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saki sabre poet *** মঞ্চ পূর্ণ *** by saki sabre Veteran Poet - 1,710 Points
সূর্য টা হাসে মেঘের কোলে,
যুবক টা তাকিয়ে জানালা দিয়ে,
0.00 0
Rich Reitz poet Fate by Rich Reitz Rookie - 109 Points
Fate and life are entwined.
As in life, fate is sometimes
0.00 1
paul bamberger poet while the dog people sleep by paul bamberger Freshman - 512 Points
while the dog people sleep
gates are locked
0.00 0
paul bamberger poet old crow by paul bamberger Freshman - 512 Points
0.00 1
paul bamberger poet marathon man by paul bamberger Freshman - 512 Points
if they see your cup half full they empty it
If they see your cup half empty they make you pay to fill it
0.00 0
Maranda Kuhl poet Im never gonna change by Maranda Kuhl Rookie - 0 Points
I won't change who I am, not for you and not for anyone else. I am who I am and that’s all i’ll ever be, if you can't accept it well maybe you should
0.00 1
stephen pennell poet The meaning of X by stephen pennell Rookie - 115 Points
X means I love you, lots and lots.
0.00 1
James B. Earley poet Sunday Mornings…..Indiana by James B. Earley Veteran Poet - 1,028 Points
Seems a Holy Band assembled
0.00 0
Reagan A. Latumbo poet Blue is for You by Reagan A. Latumbo Veteran Poet - 1,791 Points
I don't know where to start
I don't know what to write
0.00 0
Vinay Kuchhal poet Piece Of Art by Vinay Kuchhal Rookie - 127 Points
i've given up,
unlike before.
0.00 0
Vinay Kuchhal poet Silent Night And You by Vinay Kuchhal Rookie - 127 Points
with the grit and texture
of the silent night
8.00 1
Suburban Lovechild poet Requiem for a dram by Suburban Lovechild Freshman - 942 Points
Most common folk may know of this
To be an act of despicable excess
0.00 0
Kelly Kurt poet Are Humans The Superior Species (Satire) Long by Kelly Kurt Bronze Star - 2,391 Points
Prevailing sentiment among Homo sapiens is that our species has evolved to be the pinnacle of life forms. We are superior, the ultimate outcome and pe
10.00 2
Hans Ostrom poet Thought Infrastructure by Hans Ostrom Rookie - 336 Points
They talk about the Thought Police.
But you need a Thought Fire Department,
0.00 0
Angela Khristin Brown poet I Need You by Angela Khristin Brown Freshman - 946 Points
I don’t need you
I don’t need you
0.00 0
rajendran muthiah poet The Silent Jasmine! by rajendran muthiah Rookie - 290 Points
When all of your classmates
drizzle smiles and hide guiles,
0.00 0
Terrance Upham poet Double Scrips by Terrance Upham Rookie - 448 Points
Double scripts in life's wicked flips three verbs, throwing nothing but reverb.
Twice the lyrical lines, avast steer clear of this lyrical pioneer wi
0.00 0
Vinay Kuchhal poet Lines On A Lonely Night by Vinay Kuchhal Rookie - 127 Points
coy and pensive
i jibe to the rhythm
0.00 2
Dorsey Baker poet A Foul Ball in the Ballpark of Life by Dorsey Baker Freshman - 559 Points
now that
you're older
0.00 0
Michelle Claus poet Turmeric by Michelle Claus Freshman - 762 Points
I’ll season my typical limerick
with saffron’s equivalent, turmeric,
0.00 2
Daisy Pereira poet A river running through by Daisy Pereira Freshman - 644 Points
There is a river running through every woman
often it is mingled in dreams
0.00 1
Suburban Lovechild poet When pretty girls tend bar by Suburban Lovechild Freshman - 942 Points
Things get done
With grace and virtue beyond
0.00 2
Saiom Shriver poet Occupy by Saiom Shriver Gold Star - 4,653 Points
Crabs and shrimp
fear to occupy
0.00 1
Gene Pozniak poet Germanwings Falling by Gene Pozniak Rookie - 11 Points
I have always loved flying
I became a pilot so that I could soar
9.00 2
Ismim Putera poet When Was The Last Time by Ismim Putera Freshman - 589 Points
When was the last time,
you come and visit me?
9.00 2
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