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RAJ VIKRAM poet Hoodwinked by RAJ VIKRAM Veteran Poet - 1,604 Points
Craven life beseeched me to lie
in its cushy cradle and flaunted
Luis Estable poet I Could Not Now (An Epigram) by Luis Estable Gold Star - 4,771 Points
Accustomed to the pillow of your breasts,
No way I could now take
Barry Middleton poet Star Prayer by Barry Middleton Silver Star - 3,731 Points
What is the gesture of the stars
that guides philosophers to find
Luis Estable poet Surprise, Surprise (An Epigram) by Luis Estable Gold Star - 4,771 Points
The eyes surprise did look.
Such a small man when clothed,
ANJANDEV ROY poet I Met My Friend by ANJANDEV ROY Veteran Poet - 1,537 Points
I met my bosom crony in my dream,
Oh friend! he sprang,
Barry Middleton poet A Shrouded Song by Barry Middleton Silver Star - 3,731 Points
An incantation waits from me,
not melodies of long ago,
Luis Estable poet It Is Never (An Epigram) by Luis Estable Gold Star - 4,771 Points
Beer is never water
To cure a thirst.
Jeffrey Kolenchery poet Energy Crisis by Jeffrey Kolenchery Rookie - 0 Points
Energy crisis,
Barry Middleton poet Horizons by Barry Middleton Silver Star - 3,731 Points
I can't know where I go
until the journey's end
Tony Adah poet Now And Then by Tony Adah Gold Star - 16,652 Points
Nuptial vows
Nuptial bliss
Tom Zart poet Integrity & Politicians by Tom Zart Gold Star - 5,942 Points
What Satan has planned for our harm
Integrity will transform to good.
Yuri Starostin poet Djangar 12 Song About The Hike On The Fierce Han Hara Kinyas by Yuri Starostin Veteran Poet - 1,519 Points
12 song
About the hike on the fierce han Jara Kinyas
Jayatissa Liyanage poet Hearing A Call......? by Jayatissa Liyanage Gold Star - 17,191 Points
Aged ex-Minister, on garden bench gazing
at his toes, on leaves falling
Barry Middleton poet Until Your Kiss by Barry Middleton Silver Star - 3,731 Points
I swear to this
I could not see
Satish Verma poet Shadow Boxing by Satish Verma Gold Star - 5,130 Points
Find an auspice today.
The moon was coming back
Barry Middleton poet No Hangovers In Heaven by Barry Middleton Silver Star - 3,731 Points
I lived with worst than dying old
and woke to greet the dawn
Barry Middleton poet Only The Dying Smile At Death by Barry Middleton Silver Star - 3,731 Points
only the dying smile at death
it hurts too much to cry
Maurice Rowlands poet Is There Buried Treasure On Aldebaran by Maurice Rowlands Rookie - 408 Points
Is there buried treasure on Aldebaran
Hidden within its flames
Barry Middleton poet A Plea For Deliverance by Barry Middleton Silver Star - 3,731 Points
things of the world
and the world itself
Michael P. McParland poet Morning Note 162 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 47,279 Points
Good morning to you Kira
my sweet beautiful Angel dove
Paul Warren. poet War - Eduardo Schulte German Industrialist And Anti-Nazi by Paul Warren. Gold Star - 16,220 Points
Eduard Schulte was a German Industrialist during the Second World War
And was a secret opponent of Hitler and the Nazis wanting to do more
mithilesh yadav poet Alchoholic by mithilesh yadav Bronze Star - 2,411 Points
Wonder how can somebody forget his worries……
And dance in like a dear and fly like ferry ……
R.K.S. YADAV poet Life Never Repeats by R.K.S. YADAV Rookie - 487 Points
Life is angry leaves to weep
Only pains and sorrows have to keep
thomas carolan poet Snow Flakes by thomas carolan Freshman - 976 Points
As the snow float's
John Kyriazoglou poet Goodness by John Kyriazoglou Rookie - 0 Points
A poem about enriching your life with goodness inspired by Ancient Greek Wisdom
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