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Valsa George poet Seaside Broodings by Valsa George Gold Star - 45,404 Points
As I stand by the side of the sea
Watching the breakers that pound on the shore
Jimmie Arrington poet #404 Turn Around by Jimmie Arrington Rookie - 310 Points
I hit the cold road late one night
To see how far I'd go.
John I Nash poet Closer by John I Nash Freshman - 736 Points
Come closer that I might lie next to thee, let me kiss you down to the knee, let me taste the love that I put there, you know where.
Kisses abound
hasmukh amathalal poet Builds Slowly by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 96,384 Points
Builds slowly
Hannah Torres poet Bipolar by Hannah Torres Rookie - 218 Points
I think that I am bipolar.
I can never get my emotions straight.
Lee Mack poet Here We Go Loop De Loop Xx Xxx Xx Original 11 17.. by Lee Mack Bronze Star - 2,612 Points
Charlotte, N. C.28269
Original 11 14 2015
gajanan mishra poet Where Are You, My Dear? by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 69,187 Points
Where are you, my dear?
I am asking you and
Billy Loving poet Poem 270 by Billy Loving Gold Star - 8,241 Points
Joyfully hopping
Butterflies flying about
Michael P. McParland poet My Hearts Call To You by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 35,913 Points
My hearts call to you right now
is just to say I love you dear
Billy Loving poet Poem 290 by Billy Loving Gold Star - 8,241 Points
Black and gray body
A strange bug flying about
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet My Soul Is Not For Sell by Lawrence S. Pertillar
Let's see.
Billy Loving poet Poem 289 by Billy Loving Gold Star - 8,241 Points
Time for Ramadan again
A test of ones faith
Billy Loving poet Poem 278 by Billy Loving Gold Star - 8,241 Points
Fishermen appear
While floating down the river
Billy Loving poet Poem 277 by Billy Loving Gold Star - 8,241 Points
An empty feeling
Unrequiting my greeting
Billy Loving poet Poem 281 by Billy Loving Gold Star - 8,241 Points
The darkening sky
Turning from blue to dark gray
Billy Loving poet Poem 280 by Billy Loving Gold Star - 8,241 Points
Pale blue cloudless sky
Sun reemerging above
Shalom Freedman poet The Road Up The Hill Is Harder Than The Road Down by Shalom Freedman Gold Star - 4,820 Points
The road up the hill is harder than the road down
But both roads when they are long are hard
Billy Loving poet The Ghost by Billy Loving Gold Star - 8,241 Points
Blindly wandering on
Feeling all alone
Leah Ayliffe poet Little Fool by Leah Ayliffe Silver Star - 3,029 Points
I don’t know how to straddle this sphere between here and there
What is here inside my mind
Raj Arumugam poet For Pithukuli Murugadas (1920- 2015) by Raj Arumugam Rookie - 104 Points
For Pithukuli Murugadas (1920- 2015)
you sang
kartik kocher poet Kabhi Kisi Ko Kisi Se Koi Fark Nhi Padta.. by kartik kocher Rookie - 53 Points
Kbhi kisi ko kisi se koi Fark nhi padta..
M agr jau bhi Mar to vo kyu nhi Darta..
Nassy Fesharaki poet Rich Dog And Poor Dog by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 23,741 Points
Rich dog and poor dog
At lakeshore surroundings
John I Nash poet Wanting by John I Nash Freshman - 736 Points
This path has no mercy, it care not and has much mischiefs that keep us apart. It's duration causes want in my soul if all was to be told.
The dust
Brian Johnston poet Ph: Haiku: Neighborhood Watch by Brian Johnston Gold Star - 7,263 Points
white faced mimes protest...
falling leaves noise pollution
Billy Loving poet Poem 294 by Billy Loving Gold Star - 8,241 Points
Reading from the book
It's teachings filling my head
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