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Lee Mack poet Heart Beat Outpaced xx xxx xx Improvisation 01 30 201.. by Lee Mack Rookie - 870 Points
Deltona, Florida 32725
Improvisation 01 30 2014
0.00 0
Rob Spiering poet When a letter to my love will not just do by Rob Spiering Rookie - 127 Points
When the sun parts away the clouds,
That's how you warm my hart,
0.00 0
Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai poet Death by Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai Rookie - 178 Points
Death is arrest for God's rebels
But for his slaves joyful bells.
0.00 0
Kevin Maroney poet The Nymph and the Snake by Kevin Maroney Rookie - 20 Points
Asleep in the meadow, the nymph did sing,
In her rest, did her dreams happiness bring,
0.00 0
Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson) poet Dear Mr. SUGARHILL by Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson) Rookie - 718 Points
Sometimes I want to kill -
to change my name and bill -
10.00 1
Darlene Walsh poet Black on White by Darlene Walsh Freshman - 2,349 Points
The words were black sitting starkly on white
They stared back at me as I read what I wrote
10.00 1
Ewen Morrison poet Mr Cox by Ewen Morrison Rookie - 47 Points
Mr Cox
Well Mr Cox, Kenny 'n' friend:
0.00 0
Kirk jones poet Future Past by Kirk jones Rookie - 39 Points
Basketball was my sisters
I love her for the years of blisters
0.00 0
Dystany Cunningham poet Something Legendary by Dystany Cunningham Rookie - 0 Points
I'm caught among the crowd,
a poetic savage just tryna make it.
0.00 0
Patrick Bryan poet The Unbidden by Patrick Bryan Rookie - 0 Points
I go, though unbidden.
Unbidden, I will pay the fare
0.00 0
Abekah Emmanuel poet Oops! by Abekah Emmanuel Veteran Poet - 2,744 Points
What a world in which we live now? Oops!
Many atrocities are being committed, but no on
10.00 1
Michael P. McParland poet Sleep At Last by Michael P. McParland Veteran Poet - 4,127 Points
I now go to sleep at last,
I've been up for 24 hours past.
0.00 0
Niealie Petit poet To Exist No More by Niealie Petit Rookie - 0 Points
The Killing Time,
The Killing Hour,
7.00 1
Suzy Jay poet Indian Ocean by Suzy Jay Rookie - 66 Points
Sometimes when I breath
I am the Indian Ocean.
0.00 0
Lawrence Beck poet Taxidermy by Lawrence Beck Rookie - 887 Points
I slept very well, yes. Thank you
For asking. Had a good cigarette;
0.00 0
Mark Heathcote poet My life as a small boat by Mark Heathcote Veteran Poet - 2,938 Points
I saw my life as a small boat
Pushed out of the reeds - carried
0.00 0
Reagan A. Latumbo poet I wish I was Blind by Reagan A. Latumbo Freshman - 1,240 Points
I wish I was blind,
so I can't look at your face crying,
0.00 0
Saiom Shriver poet Saint Michael by Saiom Shriver Veteran Poet - 4,214 Points
The sunray swords
of St Michael
0.00 0
Phil Soar poet Reflections on Divorce by Phil Soar Veteran Poet - 2,547 Points
Prayers that go unanswered
turn into next year's dreams
0.00 0
Phil Soar poet Mute Swan by Phil Soar Veteran Poet - 2,547 Points
As dazzling as you seem to be
a dangerous thread you hold
0.00 0
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Back Pockets by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 12,422 Points
Singly walking into the sunset, deftly looking interiorly
at the space of loneliness left from days past.
0.00 0
john chizoba vincent poet TENSED ACKNOWLEDEMENT by john chizoba vincent Rookie - 542 Points
To mother, my photocopy
To mother's love so high
0.00 0
Phil Soar poet The Fly by Phil Soar Veteran Poet - 2,547 Points
The fly was pretty helpless
and prone to spray attack
0.00 0
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Story Of Loneliness by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 12,422 Points
Finding a whistle blowing in the wind, telling a story
of loneliness,
0.00 0
Phil Soar poet Sea by Phil Soar Veteran Poet - 2,547 Points
Creating life it breathes alone
a world of ever changing tone
0.00 0
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