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shreej k.c poet Peace by shreej k.c Rookie - 55 Points
I stay silent as two of my friends argue
One calls himself an atheist
Joseph Blitch poet A Walk In The Shadow Of Death by Joseph Blitch Rookie - 136 Points
In the book of life, my name penned tight,
From the beginning, as the dawning light,
John Allen Richter poet Grateful Rising by John Allen Richter Bronze Star - 2,486 Points
A blissful day, could have slept away -
and lost this love for nothing more -
Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) poet Of The Darned Thing (Free Verse) by Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) Veteran Poet - 1,298 Points
Of The Darned Thing (Free Verse)
At times I am confused
Khairul Ahsan poet Long Forgotten by Khairul Ahsan Gold Star - 7,007 Points
Oh! When did I last feel
Like 'being in love'?
Rocky Lizardi.Brown poet To- by Rocky Lizardi.Brown Rookie - 145 Points
I read this anecdote
on teenage competence-
Toluwalope Ajao poet Smiles In The Graveyard by Toluwalope Ajao Rookie - 0 Points
Stinking aroma of death
sack of bones
Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel poet poetens hjärta by Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel Rookie - 225 Points
poet hjärta som havet,
döljer mången hemlighet
george albot poet Pay attention by george albot Veteran Poet - 1,498 Points
Who pays any kind of attention
To, the feeling and emotions
Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel poet heart of the poet by Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel Rookie - 225 Points
poet's heart as the sea, hide many secret the human heart with waves in reality heart as the blue sky, opened with love but the Earth does not have
Liilia Talts Morrison poet The Bible by Liilia Talts Morrison Rookie - 465 Points
Those verses ring forever true
through ages and thru time
Royston Allen poet Jesus of Nazareth by Royston Allen Veteran Poet - 1,178 Points
Who is this Man, the One from Galilee
who brings calm to those on the raging sea?
Pius Didier poet What you Mean to Me by Pius Didier Rookie - 274 Points
When I first saw your face
My heart my soul, altogether
Bill Grace poet Easter Approaching in 2015 A.D. by Bill Grace Rookie - 315 Points
My dear and deep friend Bob
challenged me to write a poem
Shalom Freedman poet The Poetry Calms Me by Shalom Freedman Veteran Poet - 1,755 Points
The Poetry calms me
Adeosun Olamide poet On the Passing of a “Beloved” by Adeosun Olamide Veteran Poet - 1,346 Points
Today, I am reminded again
Of your passing- that shall come
Naveed Akram poet Long And Tall by Naveed Akram Silver Star - 4,066 Points
My door to the other side is long and tall,
Many have died with shaken hands, long and tall.
Shaila Touchton poet Miracle walk with Special Angel of My Son! by Shaila Touchton Rookie - 178 Points
There were days and nights
When I wondered and cried for my sons healing
George Egba poet Watchman by George Egba Freshman - 930 Points
Watchman watchman
Beside the gate side wondering for alms
Bijay Kant Dubey poet India of Thugs And Dacoits Remember I, Recollect I by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 7,844 Points
The India of great thugs and bloody dacoits
Recollect I
Naveed Akram poet A Caged Moment by Naveed Akram Silver Star - 4,066 Points
If a caged moment were to escape
Then fix the matter with inclinations
Naveed Akram poet Of Reactions by Naveed Akram Silver Star - 4,066 Points
Think of my personage and react,
Think of myself in the same thinking,
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Outside Influence by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 15,793 Points
Totally concentrating on the outlines of effervescent
rhythms as they twirl and move in the middle of another
George Egba poet Well Of Comgfort by George Egba Freshman - 930 Points
Wall through bound and brave
Crawl through slave
Michael P. McParland poet I Love You Dear 2 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 10,241 Points
I love you dear and miss you so
my heart is going out to you,
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