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Akhtar Jawad poet Pleasantries (Ghazal) by Akhtar Jawad Gold Star - 16,032 Points
Fly like a kite in the passion of storms,
Why don't you love and enjoy its charms.
10.00 1
hasmukh amathalal poet In love power by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 18,721 Points
I repeatedly open eyes and close
This is daily exercise I have chosen
0.00 1
Maylee Bossy poet Arrivals by Maylee Bossy Rookie - 50 Points
December 17,1903
Man learns to fly
0.00 0
hasmukh amathalal poet Remain helpless by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 18,721 Points
The God had destined
To warn us when we sinned
0.00 1
Randy McClave poet A MINER'S DESTINY by Randy McClave Rookie - 652 Points
The miner will go inside a deep dark hole
And that is where he mines and extracts the coal,
0.00 0
Leong Ming Loong poet Companionship by Leong Ming Loong Freshman - 1,136 Points
A happy man leads a happy life,
Not alone, but with a wife.
0.00 0
BARBARA ALVARADO poet Save Them by BARBARA ALVARADO Rookie - 0 Points
once a year we celebrate our vets.its veterans day lets throw a parade.F.... the parade every day we should honor our soldiers for our land they saved
0.00 0
hasmukh amathalal poet Full recitation by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 18,721 Points
Full recitation
Yes members do come and go
0.00 1
Leong Ming Loong poet Dread by Leong Ming Loong Freshman - 1,136 Points
Pain, anger, frustration or sorrow? -
I wonder which one will come first tomorrow.
0.00 0
1000 Miles poet Stars by 1000 Miles Rookie - 0 Points
Stars grow bright
As day goes to night
0.00 0
Tom Zart poet Drink, Smoke, Pray & Pop Pills. by Tom Zart Freshman - 1,317 Points
We're a nation of frazzled families
With little time for personal affection.
0.00 0
Neela Nath poet His Birthday by Neela Nath Bronze Star - 6,080 Points
Joy is everywhere.
Nature is getting ready,
10.00 3
Swrji Basumatary poet Last Night by Swrji Basumatary Rookie - 318 Points
Last night you came
You came as a thief
0.00 0
none ..... poet A proposal to wake up by none ..... Rookie - 191 Points
It's a story about a forgotten glory
Yours, mine, everybody's
10.00 1
Rohit Sapra poet Dreams are All That Remain by Rohit Sapra Freshman - 2,219 Points
In dreams I remain
Sweet is the morning
0.00 0
Maurice Rowlands poet Flowers By The Roadside by Maurice Rowlands Rookie - 30 Points
Just Before Christmas
Every year
0.00 0
ramesh rai poet You are born to be a poet by ramesh rai Gold Star - 10,460 Points
You are born to be a poet
to engross the pains of creation
10.00 1
gajanan mishra poet Beautiful flower by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 19,033 Points
Let me say you are
Beautiful flower
10.00 0
crystal ruth poet A Fool by crystal ruth Rookie - 40 Points
I am not a fool for loving you.
I am not a fool for trusting you.
0.00 0
douglas scotney poet The Game by douglas scotney Veteran Poet - 2,518 Points
Growing thin
taking fat from others
0.00 1
George Dee Vuy poet Cover Me With You by George Dee Vuy Rookie - 261 Points
Let us
climb up
0.00 0
Naveed Akram poet Loss In A Mirror by Naveed Akram Freshman - 2,392 Points
The loss of mirrors is openly a kiss,
Home of the triumphant ones.
0.00 0
Mr. Spock poet Angelwalk 2 by Mr. Spock Rookie - 543 Points
The angel Darien, stuck between mortal life
and paradise, meets others that were born retarded
0.00 0
Nassy Fesharaki poet Died Eagle by Nassy Fesharaki Veteran Poet - 2,958 Points
Died Eagle
All of us,10,15 or 30
0.00 0
Tirupathi Chandrupatla poet Calm Days'll Arrive by Tirupathi Chandrupatla Veteran Poet - 3,503 Points
Who can try to guess
Power of the unknown?
0.00 0
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