New Poems


Title Poet
The Sky Is The Lost Orpheum
The shelter of it carved, caved
Across the river, the park and the little Ferris wheel
Emily Wilson poet by Emily Wilson
on 7/21/2014
The Cheater
Thou art a foolish one at heart!
For I thought I was thine only love
Electric Lady poet by Electric Lady
on 7/21/2014
Mixed Emotions
What is it about me that makes me seem to so many as a disease?
I seem to get strange looks no matter where I go,
Michael McParland poet by Michael McParland
on 7/21/2014
I wanted to write you a note
that said I love you as much as the houses
Anna Garland poet by Anna Garland
on 7/21/2014
ओस की बूँदें
ओस की बूँदें मोती - सी लगें,
दूबों पर टिकती हुयी सोती - सी लगें ।
Brajendra Nath Mishra poet by Brajendra Nath Mishra
on 7/21/2014
Bad Reward
Now I reach my life fall
Life capsizes upside down
kassem oude poet by kassem oude
on 7/21/2014
All But In Dreams
I used to aspire at the dawn of life
To have a ride on Sun's chariot of fire
Jaipal Singh poet by Jaipal Singh
on 7/21/2014
I Loved You All
I sit alone in the garden on the patio
Overlooking a heart shaped pool
Robert Leary poet by Robert Leary
on 7/21/2014
Without You
Without you there is no day
Without you there is no night
Renee Russon poet by Renee Russon
on 7/21/2014
~Hear A Tick? (Heretic) Here's A Trick, (A'bracadab'ra) ~
The dragon sleeps next to me
When I'm awake he is strong
Allan Gerard poet by Allan Gerard
on 7/21/2014
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