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David Wood poet Falling Leaves by David Wood Silver Star - 3,972 Points
Oak trees
Shed all their leaves
Tanya Stewart Boateng poet Secrets, Secrets by Tanya Stewart Boateng Bronze Star - 2,273 Points
Secret, are the threads in human tapestry,
Weaves of strengths and weaknesses.
phurpa wangdi poet Love by phurpa wangdi Rookie - 209 Points
your knife like words
pierced through my heart
Raymond Sawyer poet For Every Touch Of Respect Thus There A War Smile. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 11,969 Points
For every min one is in the night for one wish for the touch of respect but when one look to the sky thus one see the stars with eyes that sparkle in
Kelly Kurt poet Waking Up by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 37,249 Points
It continually amazes and amuses me
This reappearance of awareness
Raymond Sawyer poet For Every Angel There Is Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 11,969 Points
For when the moon raise thus one will see the light of life for every min that the light of life touch once heart for it's the angel that is touching
Tanya Stewart Boateng poet Interconnectivity by Tanya Stewart Boateng Bronze Star - 2,273 Points
Our purpose is one and the same;
To serve each other,
Luo Zhihai poet Overlook The Moon(Couplets) by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 14,115 Points
★ Overlook the Moon(Couplets)
☆ Poetry and Translation by Luo Zhihai (China)
rajendran muthiah poet The Distress Of Spreading Sallow Hue(By St. Thiruvalluvar) by rajendran muthiah Veteran Poet - 1,015 Points
1181.I agreed to my lover’s separation then.
To whom shall I tell of the pallid hue out of my pining?
Anonymous Still poet Random by Anonymous Still Rookie - 235 Points
I wonder what it feels like
to be lost into nothingness
Guillermo Veloso poet Set In Amber by Guillermo Veloso Freshman - 655 Points
old waters are wiser
Francie Lynch poet Enigma Of Prayer by Francie Lynch Gold Star - 7,030 Points
The mysterious answers eluded me.
Friends left on bikes,
Raymond Sawyer poet For One Who Wish To Feel The Touch Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 11,969 Points
For when the sun raise thus the sky will be fill with the touch of respect but one see a bird that sing to the blue sky and yet for every min that one
Denis Martindale poet 666! by Denis Martindale Veteran Poet - 1,818 Points
It came to pass one deadly day the Antichrist was born,
Despite the fact that Christians pray and seek this world to warn...
Therecis Owl poet Calimity Of Existence by Therecis Owl Rookie - 89 Points
It seems that Life in itself is waiting
waiting for an ever-changing reality
Joanie Tarr poet A Gift by Joanie Tarr Rookie - 56 Points
Do not weep my darling dear,
For he is no longer here.
B. Sven Telander poet Ruins Of Chamberholme by B. Sven Telander Rookie - 488 Points
A dark flock of hideous and beautiful birds, winged to flight from nesting in an ancient forest; plunging into the blanket of night, a veil woven fro
Tiku akp poet Your Smile by Tiku akp Gold Star - 5,767 Points
It is your smile
That heals my wound
B. Sven Telander poet Return To Charterhouse by B. Sven Telander Rookie - 488 Points
A cornucopia of delightful memories fill my mind when I dwell upon the golden timeframe of that most rewarding chapter of my youth: the fortnight- ea
Sanjukta Nag poet Wind Chime by Sanjukta Nag Bronze Star - 2,386 Points
Let us be a wind chime,
For whenever the storm of life will blow
Joanie Tarr poet Rest In Peace by Joanie Tarr Rookie - 56 Points
Not one, but two Angels left this earth today,
My tears will dry, as time makes it's way.
Marie Shine poet Princess Of Lost Stars. by Marie Shine Veteran Poet - 1,546 Points
She seeks among each cloud
stars whose light is lost
Louis Borgo poet Grow by Louis Borgo Veteran Poet - 1,483 Points
Attendance out weight balances of youth
Mind set understanding of falling in love is it perhaps it is iconic
Joanie Tarr poet Neef by Joanie Tarr Rookie - 56 Points
Silver trane gly oor my wang vannag
Soos ek sit en dink aan die verlede.
B. Sven Telander poet Pseudopsia by B. Sven Telander Rookie - 488 Points
School of soft
kisses welcome
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