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Francis Duggan poet We Do Not Like Those Different To Us by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 42,945 Points
We do not like those different to us do not welcome boat refugees
As they may be latent terrorists or carriers of disease
Cristobal Benjumea poet Walking Through The Forest Protects The Tender Soul by Cristobal Benjumea Bronze Star - 2,371 Points
Reveals a keen tendency to locate the flowers
Reveals an apreciation of love the saviour our saviour jesus christ and love his fellows
Francis Duggan poet The Years Have Left Me by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 42,945 Points
The years have left me looking balder and gray
And from the old fields i do live far away
Francis Duggan poet A Late Bloomer by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 42,945 Points
She was not as beautiful in her life's prime
The woman who grows prettier with the passing of time
Francis Duggan poet Then Such Is Life by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 42,945 Points
To the God of his choice he does pray every day
But of his nearest neighbors he does not have one nice thing to say
Cristobal Benjumea poet Why I Like Two Instead Of One by Cristobal Benjumea Bronze Star - 2,371 Points
i like one, i like two better
What is between us is a fragment
Dagesh .1theappleofmyfathersi poet Together Some New Poems May Be Coined (English Sonnet) by Dagesh .1theappleofmyfathersi Freshman - 665 Points
Together Some New Poems May Be Coined (English Sonnet)
I've grown weary of writing poetry
Francis Duggan poet The Greatest Of All by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 42,945 Points
So little about her i can claim to know
Yet my wonder of her only does seem to grow
Francis Duggan poet Their Own Stories To Tell by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 42,945 Points
Some are wealthy and successful and widely known
And their admirers in numbers have grown and have grown
Kurt Philip Behm poet The Call by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 7,180 Points
The dirtier the world,
—the cleaner the verse
Ramesh Rahalkar poet Forgotten Country (Limerick) by Ramesh Rahalkar Gold Star - 54,846 Points
I live in a country forgotten.
The politics here are quite rotten.
WES Vogler poet (senryu Series) Once More Into The Fray #23 (Part One Of.. by WES Vogler Gold Star - 49,046 Points
Addendum to 'American States' (Senryu Series) - Poem by Kelly Kurt
(Alabama thru Indiana)
Moira Cameron poet Togetherness (July 28,2016) by Moira Cameron Gold Star - 9,781 Points
The Raven, she dances for joy in mid-flight;
The Wolf to the moon howls out his delight.
Muzo AKIN poet Xanthos İftarları by Muzo AKIN Rookie - 102 Points
ayak sesimi narkozlu cümleler
mohammad ahmadizadeh poet Acacia Flowers by mohammad ahmadizadeh Gold Star - 5,385 Points
Walking together
losing in the secluded way
Kurt Philip Behm poet Waiting For Me To Reach Again by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 7,180 Points
Carrying your heart inside my pocket,
I travelled the world
Dexsta Ray Jr. poet I Don't Deserve It by Dexsta Ray Jr. Gold Star - 9,100 Points
I'd been thinking of this trip for quite a minute
Seen the advertising visions
Sunday Igwebuike poet The Old Man Chant by Sunday Igwebuike Rookie - 303 Points
(1) Jokes are fun, But should not be taken too far! (2) As you harvest your corn, See to it that those, That would have harvested, But were unable by
Sumita Jetley poet Why? I Love You by Sumita Jetley Silver Star - 3,543 Points
I know life shall deceive both of us.
I still want some sort of ongoing commitment from my life.
dimitrios galanis poet Εκκληση Τελευταια [final Plea By B.Middleton] by dimitrios galanis Gold Star - 24,367 Points
Οι λέξεις να σε κρατήσουν αδυνατούν,
σ' όνειρα μέσα χάνεσαι.
M. Asim Nehal poet Dream And Reality by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 109,084 Points
One day my dream set on to meet Reality
The task has been tough since
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Signs Of Life by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 95,205 Points
Heart burning with sadness, tempting tears to fall within,
hurting in the midnight hours of remembering you, my dear.
Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel poet Passing Paths by Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel Gold Star - 9,478 Points
ever since I saw you
my heart became proud
Robert Murray Smith poet Jolly Joviality by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 12,865 Points
Sing a song of joy today
Be joyful sing joyfully
Ari Alsio poet Haiku 615 by Ari Alsio Gold Star - 17,182 Points
my nest inspires
or resting on white sheets
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