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Nassy Fesharaki poet Selling Dreams by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 29,170 Points
Selling dreams
Not first time, not just one
santhosh kana poet The Sweet Hypothesis Of Love by santhosh kana Rookie - 264 Points
We might have been
In the same train's adjacent coaches
Leah Ayliffe poet Released by Leah Ayliffe Silver Star - 4,228 Points
Still saying everything is alright
No mask can hide the reality
Luis Estable poet Sonnet # 213 by Luis Estable Gold Star - 5,158 Points
I hold in high esteem my penis`size
Though measurement might say I`m not that long.
Haruna Garba poet The Sects by Haruna Garba Veteran Poet - 1,328 Points
Buried below the surface
Lies the red tap-
Pamela Sinicrope poet The Nurse by Pamela Sinicrope Gold Star - 22,649 Points
She pulls compassion from her pocket
So effortlessly-
James B. Earley poet In His Own Time And Way - They Came To Know by James B. Earley Bronze Star - 2,865 Points
Where was she when long ago
Here and there and to and fro
V.Muthu Manickam poet Haunting Hallucination by V.Muthu Manickam Freshman - 794 Points
For two days I stayed in a hill resort
Opposite was a hill top, easy to conquer with little effort
Haruna Garba poet Contrast by Haruna Garba Veteran Poet - 1,328 Points
Horses danced
The dance of strong men
Sunprincess poet You Say Tough Sanctions, And They Laugh, Sir... by Sunprincess Gold Star - 45,455 Points
they laugh heartily, perhaps a full belly laugh sir,
it's your prohibitions, and yours and yours and yours
James Mallum poet Flow Niger Flow by James Mallum Rookie - 315 Points
Flow Niger flow
Is it your fault?
Ajay Lakshman poet Leaves by Ajay Lakshman Freshman - 564 Points
Leaves on the tree
Haruna Garba poet A Challenge by Haruna Garba Veteran Poet - 1,328 Points
You must consign to
Boy or girl
Saheb Mohapatra poet The Death Of The Ploughman by Saheb Mohapatra Gold Star - 4,898 Points
When the sun was out on that wintry morning
And all boughs were cloaked with woe,
The Crow poet Puppy Love by The Crow Freshman - 713 Points
I will love you
Till the day I die
Haruna Garba poet What I Owe My Hero (For Sardauna) by Haruna Garba Veteran Poet - 1,328 Points
No steam in it
It lacks substance
Nassy Fesharaki poet It Is Shame by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 29,170 Points
It is shame
On my way to escape
Terry Collett poet Leading The Blind 1916 by Terry Collett Silver Star - 3,834 Points
Polly waits outside George's room;
she anxious about his state of mind,
Upendra Singh 'suman' poet The Uncontrolled Media by Upendra Singh 'suman' Bronze Star - 2,832 Points
No, no, no, it's not the real India.
It's the propaganda of uncontrolled media.
Haruna Garba poet The Music Of Cowardice by Haruna Garba Veteran Poet - 1,328 Points
Hoopoe, our bird of wisdom
The celebrated pendant, the poet
sheena blackhall poet Blue Whale Visits The Supermarket by sheena blackhall Veteran Poet - 1,436 Points
The whale entered the supermarket
At the height of the winter floods
Haruna Garba poet Smokescreen by Haruna Garba Veteran Poet - 1,328 Points
Despite the superficial outlook
This barrier, this complex
Barry Middleton poet An Offering by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 6,499 Points
alone in misty woods
alone in the universe
brian mayo poet French Maid by brian mayo Gold Star - 7,801 Points
Will someone please send me a maid?
A saucy French one would be great…
Barry Middleton poet Turn From Moonlight by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 6,499 Points
I turn from moonlight
to find humanity
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