New Poems


Poet Poem
Raymond Farrell poet North America Today by Raymond Farrell Gold Star - 7,637 Points
The post world war two
Economic boom
paul bamberger poet A Poem In Progress by paul bamberger Veteran Poet - 1,055 Points
Gerard Woods poet The Soldier by Gerard Woods Rookie - 48 Points
He awoke from his dirty muddy hole shivering cold
To be told by an officer with red tired eyes
Margaret Moran poet Our Lifetime Chance by Margaret Moran Freshman - 857 Points
With each moment called
Now comes the chance to do good
Raymond Farrell poet My New Favorite Tea by Raymond Farrell Gold Star - 7,637 Points
As I sit
Raymond Sawyer poet The Eyes Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Bronze Star - 2,331 Points
Wonderful day and yet the sun is shining for every rose that one see been touch by the sun that has respect the more that a rose bloom the more the ai
Madrason writer poet Tax Theft by Madrason writer Silver Star - 3,270 Points
Money and Rapiers
stem from the same source
Madrason writer poet Wrathful God by Madrason writer Silver Star - 3,270 Points
From heat forged steel
the rapiers rape
Hunter Hawley poet You Aren'T You by Hunter Hawley Rookie - 30 Points
You aren't you
I'll tell you how come
Chenou Liu poet Stretchmarks Haiku by Chenou Liu Veteran Poet - 1,808 Points
the river
swollen with spring...
Marilyn Jean poet Unleash The Colors by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 7,037 Points
Ready go
Unleash the colors
Madrason writer poet No Winners In Cold Irony by Madrason writer Silver Star - 3,270 Points
Waned those roads to freedom
even the desert deserted me
Dennis Lange poet The Hurricane by Dennis Lange Rookie - 299 Points
In the softness of the morning
When the sun is barely dawning
Anton Asukile poet Sorry That I Lied by Anton Asukile Rookie - 97 Points
You were too smart honey,
asking too many questions!
Kenneth Maswabi poet Human Flowers by Kenneth Maswabi Silver Star - 3,946 Points
Meticulously made
Created for love
Gerard Woods poet Hair From My Head by Gerard Woods Rookie - 48 Points
I pulled a hair from my head, it wasn't alive nor was it dead,
It was just one less hair upon my head.
PAUL WARREN poet The Day Elvis Died by PAUL WARREN Veteran Poet - 1,649 Points
On August 16,1977 I was in bed listening to the radio music play
I had been on afternoon shift which meant a longer bed stay
Satish Verma poet Long-Feared Night by Satish Verma Veteran Poet - 1,883 Points
Eyes half-shut, you are seeing,
unseeing to house the failing light.
Latha Krishnan poet Ramadan Evenings by Latha Krishnan Rookie - 82 Points
There’s a hush all around
There’s hardly any sound
Albert Ahearn poet The Flood by Albert Ahearn Rookie - 387 Points
Inundating, binging,
the muddy, bulimic river
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Deadly Guest by Suzanne Hayasaki Freshman - 798 Points
You sit in the center of your web,
Well fed, sure of your supremacy,
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Lunar Trinity by Suzanne Hayasaki Freshman - 798 Points
In another land I stand alone
At the edge of an endless sea.
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Country Lullaby by Suzanne Hayasaki Freshman - 798 Points
As I set off on a walk with my dog at dusk,
The clatter of her claws on the pavement sets a rhythm.
Margaret O Driscoll poet Don'T Hold Back by Margaret O Driscoll Bronze Star - 2,870 Points
Life isn't a walk in the park
You may live through times of dark
Rohit Sapra poet Presence Is To Remain by Rohit Sapra Gold Star - 5,081 Points
Thoughts create a place in the heart as thoughts are all that surround life. Numerous thoughts, which are endless in their strength as truth never fad
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