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Danladi Emmanuel Jatau poet You To Me by Danladi Emmanuel Jatau Rookie - 160 Points
The sun is to day, The moon is to night, The star is to night, The rainbow is to rain, The rain is to summer, The cold is to summer, The s
Arpana Ghosh poet Tere Ishq Me by Arpana Ghosh Rookie - 86 Points
Nikalo khud ko soch k andhere se
inn halki si roshni mein dekho
John Westlake poet 210. The Wordsmith by John Westlake Gold Star - 15,358 Points
The wordsmith retires to his private place
to the forge inside his mind
Prasad Natarajan poet Across The Lake by Prasad Natarajan Rookie - 89 Points
Green pastures across the banks of flying wings,
Is where she sings the songs of sweet springs,
Chenou Liu poet Scream Tanka by Chenou Liu Veteran Poet - 1,066 Points
the drunk
on top of his wife
David McLansky poet I'M Grateful For The Love That You Have Shown by David McLansky Freshman - 826 Points
i'm grateful for the Love that you have shown;
Your kindness is the greatest I have known.
A Waltz For Zizi poet Stopping To Think About You by A Waltz For Zizi Freshman - 584 Points
Perhaps I've run too far from you
and in my pride to surpass the past
TheSilent Loudness poet I Wish I Had The Time by TheSilent Loudness Rookie - 309 Points
'I wish I had the time', he said
after sitting for hours alone with his thoughts
Little King of Sorrows poet To Whom It May Concern by Little King of Sorrows Rookie - 64 Points
Save me the hypocrisy
My days of guilt are through.
Andrey Fisht poet Bell. by Andrey Fisht Rookie - 105 Points
Sometimes feeling lonely
Sometimes feeling wrecked
Maria Magdalena Biela poet Primavara / Spring by Maria Magdalena Biela Freshman - 687 Points
A cunoaste. A iubi
Înc-o data, iar si iara
Naveed Akram poet Colour Of War by Naveed Akram Silver Star - 4,287 Points
The original colour of war was grey,
Forming the ultimate reality of dread.
Sumita Jetley poet Sadness And Then Suddenly A Pang.. by Sumita Jetley Freshman - 756 Points
Nothing fills me up.
Neither you,
SAK Reddy poet To My Queen... by SAK Reddy Rookie - 463 Points
Stay Tender as a Rose
Stay Beautiful as Nature
Herbert Dry poet Midnight Train by Herbert Dry Rookie - 112 Points
Standing at the depot waiting for the
midnight train
william upton poet Drop by william upton Freshman - 703 Points
Mercy shut down the office early today-
Sent the workers home without their paychecks-
Monica Rupazo poet Kenya You Are Not Alone by Monica Rupazo Rookie - 64 Points
In the deep sleep of a long day, I woke up at a woman’s scream.
Her face was emotionless, yet the heart bled agonizingly
oskar hansen poet The Race Thing by oskar hansen Veteran Poet - 1,516 Points
The Race Thing
My ignorance was total, xenophobia in Africa; no, not
Monica Rupazo poet Restored At The Last Breathe by Monica Rupazo Rookie - 64 Points
In the ancient lives of the comrades who speak and heroes and sheroes who sleep,
Sailed in the dim hopes of them who stood stubborn to believe did I
Monica Rupazo poet Senzenina - (Xenophobia) by Monica Rupazo Rookie - 64 Points
Our father left us while we were young
We could not clean our own stable
yashovardhan kulkarni poet Gloss Collectors by yashovardhan kulkarni Rookie - 307 Points
Shoot Shoot!
keep your birds!
saadat tahir poet Abdalians! Your New Home … 1704-2k15 by saadat tahir Freshman - 998 Points
To you dear newbies I say welcome!
Warm welcome to where you’ve come
Michael P. McParland poet God Bless You 4 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 11,798 Points
God bless you sweet lady to
calm and soothe your aching heart,
Vera Sidhwa poet You Weep So Deeply by Vera Sidhwa Silver Star - 3,297 Points
My dear,
I saw you that day,
Herbert Dry poet A Dark Dusty Road by Herbert Dry Rookie - 112 Points
Down this dark and dusty road I walk with caution
I walk very slow
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