New Poems


Title Poet
We too there inside
We too
Here or there inside
Emmanuel George Cefai poet by Emmanuel George Cefai
on 7/30/2014
Best Friends
When God created,
This old Earth,
Sandra Feldman poet by Sandra Feldman
on 7/30/2014
Again the rain of failure pouring-
Its tears into my life
Rain ... poet by Rain ...
on 7/30/2014
The Girl, Not A Wife, But A Sister, A Daughter, A Mother
She is not a wife,
But a sister,
Bijay Kant Dubey poet by Bijay Kant Dubey
on 7/30/2014
scary ghost
there's a scary ghost
who did it's uttermost
lee fones poet by lee fones
on 7/30/2014
All That Life Is About
Got up at five in the morn, drove to the Gautrain stop,
jumped on the train, speeding forth in darkness of
Margaret Alice Second poet by Margaret Alice Second
on 7/30/2014
frog on pug
waters song in a mud
passing away summer mug
sallam yassin poet by sallam yassin
on 7/30/2014
With the corner of my eye
I felt your eyes one me
Jackie Osae poet by Jackie Osae
on 7/30/2014
dingen vanuit de buitenkant begrijpen
wanneer je binnen zit, is voor mij een dilemma.
co the skipper poet by co the skipper
on 7/30/2014
A Battle Within
day after day I fight a battle
to hold inside what I feel
Manauwer Raza poet by Manauwer Raza
on 7/30/2014
The Homecoming
He'd been away with the army then
For almost twenty years,
David Lewis Paget poet by David Lewis Paget
on 7/30/2014
To My Family
If you should find these lines when I have left
And I am in that dark and silent place,
Elia Michael poet by Elia Michael
on 7/30/2014
A Walk In The Twilight
Then, this world that by looks more bright
than summer's eve can afford,
Naveed Khalid poet by Naveed Khalid
on 7/30/2014
The Non-Truce -A Bleeding Invasion
'Dedicated to Palestine Victims'
Let's keep our voice united to the unfair world
on 7/30/2014
On Death
Beyond yonder hill is a golden glow that beckons you see,
Where a wilderness awaits and where someday I must be,
Willie Walker poet by Willie Walker
on 7/30/2014
Use your discrimination,
My dear, and perform action.
gajanan mishra poet by gajanan mishra
on 7/30/2014
Date: 26 Jul 2014
.....your eyes...............vast and beautiful as the blue skies
Umasree Raghunath poet by Umasree Raghunath
on 7/30/2014
coal on the asphalt, a mile away
fire reaches for the hills
oil pumps work overtime
Mandolyn ... poet by Mandolyn ...
on 7/30/2014
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