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dimitrios galanis poet Mycenae [memory Dots] by dimitrios galanis Rookie - 3 Points
Kneeling to its dignity the fortress.
The great stones of uplifting the pride humiliated,
Savita Tyagi poet Ice Storm by Savita Tyagi Gold Star - 12,098 Points
Icy rain comes with a crinkling sound
Like little silver coins falling on grounds.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Relaxing Mood by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 56,081 Points
Simple and vibrant, melodies and their rhythms taking
me into interior depths of intellect, giving me many
dimitrios galanis poet The Bag Of Aeolus by dimitrios galanis Rookie - 3 Points
Their land and its smokes they had seen just
and Sleep suave the eyes of Ulysses wrapped.
Kelly Kurt poet S.A.D. (Limerick) by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 73,939 Points
If the sun doesn’t show real soon
I’m afraid I’ll become quite the loon
Aparna Chatterjee poet Can I? by Aparna Chatterjee Silver Star - 3,431 Points
Can I
Not think
Melati Hussein poet My Savage Mind by Melati Hussein Freshman - 700 Points
And I can’t replace my savage mind
The twists that torment
Aparna Chatterjee poet Pit by Aparna Chatterjee Silver Star - 3,431 Points
The pit
Of hurt
dimitrios galanis poet My Own Walls by dimitrios galanis Rookie - 3 Points
Walls proved to be the materials I used in my hypocritical skills
which they didn't avoid to be taken as they should not be.
Terry Collett poet While At Sext 1971 by Terry Collett Bronze Star - 2,139 Points
The Austrian monk,
stopped by the church doors,
Vera Sidhwa poet Magical Night by Vera Sidhwa Gold Star - 11,047 Points
The Christmas Sleigh
The reindeer pulled the sleigh along
Cecil (C.J.) Krieger poet For Want Of A Better Word by Cecil (C.J.) Krieger Bronze Star - 2,116 Points
She was wonderful at relationships
Probably that was the reason
Raymond Sawyer poet For Every Wish Thus For Every Touch Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 24,701 Points
For one who wish for respect for there a star that twinkle but for who will fee the twinkle of respect but when the night is quite for the moon shall
Uchenna Odukwu poet Enchanted by Uchenna Odukwu Rookie - 41 Points
Seeing you I sowed a seed Knowing you I watered the seed Loving you The seed became plant
Angela Brown poet One Last Look by Angela Brown Silver Star - 3,702 Points
He is near and I feel his presence, he is staring at me from a distance.
He admires my looks theatrically, the fire in his eyes,
Jak Black poet Global Giants. by Jak Black Silver Star - 3,400 Points
Global giants gone to war,
Horror tactics, shock and awe!
White Tiger poet The Rainforrest by White Tiger Rookie - 270 Points
Cascades of clear water
Falling from a rock
Donal Mahoney poet Judgment Day by Donal Mahoney Gold Star - 7,103 Points
If I knew I'd live forever
I'd never send a poem out.
Vera Sidhwa poet Oh Christmas Tree by Vera Sidhwa Gold Star - 11,047 Points
Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Christmas tree, could it be
DEAN WILLIAM JOHNSTON poet Please Don't Wàlk Away by DEAN WILLIAM JOHNSTON Bronze Star - 2,752 Points
Please don't walk away.? I know you, re
Mad., and you got the right. But i trying
Raymond Sawyer poet When The Eyes Of The Night Is The Eyes Of The Angel. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 24,701 Points
Thus when one for who wish for the touch of respect is one who's heart will be fill with the touch of respect but for every heart that wish for the to
Kenneth Maswabi poet A Fragile Mindset by Kenneth Maswabi Gold Star - 5,897 Points
The youth of today
With their know-all attitude
Sarita Milliner poet Marks Of December by Sarita Milliner Rookie - 350 Points
Thirty-one days old, twelfth month of the year,
Season named winter, in the Northern Hemisphere!
empty shell poet Emerald Chandelier by empty shell Veteran Poet - 1,158 Points
ants march along my forearm lost in curly hair
grass scratches my back, between shirt and pants
Denzel Mbatha poet Therapeutic(Worldwide Medicine For Every Sickness) by Denzel Mbatha Freshman - 980 Points
When plagues combine,
the going gets tough, tears
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