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Manonton Dalan poet Fly-Once-More>>> by Manonton Dalan Gold Star - 29,067 Points
one very warm afternoon
seeking breeze to room
Satish Verma poet A Spirited Dust by Satish Verma Gold Star - 7,352 Points
Was it a calculated
risk, when it was poetry,
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Significant Progress by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 88,948 Points
Significant and wonderful progress has entered my life
just by going to a free internet class at the Scottsdale
Satish Verma poet Each Day by Satish Verma Gold Star - 7,352 Points
The suffering
was suffering.
sk nurul huda poet Haiku-Elusive Morning by sk nurul huda Bronze Star - 2,262 Points
Sunny morn it was
Sudden cloud, storm upto evening,
April Lane poet Sign Language by April Lane Rookie - 337 Points
I watch your hands
Make shapes out of
Akhtar Jawad poet Good Bye Tomes by Akhtar Jawad Gold Star - 68,444 Points
there was a time when you guided me,
Alex Angelov poet Happiness. by Alex Angelov Rookie - 278 Points
A boy throws a dice in a tornado
wide as a salad bowl
Tango Tango poet Chocolates by Tango Tango Veteran Poet - 1,682 Points
Red roses, violets blue,
Shalom Freedman poet I Once Loved The Books So Much by Shalom Freedman Gold Star - 8,233 Points
I once loved the books so much
Seeing them made me glad
Alex Angelov poet A Thought Or Two. by Alex Angelov Rookie - 278 Points
Here we are again at the place.
We all know this place well,
Alex Angelov poet The Burden Of Brotherhood. by Alex Angelov Rookie - 278 Points
woke up the other day
my shirt was gone
Alex Angelov poet Just A Talk by Alex Angelov Rookie - 278 Points
Sad, sad thing.
Sunprincess poet The Secret Realm by Sunprincess Gold Star - 58,695 Points
In the fairy kingdom of the secret realm
the princess has very special friends
Is It Poetry poet Seat Belts by Is It Poetry Gold Star - 13,988 Points
Do you live here wherever you are?
With my freedom of movement restrained?
Fonda kerr poet Anxiety... by Fonda kerr Rookie - 176 Points
I stay like a play draw back the curtains and I fade away
Into the spotlight where I don't belong my hand's shake
Fonda kerr poet Reflection... by Fonda kerr Rookie - 176 Points
I am looking in a mirror at myself only I don't see my reflection
Michael Cochrane poet My Heart by Michael Cochrane Rookie - 257 Points
True love came into my life with a dance out of darkness came you my love my world is you a star my beauty like no other.I waited for you my gift of l
Amar Agarwala poet Reminiscences by Amar Agarwala Silver Star - 4,193 Points
Do Thou carry some magic wand
Upon Thy invisible hand?
Paul Warren. poet War - The Nazi Jihad by Paul Warren. Gold Star - 21,094 Points
The British in Palestine during the 1930s made
Amin Al Husseni the Grand Mufti of Palestine as a leader not to fade
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Hush by Suzanne Hayasaki Silver Star - 3,212 Points
Lie quiet my friend.
Get some rest.
Michael Cochrane poet Beloved by Michael Cochrane Rookie - 257 Points
You smile at me as I waken and I kiss your lips which are moist and soft as petals, your sweetness restores my being. Face to face we lie in our lovin
Michael P. McParland poet My Heart Melts 2 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 58,784 Points
My heart melts for only you.
In all your beauty and all your love
Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken poet Without Your Love by Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken Gold Star - 6,499 Points
Loving words spoken
out of a mouth
sEaN nOrTh poet Puzzled Pieces Decreased by sEaN nOrTh Silver Star - 4,262 Points
thIs S#itS
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