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The Crow poet G.T.O. Vs. Mustang by The Crow Silver Star - 3,275 Points
Sitting at the red light
In my GTO
Liilia Talts Morrison poet Loves Wind by Liilia Talts Morrison Silver Star - 3,420 Points
Some like windy weather best
run with flowing robes and zest
Dev Anand poet Does He Know The Depth Of My Love? by Dev Anand Silver Star - 4,360 Points
I always imagine
'What does his smile tell me,
Valentine Mbagu poet I Heard These Words by Valentine Mbagu Rookie - 376 Points
Lost in the tunnel of suffering and her struggles,  
I saw thick darkness in the broad daylight;
John F. McCullagh poet The Artifact Thief by John F. McCullagh Bronze Star - 2,686 Points
You would think him a villain; you would call him a thief
But he would just shrug and say "We all have to eat."
WES Vogler poet (senryu Series) Gleanings From The Cutting-Room Floor #4 by WES Vogler Gold Star - 40,518 Points
Originating from the site of Kelly Kurt (senryu series)
The Human Body.... and now addendum by Tom Billsborough
Dev Anand poet I Am Most Alive. by Dev Anand Silver Star - 4,360 Points
When you kiss me
i am most alive.
Terry Collett poet Night Kisses 1916 by Terry Collett Gold Star - 8,396 Points
Susie holds me close,
whispers in my ear,
Dev Anand poet God Let Not My Smile Fade. by Dev Anand Silver Star - 4,360 Points
My heart loves you.
My smile emanates
Sonia Walker poet A Frog In Love by Sonia Walker Rookie - 113 Points
froggy went courting
on a sultry summer day
BOEMS BY JA WIZDUMBs BY JA poet Ladies by BOEMS BY JA WIZDUMBs BY JA Freshman - 580 Points
Never love a man
Michael P. McParland poet Missing You So Bad Today by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 58,784 Points
I missing you so bad right now,
as I go about little chores and tasks
Nero CaroZiv poet A Forest Nymph by Nero CaroZiv Veteran Poet - 1,822 Points
It was the middle of the night by the forest mossy rock
Lalitha Narayanan poet The Last Beggar At The Temple Gates by Lalitha Narayanan Gold Star - 16,855 Points
The god at the temple waited for long
for ages he awaited a really good beggar
Jane Irvine poet Drink by Jane Irvine Rookie - 0 Points
I knew that u liked me, the first night that we met, a decision one day u would live to regret.
It was a night to remember, u held me tight, I wen
Fabrizio Frosini poet A Translation: ' Vidi Il Rosso Cremisi Della Sua Bocca Rot.. by Fabrizio Frosini Gold Star - 123,537 Points
[This is my Italian translation of 'I saw his round mouth's crimson' by Wilfred Owen]
Karl Newton poet Blame The Terrorist Man by Karl Newton Rookie - 175 Points
2 towers come burning down
Blame the terrorist man
Tapan M. Saren poet Take A Break by Tapan M. Saren Silver Star - 4,139 Points
Take a break
Because you terribly need a break.
hasmukh amathalal poet Golden Time by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 179,452 Points
Golden time
All impound say "wow"
grace mariner poet Escaping Heart by grace mariner Veteran Poet - 1,637 Points
I'm glad you're escaping this tomb I've kept you in,
though my current state would not make it seem so.
Karl Newton poet Dj Carly by Karl Newton Rookie - 175 Points
Vodka soaked
Cocaine propped
Abdur Razzak poet Dust by Abdur Razzak Rookie - 210 Points
By Abdur Razzak
Dirty Sun is looking to me
Whose pounded body is under the wheel?
A poet? a burglar? a pedlar?
Tom Billsborough poet Talent Contest by Tom Billsborough Gold Star - 16,005 Points
He couldn't sing.
He couldn't mime,
Abdul Wahab poet Pride And Fall by Abdul Wahab Gold Star - 12,402 Points
No one ever chocks to death
Swallowing pride
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