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Jayatissa Liyanage poet In Consequential To The (Mental) Battle..... by Jayatissa Liyanage Gold Star - 21,237 Points
Trees, Mango Rambutan and Butter fruit
not caring the curse befell them
sk nurul huda poet Haiku - International Cooking by sk nurul huda Bronze Star - 2,319 Points
Me Indian chef;
English kitchen, French tender
David Olusanya poet A Letter To My Sexy Silohuette Wife by David Olusanya Veteran Poet - 1,156 Points
Hello my dear?
How have life made you fair?
Jeffery Scott Morris poet Frail by Jeffery Scott Morris Rookie - 0 Points
You found me roaming in the world
My crumpled heart you unfurled
Maria Sharon Moemise poet Higher Up by Maria Sharon Moemise Veteran Poet - 1,098 Points
Higher up
Sharon Maria Moemise
Donald R Wolff JR poet Little White Cloud by Donald R Wolff JR Gold Star - 4,524 Points
A little white cloud floated down on a windy summer day
He came from the sky because he wanted to play
Alavi Maliha poet Death Chase by Alavi Maliha Freshman - 887 Points
Nights when she dreamed,
In a cold memory frame
Martin Greyford poet The Busy Clock by Martin Greyford Freshman - 625 Points
Clock, clock, tell the time, Tell the time to me. Magic, patient instrument, That is never free. Tick, tock, busy clock! You've no time
Martin Greyford poet Forgive And Forget by Martin Greyford Freshman - 625 Points
If others neglect you, Forget; do not sigh, For, after all, they'll select you, In times by and by. If their taunts cut and hurt you, Th
Abdul Wahab poet In This Harbour Of Life by Abdul Wahab Gold Star - 12,491 Points
In this harbour of life
Do not only moor the ships of sweeties
Abdul Wahab poet The Sleep In A White Coat by Abdul Wahab Gold Star - 12,491 Points
The sleep in a white coat
Comes into and sits down beside me
Barry Middleton poet Love Story by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 29,973 Points
The end of love is like a knife
that pierces every soul.
Naveed Akram poet To Fight A Lazy Man by Naveed Akram Gold Star - 14,208 Points
To fight a lazy man, who is fatigued by illness,
Causes us to decide gratitude as fast as vastness.
Chenou Liu poet Loneliness And Old Rat Tanka by Chenou Liu Gold Star - 7,920 Points
the crescent moon
hangs low over my attic
sk nurul huda poet Senryu-Rejection Of Proposal by sk nurul huda Bronze Star - 2,319 Points
On your heart's wifi
Let's surf all the life said I,
Naveed Akram poet The Fight For Freedom by Naveed Akram Gold Star - 14,208 Points
Freedom is in the land, four months ago,
We are weak and inferred ones, inferior
Marilyn Lott poet Memorial Day, A Day Of Pause by Marilyn Lott Silver Star - 3,200 Points
Memorial Day is a day of pause
It means so many things
ENO SUTRAMAN poet Peace Loving Nation In Vault by ENO SUTRAMAN Silver Star - 4,310 Points
The dislocated golden cup teeth amalgamated
Routinely infiltrated high voltage Swiss bank's vaults-
gajanan mishra poet I Know The Truth And by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 123,471 Points
I know the truth and
I realize the truth
RIC S. BASTASA poet The Desert Likes You by RIC S. BASTASA Gold Star - 27,188 Points
You are dry
acrid, no flower
katerina shmelyeva poet Ad Astrum by katerina shmelyeva Rookie - 229 Points
who sounds
that invisible bell
Abdulrazak Abubakar poet The Stoning Of Souraya by Abdulrazak Abubakar Rookie - 11 Points
In the name of Allah, most mercful. Before the dawn in a far away town during the darkest hour
SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet Let Me Come Back... by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 5,647 Points
If some one meets Ratanamanjari, please tell her
I's burning terribly and my bones flying bewitching the sky
Naveed Khalid poet A Blonde Hair by Naveed Khalid Gold Star - 9,291 Points
No, not least I seekest full rich thy charms
of bewailing night asleep,
Kelly Kurt poet Alcohol (Senryu Series) by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 139,674 Points
You only rent it
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