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Luo Zhihai poet Near Shore, Listened To A Boat At The Stormy Night by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 23,562 Points
Near shore, listened to a boat at the stormy night
Husna Amin poet Wait For Me by Husna Amin Rookie - 259 Points
Give me your hand when I fall
Do you know it hurts sometimes, brings tears too
Jacob Nambe poet Sokolayem; God's Gift To A Sparrow by Jacob Nambe Rookie - 99 Points
In red she was at the awakening of the moon
Feeding back the earth with the rays of noon;
gajanan mishra poet Dheere Dheere (Odiaa) by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 70,570 Points
Dheere dheere aau aparabartita bhabare
Mu mo kama kari jauchhi
Domes wau poet Christmas by Domes wau Freshman - 891 Points
I hear a silver bell rings on the top of my church
The sound brings a joy, full joy to the world
Sandeep Gundher poet Dreamland by Sandeep Gundher Rookie - 0 Points
The week was busy and it went by very quick,
Ashu decided to take rest, as she dint want to get sick
gajanan mishra poet Slowly And Steadily by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 70,570 Points
Slowly and steadily
I am doing my work
Lil Teny poet The Ray by Lil Teny Rookie - 179 Points
i feel it in the air as you colour the sky with paint water. i feel dormant in my eye. the ray in rain shower, its from a hidden sun under lemon grove
Ajit Das poet A Tragi-Comedy by Ajit Das Veteran Poet - 1,882 Points
Different snapshots, a moving kaleidoscope -
life expresses itself in contrasting ways,
hasmukh amathalal poet Added All by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 99,158 Points
Added all
I tried to assess
gajanan mishra poet You Are Always Right by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 70,570 Points
You are always right
That I know from
Naveed Khalid poet Canvas by Naveed Khalid Gold Star - 5,914 Points
No more, no more of what I hath writ in vain
be worthy of thy perusal
Jacob Nambe poet A Sparrow's Dailema by Jacob Nambe Rookie - 99 Points
If my state of mind were to be reflected on skin,
Blood would be the ink I'd use
gajanan mishra poet Meaning Not Known by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 70,570 Points
Meaning not known-
It does not mean,
Soulo Moon poet Paris’ Flame by Soulo Moon Rookie - 54 Points
So quiet this night,
With a special Paris’ nice.
Richard Theze poet Raqs-E Sharqi by Richard Theze Freshman - 542 Points
Raqs-e Sharqi
Just as the ritzy
gajanan mishra poet Sun-Moon by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 70,570 Points
Sun-moon, moon-sun,
Moon-sun, sun-moon.
Bhoobalan Sabari poet Hi! I'm A Slut..! ! by Bhoobalan Sabari Rookie - 65 Points
A trashed girl of thirteen, tamed by a hood
Bartering my flower as I bloomed out of bud
surge sutraman poet To Honorable Etcetera Etcetera by surge sutraman Veteran Poet - 1,214 Points
Us or THEM or bomb both-Precedents, Presiding-W, W, W-3 W?
Akhtar Jawad poet Are You The Same Angel Who Burnt His Wings (A Tribute To .. by Akhtar Jawad Gold Star - 50,833 Points
Neither books of sciences nor tomes of arts,
the greatest writes are the writes of hearts,
Naveed Akram poet Task Of Nature by Naveed Akram Gold Star - 10,930 Points
Nature has a task of opulence,
Our natures disregard the majesty
Margaret Moran poet Cheerless by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 7,436 Points
Tis a dreary day
Cold without sunshine gloomy
Luo Zhihai poet Trendy Couplets(Two Pairs Of Couplets) by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 23,562 Points
★ Trendy Couplets(Two Pairs of Couplets)
☆ Quatrain & Translation by Luo Zhihai (1954-, China)
P.Prabhas Venkat poet Nature by P.Prabhas Venkat Rookie - 0 Points
nature is full of colors
with beautiful scented flowers
Richard Jarboe poet Elvis The Christmas Tree by Richard Jarboe Rookie - 323 Points
I dreamed the great EP
Came back alive as a Christmas Tree.
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