New Poems


Title Poet
Cold Dreams
Today I woke up tired,
Looking out my frosty window,
Ronald Chapman poet by Ronald Chapman
on 7/24/2014
A Mistake
'A mistake', she explained,
writing out the check,
Morgan Michaels poet by Morgan Michaels
on 7/24/2014
I know of a strip whose atmosphere knows no tranquility
I know of children whose next moment greets them with no parents
Mohamed Yussuf poet by Mohamed Yussuf
on 7/24/2014
This Night
This night will be finished,
as I'll keep my head
Neela Nath poet by Neela Nath
on 7/24/2014
Winter Crept
shadows deepened
as winter crept across
hap rochelle poet by hap rochelle
on 7/24/2014
Meeting Ronald Reagan
So good-bye, Windows XP,
Look what they're doing to me.
Roy Blokker poet by Roy Blokker
on 7/24/2014
Stephen Gill's Divergent Shades
Divergent Shades as a thin collection of poems
Opens up with
Bijay Kant Dubey poet by Bijay Kant Dubey
on 7/24/2014
My Senseless Love
My senseless Love
we have a story to tell when it comes to us
Lilly Emery poet by Lilly Emery
on 7/24/2014
Happy Birthday... Right
I don't know how old you are,
But you don't look your age.
Francie Lynch poet by Francie Lynch
on 7/24/2014
Writers block in July
Writers block in July
Matthew Holloway poet by Matthew Holloway
on 7/24/2014
August 1914
Your King and Country need you, men.
Kitchener, glaring in full kit.
John F. McCullagh poet by John F. McCullagh
on 7/24/2014
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