybe in its soft wool state it will bring-
Olukayode Olugbemi poet by Olukayode Olugbemi
on 7/27/2014
Ethan Eagle - Lincoln Park Zoo
Call me Ethan. Don't call me late
For lunch at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Ima Ryma poet by Ima Ryma
on 7/27/2014
Why Archie Shepp Is God
honking and grunting from
the gutbucket of hell,
Leslie Philibert poet by Leslie Philibert
on 7/27/2014
The Garden
Deserted by us for vaster climes
You held nature in your hand
Paul Gerard Reed poet by Paul Gerard Reed
on 7/27/2014
Going over the top in World War One was when soldiers climbed from their trench to attack enemy trenches. At the battle of the Somme a British general
Colin Ian Jeffery poet by Colin Ian Jeffery
on 7/27/2014
He was a short,
colinb bradley poet by colinb bradley
on 7/27/2014
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