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Qiniso Mogale poet When There Is Smoke Without Fire by Qiniso Mogale Gold Star - 6,061 Points
When stories have been fabricated
When green lies have been told
Paul Warren poet Listen To The Muse by Paul Warren Gold Star - 47,894 Points
Write a story, sing a song
Play an instrument toe tap along
Nassy Fesharaki poet Mr. Freud by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 59,665 Points
Mr. Freud
In times I believe in
Darwin Henry Beuning poet Late Afternoon by Darwin Henry Beuning Gold Star - 14,363 Points
A couple sit hand in hand
On the porch swing.
Paul Warren poet Ballad Of The Missing Orders by Paul Warren Gold Star - 47,894 Points
Is it me or just a coincidence
Out for an evening of pleasance
Maria Magdalena Biela poet The Red Dress / Rochia Rosie by Maria Magdalena Biela Bronze Star - 2,053 Points
I always saw, I always said
If I were grown and free,
Sourav Sarkar poet কাজী নজরুলের প্রতি(Kazi Nazruler Proti) by Sourav Sarkar Rookie - 4 Points
হে বিদ্রোহের কবি মানবের অন্তরে-
ফুটিয়ে তুলেছ বিদ্রোহের উপস্থিতে,
Avinash Nair poet Recollection by Avinash Nair Veteran Poet - 1,413 Points
Sometimes I think; are you even real?
I mean I have heard you,
Robert Murray Smith poet We Will Know by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 147,479 Points
We will not live another day longer
NHIEN NGUYEN MD poet Tomorrow Is The Easter Sunday by NHIEN NGUYEN MD Gold Star - 28,652 Points
This morning, cold gusts continuously blew
I dropped my wife at a grocery store but I waited in our car.
Robert Murray Smith poet Dreaming A Dream by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 147,479 Points
When we dream a dream there
is hope
douglas lewis poet No Envy Here by douglas lewis Freshman - 823 Points
The greens smother me.
Qiniso Mogale poet When The Dust Settles by Qiniso Mogale Gold Star - 6,061 Points
Fierce winds of life blow
Dangerous winds of life blow
Jackie Kay poet Sound Of Sleat by Jackie Kay
I always looked out at the world,
And wondered if the world looked back at me,
Jackie Kay poet That Distance Apart by Jackie Kay
I am only nineteen
My whole life is changing
Jackie Kay poet Threshold by Jackie Kay
Let's blether about doors.
Revolving doors and sliding doors;
Jackie Kay poet from Lochaline Stores by Jackie Kay
Nothing can be hidden from Lochaline Stores,
Supposing the Grocer's has eyes and ears:
Jackie Kay poet Between the Dee and the Don by Jackie Kay
‘The middle ground is the best place to be'
- Igbo saying
Jackie Kay poet Keeping Orchids by Jackie Kay
The orchids my mother gave me when we first met
are still alive, twelve days later. Although
Jackie Kay poet Bed by Jackie Kay
She is that guid tae me so she is
an Am a burden tae her, I know Am ur.
Jackie Kay poet Gap Year by Jackie Kay
Gap Year
(for Mateo)
Jackie Kay poet Lucozade by Jackie Kay
My mum is on a high bed next to sad chrysanthemums.
‘Don't bring flowers, they only wilt and die.'
Madhuram Mukul poet Khair Choro by Madhuram Mukul Freshman - 503 Points
jinda to kabse tha par lga zindgi ab aii
magar dil wha nilam hua jha kisi ne boli hi nhi lgai.....
Jackie Kay poet My Grandmother's Houses by Jackie Kay
She is on the second floor of a tenement.
Jackie Kay poet Castletown, Isle of Man by Jackie Kay
How strange the way old lovers move into the present,
tense, and catch you off guard; you tell me
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