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Margaret Alice Second poet Was Imprisoned by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
Finally expressed my anger with the arrogant
overbearing sisters assuming power over me
Dean du Preez poet Abortion Portuguese by Dean du Preez Rookie - 51 Points
Você é uma mãe querida, englobado pelo medo,
Por alguma razão, você não pode ver um futuro para o seu nascituro seu claro.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Yellowed Memories Of Age by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 96,345 Points
Sitting at the river bank on a bench, watching the water
rippling slowly by, as my eyes rest on the horizon, mind
Afouse Neyinda poet My Tears by Afouse Neyinda Freshman - 736 Points
someone is cying aloud
oh my lord please get his cry
Gary Liles poet The Highway Toad by Gary Liles Gold Star - 22,267 Points
The frog and the toad
cross the road
Gary Liles poet The Bogey Song by Gary Liles Gold Star - 22,267 Points
There's bogeys on my feet
there's bogeys on my feet
Gary Liles poet Wrong On All Levels by Gary Liles Gold Star - 22,267 Points
I have a theory that
gravity is wrong; big frown.
Gary Liles poet Crocosmile by Gary Liles Gold Star - 22,267 Points
There's a crocodile in my smile'
there's a crocodile in my smile,
Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos poet The Value Of Silence by Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos Gold Star - 5,479 Points
For keeping quiet
A body
Gary Liles poet Dove Vine Intervention by Gary Liles Gold Star - 22,267 Points
I hear a noise
from up above,
Ima Ryma poet Molly, R.I.P. - Lincoln Park Zoo by Ima Ryma Gold Star - 8,353 Points
Lincoln Park Zoo is sad to say
Goodbye to Molly, old and dear.
Anne Yun poet A Room With A View by Anne Yun Gold Star - 4,791 Points
A butterfly came to my viewless window
patterned the pale room on its winging shadow
Tom Billsborough poet Hindsight by Tom Billsborough Gold Star - 42,823 Points
Benefit of hindsight?
That would depend
Gary Liles poet Dragonfly by Gary Liles Gold Star - 22,267 Points
Pretty dragonfly though you
fly by with such awesome grace,
Gary Liles poet Solar System? by Gary Liles Gold Star - 22,267 Points
I looked up Uranus
but all I saw were piles,
Gary Liles poet Weirdly Strange by Gary Liles Gold Star - 22,267 Points
I know a man called Weirdly Strange,
who lives around the bend of our grange.
Gary Liles poet I Knew Them All by Gary Liles Gold Star - 22,267 Points
I knew a lady called Heather
who tickled me with a feather.
Gary Liles poet Real Love by Gary Liles Gold Star - 22,267 Points
Sponge Bob I love you
Patrick I love you too,
Jim Yerman poet Politicians by Jim Yerman Silver Star - 3,547 Points
I wonder if there are politicians out there who do more than vocalize...
Who know it takes little strength to disagree and much to compromise.
Laquory Jones poet When Love Breaks by Laquory Jones Veteran Poet - 1,809 Points
There was no time to say good-bye it's as if all her
Love had died I couldn't see why as I looked into
Dean du Preez poet Can You - Yes You - Forgive Yourself - After Abortion With.. by Dean du Preez Rookie - 51 Points
You are a mother dear, encompassed by fear,
For some reason you cannot see a future for your unborn its clear.
Bishnupada Sethi poet For A Bereaved Mother. by Bishnupada Sethi Rookie - 71 Points
He can hide behind the darkness.
He can merge within the light rays.
Margaret Alice Second poet Hurt All Over by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
Sweetly docile Little Miss Muffet sat at her table,
answered the telephone and quietly undertook
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet We Are Not Pains-Free Anytime by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 48,319 Points
As long as painful pains
Are in there and everywhere, then
Odysseas Zervos poet Κρυφά by Odysseas Zervos Veteran Poet - 1,460 Points
καταχνιά κρύβει
γεννήματα της φύσης
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