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Lilly Emery poet Oh My Love by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,148 Points
Oh My Love
Oh My Love,
Lilly Emery poet Rippled Out Dreams by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,148 Points
Rippled Out Dreams
My youth, mine eyes see time passing me bye
Lilly Emery poet My Dimmer Corner by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,148 Points
My Dimmer Corner
In my dimmer corner of my room
Marilyn Jean poet Lost In Painting by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 5,615 Points
Another bad day
Nobody was around
HERBERT GUITANG poet Self-Awakened by HERBERT GUITANG Silver Star - 3,389 Points
Killing undesirable desires
To moderate inner sensuality
Paola Degli Esposti poet The Boy Who Lives Down The Hill. Part. Two. Chapter Fourteen by Paola Degli Esposti Rookie - 434 Points
No one is like me until i am somebody for someone i got to know. Shaun is lying on a bed. Pete and him are guests by the friend he has met in the club
Lilly Emery poet When I Go To A Better Place by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,148 Points
When I go my way to a better place
don't let my dead body lay in waste
Salman Afaaq poet Color Blind... by Salman Afaaq Rookie - 28 Points
They Say
Life Is Colorful
sadashivan nair poet Love At First Sight by sadashivan nair Rookie - 218 Points
My soul radiated when saw you first,
Heart pulsated in rythmatic tone;
Mihaela Pirjol poet War (Senryu) by Mihaela Pirjol Gold Star - 6,406 Points
Earth imbued with blood
feeding roots of few ill minds: —
SAKISABRE Saki poet Salsaabil 38 Poem@sakisabre by SAKISABRE Saki Silver Star - 3,681 Points
Marilyn Jean poet These Tears by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 5,615 Points
These tears are for you
Me, I am like this now
Cee Bea poet Journeys by Cee Bea Silver Star - 3,731 Points
Once more I've slipped sail,
Chartered prophecy as destination
nancy Butterworth poet Old Dog by nancy Butterworth Rookie - 41 Points
That old dog labored and jumped to his feet
As his angel of mercy pulled in off the street
Azeez Rylands poet She Said by Azeez Rylands Rookie - 70 Points
My heart is cold, she said,
So I've been told, he said.
Is It Poetry poet Children Made From Guilt That You Cut Down by Is It Poetry Silver Star - 3,941 Points
It is a feeling all should have but only half will have
and with the advent of television
Quenten McClellan poet Time Of Her Eyes by Quenten McClellan Rookie - 84 Points
Time is trapped
In your eyes,
Joseph James Breunig 3rd poet Poem: Human Candle by Joseph James Breunig 3rd Rookie - 405 Points
O Lord, please let Your Light shine,
-in and through me- hot and brightly;
david barnett poet Magic by david barnett Rookie - 206 Points
I am here to tell you about this unknown space of entrance to the windows of time.As seen by the eye of the truth and the unknown well of living God.D
Lilly Emery poet Nile River Cry's by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,148 Points
Nile River Cry's
My voice cries out to the Nile river
Nick Jordan. poet Pagliacci by Nick Jordan. Rookie - 225 Points
In my mind there's a dark dark place
So dark in fact
hasmukh amathalal poet Imprint New Page by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 37,749 Points
When she stared
And dared
Queeny Gona poet Moments Of Joy Together! by Queeny Gona Rookie - 308 Points
A friend in need is a friend indeed
So deep is SHE
Sensuelle Briden poet Before You Go by Sensuelle Briden Freshman - 635 Points
What do you love about this Planet?
Have you found the truth or just got married?
Anthony Di'anno poet Siren by Anthony Di'anno Bronze Star - 2,496 Points
I beg your leave and your world to explore,
Held by the gaze of your twin sapphire suns,
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